The Making and Installation of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Statue

Smt. Rajalakshmi and Sri. Mani share their experience with Yogi Ramsuratkumar in this series of videos. In this video, Sri. Mani describes how the famous sculptor Sri. Kalaasagaram Rajagopal made the Statue of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Yogi Ramsuratkumar identified the location and it happened to be the exact midpoint. The challenge to install it permanently in that spot without moving it from that location. Sri Mani explains how he achieved that. More than the scientific reasons, his belief that there should be some way to execute if Yogi Ramsuratkumar wants him to do it in a certain way. Others might have thougth that it is not feasible and they would have executed their own plan. But not Sri. Mani. That is why Yogiji often mentioned that Mani has been chosen for His Father’s work.

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Smt. Raji & Sri Mani – Yogiji’s Amusing Style of giving advice

In this video Smt. Raji talks about her son’s issue at office. Sri. Mani explains how Yogi Ramsuratkumar got Sri. Srinivasan to get over this issue, without giving any direct order or guidance. During the Darshan time, Yogiji called each of those devotees whoever had managed to overcome this issue and asked them about how difficult it was. It was indeed a blessings for those selected devotees to come up to Yogiji and speak to Him. 🙂 Without directly giving any advice to Sri. Srinivasan, Yogiji got him to understand what needs to be done. A typical example of Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s style of giving advice!

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Smt. Rajlakshmi – Feeding Krishna Jayanti butter to Yogi Ramsuratkumar

Smt. Rajalakshmi whom Yogi Ramsuratkumar used to call as “Rajlakshmi”, shares the experience of feeding butter to Yogi Ramsuratkumar on Krishna Janmaashtami Day. Festivals were being celebrated at the Ashram. Usually Ma Devaki would take the prasad and give it to Yogiji. On that Janmaashtami day, when Smt. Raji approached Him to give the butter that was offered to Sri Krishna, Yogiji opened His mouth indicating that she could directly feed Him. #YogiRamsuratkumar #Janmashtami

Bless Me with More Problems – Nivedita

कृष्णाय वासुदेवाय देवकीनन्दनाय च । नन्दगोपकुमाराय गोविन्दाय नमो नमः ॥

Kr̥ṣṇāya vāsudēvāya dēvakīnandanāya ca  nandagōpakumārāya gōvindāya namō namaḥ

This popular shloka is from the collection of twenty six verses called Kunti Stuti in Srimad Bhaagavadam. The highlight of Kunti Stuti is the strange request that Mātā Kunti puts forth to Sri Krishna. She prays for more and more troubling situations so that she would always remember Sri Krishna and He would always be with her family to solve their problems. She lists all the ordeals from which Krishna protected her family namely the poisoning of Bhima’s food, setting fire to the Lac palace, the threat from the Rakshasa named Hidimba, the predicaments during the stay at the forest, the humiliation of Draupadi in the Kauravas’ palace, the life threatening dangers in the Mahabharata battlefield and finally the risk of losing their only progeny, Parikshit, whom Ashwattāma strived to destroy. Kunti seems to consider herself to be much more fortunate than Sri Krishna’s mother, Devaki. Kunti indicates that Devaki had to undergo suffering for a very long time when she was kept in the prison by Kamsa where she had to even her seven children. Whereas Kunti had Sri Krishna Himself as her sole refuge. He protected Kunti and her sons instantaneously from a series of calamities.

I am able to relate to the feeling of pride and gratitude that is expressed by Kunti. It is the result of various austerities carried out across numerous births that Poojya Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai showed such special affinity towards my family. I and my brother, Vivekānandan, were extremely blessed to experience the parental warmth and affection that Yogiji showered on us right from our school days.

Even before meeting Yogi Ramsuratkumar, we have had the blessings of many great personalities like Kanyakumari Mayamma, Swami Chinmayananda, Sri Eknath Ranade of Vivekananda Kendra and many leaders in various organisations like Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh, Rāmakrishna Mutt, Swāmi Shivānanda’s Divine Life Society, etc. In fact, Yogi Ramsuratkumar had appreciated us saying that our father, Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarājan, had brought up both of us very well. So even though we were quite young, Yogi Rāmsuratkumār would enjoy conversing with us on nationalistic and spiritual ideals. Sri Rājamānikka Nādār, who recognized the importance of every word uttered by Yogiji, made us write down all these conversations. Those were also published in the quarterly magazine, Tattva Darsana and in the biography of Yogi Ramsuratkumar titled “Glimpses of a Great Yogi” by my father.

The joyful smile with which Yogi Ramsuratkumar would receive us and the unconditional love that he showered on us attracted us towards him and we used to go to Tiruvannāmalai from Chennai as often as possible. Those were the days when there were not many people queuing up at the gate of his Sannadhi Street house. So we could meet him whenever we reached Tiruvannāmalai and we got to spend a lot of time with him. There were specific instances where he had visited us at our hotel room, took us to the temple or some other place. While we would spend most of the time in the veranda of his house, during some visits, he had taken us inside his house. During our initial visits, many a times, he used to make someone get milk from the nearby tea stall and give it to us. He would also lovingly offer other edibles that could be found scattered in his place. Once he sent Sri Jayaraman to the sweet stall to get some sweets for me, mentioning my liking for sweets. He used to very fondly enquire about us and guide us on what we should be doing. Once Yogiji asked Sri Illayarājā to come back later mentioning that he was busy with us. Even when other elderly people accompanied us, Yogiji used to spend a lot of time talking to us. Yogi Ramsuratkumar would even get into friendly arguments with me. Thoroughly enjoying the conversions, he would burst into hilarious laughter bringing immense happiness to everyone present there.

There were specific instances where Yogi Ramsuratkumar demonstrated in action his extreme kindness towards us. Once we visited him, unaccompanied by any adult, without having a proper place to stay. Even before we could tell him, he took us to Sri Dwāraknath Reddy’s house and arranged for our stay there. At another instance, when we got drenched in the rain, he immediately left his house and took us to Hotel Udipi Brindavan. He made Sri Rāmachandra Upādhyāya get a set of clothes for us. He got us hot milk to drink and seriously kept observing us until he was satisfied that we were alright. It was our good fortune that even while we enjoyed this closeness, we were aware of the divine personality of Yogi Ramsuratkumar and we had learnt how to conduct ourselves in His presence. (Many years later, during the initial days of his stay at Sudhama, I had the rare privilege of staying with him for a few days along with the Sudhama sisters and Smt. Prabha Sundararaman).

Though Yogi Ramsuratkumar was hiding in the grab of an ordinary beggar, residing in a place where cleanliness did not seem matter at all, the divinity in Him was quite evident based on our experiences in His presence. It would be as if he was hearing our mind’s voice. He would talk about the solution even before we could tell him the problem as in the case where he arranged for our accommodation. In another situation, when my brother, Vivek had donated blood against Yogiji’s advice, while everyone was wondering how to convey this to Yogiji, Yogiji himself started the topic. Rather than showing any anger, he expressed his concern towards Vivek in a very lovingly manner. It was evident he knew what was happening in our lives and that he was guiding and protecting us.

Once my father, Sadhu Rangarājan almost got drowned in the Ganges. At that time, we happened to be in Yogiji’s presence at Tiruvannāmalai. All of a sudden, Yogi Ramsuratkumar gave us a packet containing flowers and asked us to go immediately to Chennai and hand it over to our mother, Smt. Bhārati Rangarājan. Later he acknowledged this event and said that it was his Father, Kāsi Vishvanātha, who sent help when my father remembered Yogi Ramsuratkumar.  Also in my own case, he instructed me to stop the medication that I was taking every day for some nervous weakness. My mother was worried about the effects of suddenly stopping the medicine that I had been taking regularly. So we got the EEG test done and the doctor confirmed that the reports were normal and that I did not require any further medication. Apart from our own personal experiences, quite frequently, we heard the experiences of numerous devotees about the ways in which Yogi Ramsuratkumar solved their problems. Though we were in a very small house at Triplicane in Chennai, hundreds of devotees from various parts of the country and abroad used to visit us and share their experiences as it housed Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association, a wing of Sister Nivedita Academy.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s way of teaching was not through lectures or explicit advice. Sometimes he would make us read from books. In particular, he had asked us to read Rajaji’s Rāmāyana in Tamil titled “Chakravarti Tirumagan” and Mahābhārata titled “Vyāsar Virundu”. At many other times, he would initiate a discussions and make us think through it and realize the point. In a seemingly causal conversation, he would bring out in my own words what he wanted to convey. Once Yogiji enquired about the meaning of my name and got me into a conversation which concluded in my understanding that since my name Nivedita means “Sacrificed to God”, I should be prepared to sacrifice everything, with the readiness to face all the hardships. In another interesting conversation which spanned across multiple visits, by enquiring whether I knew that he was a beggar, he made me describe Him as a great Yogi, one who is beyond the body, the begging Shiva, a great beggar who can give everything that we need, and that He appears to His devotees in whatsoever manner they think of Him.

The key messages of Yogi Ramsuratkumar were (1) to have constant remembrance of God by doing nāma japa, i.e., repeated chanting of mantras like Rāmnam, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, etc.; (2) to have steadfast faith in God and the unshakable confidence that He will come to the immediate rescue when His name Yogi Ramsuratkumar is called out in times of need; and (3) to lead a life that is directed towards godliness rather than accumulating material things, i.e., to have man-making ideals and not machine-making or money-making goals. For good health, he recommended the regular use of gooseberry. There was also a specific instruction given to us with all seriousness that we should never ever donate blood or any part of the body since he wanted our “blood, bones, flesh and everything.”

When we have this kind of complete assurance for total protection during the challenging times, where is the need to fear the ordeals of life? So, there is no wonder Kunti had the courage to ask for more hardships! Let us also pray to Yogi Ramsuratkumar to give us the unwavering faith in Him and seek His blessing to always remember Him while leading a life directed towards greater ideals.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Jaya Guru Raya!

Yogi_s handwritten blessings



Glimpses of a Great Yogi #3.28

Here, the mahasamadhi of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai has been described.

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGIIII   Bhagavan’s Actions Through The Disciple


On Tuesday, January 30, 2001, Sadhu received a call from Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram informing him about the critical condition of Bhagavan’s health. Sadhu spoke to Bhagavan’s devotee, Sri Kumar of Auto Caravan, Chennai, and arranged a car to go to Tiruvannamalai. Accompanied by Smt. Bharati and three other devotees, he rushed to Tiruvannamalai. Justice Arunachalam received the sadhu and arranged for his darshan of Bhagavan. Sadhu spent about half an hour by the side of Bhagavan.

On Saturday, February 3, Sadhu arranged a car and accompanied by Bharati, Vivek, Nivedita and children and the devotees from South Africa, drove to Tiruvannamalai. He had darshan of Bhagavan.

On Tuesday, February 20, 2001, in the early morning Sadhu received message from Suchindram Rajalakshmi, a devotee of Bhagavan, that Bhagavan had attained Mahasamadhi. Nivedita also conveyed to Sadhu the message that she received from Justice Arunachalam about the Mahasamadhi of Bhagavan. Sadhu spent the day sitting at the feet of Bhagavan in the Ashram prayer hall. Swami Muruganandam, Swami Devananda, Sri Balakumar and many other prominent devotees had gathered. Sadhu spent the night with devotees and in the morning sat again at the feet of Bhagavan in the Ashram hall doing Ramanama Taraka Japa. He discussed with Justice Arunachalam and others about the final rites to be performed. Swami Shuddhananda of Anandashram, Kanhangad, also arrived. He had difficulty in reaching the platform on which Bhagavan was kept in a sitting posture as only Sadhu, Ma Devaki and Vijayalakshmi were allowed to be by His side. The Ashram workers were pushing away the crowd that wanted to reach near him. Sadhu helped Swami Shuddhananda to reach the platform and sit near Bhagavan. Hundreds of devotes started pouring in to pay homage to Bhagavan and the crowd was a little restless also when the procession around the hall took place. Before interning Bhagavan’s body in the Samadhi pit, He was seated in a bag and mothers who had gathered there started throwing jewels and coins into it. When Sadhu was looking at them wondering whether Bhagavan needed all that in His journey to eternity, a sudden call came from within and Sadhu lost his rational mooring. The golden ring from his finger came off miraculously and fell into the pit and it became the Asana of Bhagavan when His body was immersed into the pit. Sadhu performed the last rites along with others. He collected the Ashes from the pit for preservation in Bhagavan’s shrine in Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram. After the Mahasamadhi rites were over, Sadhu took leave of Justice Arunachalam, Ma Devaki and left for Chennai with Suchindram Rajalakshmi, Anuradha and Sri Viswanathan. On Thursday morning, Sadhu sent a message to Swami Satchidananda about the Mahasamadhi ceremonies to Swami Satchidananda.



Glimpses of a Great Yogi #3.27

Here are some interactions of Sadhu Rangarajan with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai.

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGIIII   Bhagavan’s Actions Through The Disciple



In the morning of July 23, Sadhu telephoned to Justice Arunachalam who gave a shocking information that Bhagavan was seriously ill and He was suffering from Cancer.

On Friday, August 11, 2000, Sadhu reached Tiruvannamalai in the evening. Bhagavan was taking rest. The next morning, Justice Arunachalam took Sadhu to Bhagavan who was bedridden and staying in a special room in the Ashram. Ma Devaki and Ma Vijayalakshmi received Sadhu. Sadhu stood by the side of Bhagavan who was lying in the bed with His eyes closed. Ma Devaki told Him, “Sadhu Rangarajan has come”. Bhagavan opened His eyes and asked, “When?” Devaki replied, “Sadhu Rangarajan is here by Your side.” Bhagavan turned and looked at the sadhu. Sadhu offered his pranaams to Bhagavan and Bhagavan also folded His hands and offered pranam to Sadhu even while lying on the bed. His eyes revealed the immense pain and suffering His body was undergoing. He wanted to speak and uttered the words, “Somebody is coming…” and then left it there. He could not speak further. Devaki repeated the words in a bid to make Him complete His message, but He went silent and was looking intensely at the sadhu. Then He closed His eyes and started sleeping. Sadhu sat by His side for five or ten minutes and then decided to leave Him to take complete rest. Ma Devaki and Vijayalakshmi enquired about Bharati, Vivek and Nivedita and when Sadhu was speaking to them, Bhagavan opened His eyes and growled in pain. They all went near Him. Bhagavan again looked at Sadhu and then closed His eyes and started sleeping. Sadhu took leave of Devaki and Vijayalakshmi and spent some time with Justice Arunachalam. Then he took leave of him and other Ashramites, Sri Sankararajulu, Sri Shaktivel and others.

Sadhu was very much distressed by the information that Bhagavan had refused to undergo operation. Some of the devotees were hoping that He will use His spiritual powers and cure Himself. Sadhu faxed a message to Ma Devaki on Monday, August 13, 2000, about persuading Bhagavan to undergo medical treatment:

“Poojya Mataji,

Vande Mataram! Aum Namo Bhagavate Yogi Ramsuratkumaraya! Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! Salutations and prostrations at the holy feet of my Master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar! Salutations and adorations to you and Ma Vijayalakshmi and to Hon’ble Justice Arunachalam!

This sadhu is grateful to you for permitting this sadhu to have darshan of my Master yesterday morning. This sadhu was overwhelmed with feeling when Bhagavan showed His unique compassion, blessing grace and His utter humility by folding His hands and indicating namaskar to this humble disciple even while He was writhing in pain and suffering. This sadhu has a painful feeling in his heart that though Bhagavan has been with this sadhu every moment guiding him in performing His work outside the Ashram, this sadhu has not been able to be by His side and serve Him. We have told Justice Sri Arunachalam that at any time this sadhu’s presence is needed there, we will be there.

We just received a phone call from Poojya Tapasi Baba Avadhoot of Pune tonight. He feels that though Bhagavan may not undergo any operation, a panel of doctors who are experts in Cancer must examine Him and see that he has the least pain and suffering. Though we are infants before Bhagavan, we have a right and duty to see that we have done our best to see our Father recover fully from this illness whether it is His Divine Play as the faithful take it to be, or it is the Law of Nature as the rationalists feel.

Mother, this sadhu wants to bring to your kind attention and that of Hon’ble Justice Arunachalam a very important information. Though we are strictly obeying the commands of our Master, there are comments and gossips among the public and even among some close devotees of Bhagavan that the authorities of the Ashram have simply been relying on the miraculous powers of Bhagavan to cure Himself and have not done adequate arrangements for expert medical opinion. Perhaps it will be appropriate if we allow some experts to see Bhagavan and give their medical opinion regarding Bhagavan’s health and the treatment given to Him for the information of the public, instead of allowing the general public to see Bhagavan in His present health condition once in a week as it has been reported in the press. You, Mother Vijayalakshmi and Justice are the right persons to ponder over this suggestion and take a decision. Though in the present condition of Bhagavan we cannot seek His command, this sadhu is sure that Bhagavan will guide you from within.

Hope the medical camp today went off well. We await information from Justice Sri Arunachalam about the general medicines required for the camp so that we can intimate our Ramnam volunteers and doctors in our contact all over the country to collect and send as many sample medicines as possible to the Ashram regularly as this sadhu has discussed with the Justice.

This sadhu will be in Chennai in the course of this week and then we will return to Bangalore.

With pranams, Yours in service of Bhagavan, Sadhu Rangarajan.”

On Tuesday, August 15, 2000, Sadhuji received the following reply of Ma Devaki through an email from the Ashram:


Beloved Sadhuji,

Namaskar! Bhagavan received your mail dated August l4, 2000. The message was conveyed [or read out] to Bhagavan by Ma Devaki, and Bhagavan did not reply. When Ma Devaki put forth your suggestion of panel of doctors to Bhagavan, He told Ma Devaki, “Leave the case.” Ma Devaki asked Bhagavan what does that mean, and whether the expression means “ignore it.” Bhagavan said, “yes”.

Convey my love and regards to Smt. Bharati, Vivek, his wife, Nivedita, Ramesh and their two children.

With love and pranams, Rajmohan”

On Wednesday, August 16, Dr. Rajalakshmi, devotee of Bhagavan and patron of Sister Nivedita Academy, who was attending on Bhagavan, phoned to Sadhu and gave the information that Bhagavan was being brought to Chennai on Thursday for medical treatment in Ramana Clinic in T. Nagar. Sadhu, accompanied by Sri S. Ramamoorthy, husband of Dr. Rajalakshmi, reached the Ramana Clinic on Thursday evening, but he could not meet Bhagavan who was under intensive care. Sadhu had to return without having the darshan of Bhagavan. On Friday, Sadhu suggested to Sri Ramamoorthy that Dr. Rajalakshmi must remain by the side of Bhagavan and continue her services to Him. On Saturday, Dr. Kumareshan telephoned and discussed about Bhagavan’s health condition. Sri Ramamoorthy also phoned. On Tuesday, August 22, Sri Ramamoorthy informed Sadhu that Bhagavan was shifted to Apollo Hospital.

On Thursday, September 21, he reached Ramana Clinic where Bhagavan was undergoing treatment. Smt. Shanti Priya, wife of Sri Ashish Bagrodia, and Justice Arunachalam received him. Ma Devaki and Ma Vijayalakshmi took him inside the room of Bhagavan. Sadhu stood for some time by the side of Bhagavan who was fast asleep in His bed. Later, he took leave of Ma Devaki and others and returned to his abode. Dr. Kumareshan telephoned to him giving information about Bhagavan’s health. On Friday, Sadhu sent a letter of appeal to Dr. Rangabhashyam, the founder and head of the clinic, praying on behalf of Bhagavan’s devotees, to bestow the best treatment, care and attention on Bhagavan. He pointed out that though Bhagavan was a Divine Incarnation like Sri Ramakrishna and Bhagavan Ramana, He would not use His spiritual powers for curing Himself and therefore the responsibility of reaching out the best medical attention on Him is that of the devotees.

On Sunday, Sadhu spoke to Sri Shaktivel and to Justice Arunachalam’s daughter. On Monday, he visited Ramana Clinic again and had darshan of Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Bhagavan spent twenty minutes with Sadhu. Sadhu placed before Bhagavan the latest issue of TATTVA DARSANA. He also told Bhagavan about the starting of Vijnana Bharati Hinduism Classes in the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre in Bangalore on October 22. Bhagavan said, “My Father blesses all your projects.” He also blessed the sadhu for the success of his proposed trip abroad.

Sadhuji wrote a letter to Bhagavan on November 27 expressing his happiness to learn that Bhagavan has returned to Tiruvannamalai from Chennai.

On Saturday, December 9, Dr. Rajalakshmi telephoned and apprised Sadhu about Bhagavan’s health.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #3.26

Here are some interactions of Sadhu Rangarajan with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai.

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGIIII   Bhagavan’s Actions Through The Disciple


Sadhu accompanied by some devotees, drove to Tiruvannamalai, May 2, 2000 and reached Bhagavan’s abode by 9.00 AM. As soon as we reached there, Bhagavan called us. He was seated in a chair in a hut which was a part of the Ashram building in the back side. After we were seated before Him, He asked the sadhu, “What is the news?” Ma Devaki told Him that Sri Anil Zutshi and family have come with the sadhu. Sadhu introduced them and Sri Perumal Naidoo. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the engagement of Chi. Vivek with Sow Malathi on May 7, 2000, and showed Him the photo of the bride. Ma Devaki said, Bhagavan had already read Sadhu’s fax in detail. Bhagavan blessed the girl and returned the photos and said, “By My Father’s Grace, everything will be successful!” Sadhu explained to Him the back ground of the girl and said her parents had attended Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti in Bangalore and were very devoted. Bhagavan said, “Father’s Grace!”

Bhagavan was apprised about the job opportunity of Sri Anil Zutshi for a job in USA. Bhagavan blessed Anil and family and wished them all success. Ma Devaki asked whether Anil’s family would accompany him to USA and he replied, they would go with him. Bhagavan remarked that he may have to go to Kashmir again for his daughter’s marriage, because he was a Kashmiri Pandit.

Sadhu gave to Bhagavan a copy of the Foreword by Swami Mukhyananda to Sadhu’s “Vijnana Bharati—Hinduism from Vedic Period to Modern Times”. He also gave Him a copy of the appeal of Global Organization for Value Oriented Education with headquarters at Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram and explained to Him about the association of Dr. Sampooran Singh, Swami Mukhyananda and others involved in the movement. Bhagavan said, the work started by the Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram would grow by Father’s Grace. Ma Devaki asked about Swami Virajeswar. Sadhu told her that the Swami may, if possible, accompany the sadhu when he brings Malathi and her parents to have darshan of Bhagavan. Bhagavan gave His consent to bring them. Sadhu told Bhagavan that, once the marriage of Vivek is solemnized, his family responsibilities would be over and he would be fully free to do Bhagavan’s work. Bhagavan turned to Devaki and said, “Rangaraja thinks that his responsibilities will be over after the marriage of Vivek.” Then He asked, “What about Nivedita?” Devaki was puzzled and thinking that He was asking about Nivedita’s marriage, she said, “Nivedita is already married and she has also got a child.” Bhagavan smiled. Sadhu told Bhagavan that Nivedita was expecting her second child and was in the sixth month of pregnancy. Bhagavan blessed Nivedita for a safe delivery.

Bhagavan told Sadhu that He was weak and was not able to do anything “except sleeping all the time”. Ma Devaki said that Bhagavan refused to stay in the special room constructed for Him in the Ashram, was in the thatched shed throughout the day, and would return to Sudama in the evenings. When Bhagavan decided to leave us, Bhagavan blessed the sadhu and He took as usual, the danda and bowl of Sadhu and blessed them also. Then He blessed the devotees. Sadhu told Bhagavan that he would come with Malathi and her parents and Bhagavan said, “It’s alright.” He then took the papers of Anil Zutshi and blessed him to get the visa and to have a safe journey to USA. He gave prasad to all. Sadhu took leave of Him, Ma Devaki, Vijayalakshmi and other devotees in the Ashram.

Sadhu accompanied by Smt. Bharati, Sow. Malathi, the bride fixed for Ch. Vivek, and her father, Sri Varadan, visited Tiruvannamalai on Sunday, May 14, 2000, and reached there in the morning. Vivek also joined them. Rajeswari Amma arranged a cottage for them as Bhagavan had instructed her. Bhagavan was taking complete rest during the day. He called Sadhu and others at 4.00 PM in the evening. Sadhu introduced Malathi and her father to Bhagavan. Bhagavan asked whether the alliance is confirmed and arrangements for the marriage have been taken up. Sadhu replied in the affirmative. Bhagavan asked the date of marriage and Sadhu replied, “June 22.” Bhagavan called Vivek by His side and asked, “Are you satisfied with the girl decided for you?” Vivek said, “Yes”. Then He called Malathi by His side and asked her, “Have you anything to say?” She was silent. Devaki told her, “If you want to ask Bhagavan anything, you can ask.” Malathi turned to Bhagavan and said, “I want only your blessings.” Bhagavan raised His hands and blessed her saying, “My Father’s blessings!” Devaki told Bhagavan that the place fixed for the marriage is D.S. Kalyana Mantapam, Korattur, Chennai. Bhagavan blessed both Vivek and Malathi for a happy married life. Vijayalakshmi asked about Nivedita and Sadhu said, she wanted to come with them but because she is in the sixth month of pregnancy, we did not want her to take the trouble of a long journey. Bhagavan blessed Nivedita also. Devaki remarked that Vivek had come after a long time and he and Nivedita, when they were children, used to visit Tiruvannamalai very often.

Bhagavan wanted to lie down. The bed was spread for Him and He lay down. Bhagavan wanted Sadhu to sit by His side. He held the hand of Sadhu close to His heart and closed His eyes. Now and then He raised His head and shoulders and was looking into the eyes of the sadhu. He spent about fifteen minutes like that. After half an hour, Bhagavan wanted to see us off. Malathi and Vivek prostrated to Ma Devaki. Bhagavan got up and sat on His bed. Sadhu and all others prostrated to Him again. He gave an apple to each one. Then Bhagavan, as usual, took Sadhu’s stick and bowl in His hand, charged them and gave to the sadhu. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the marriage of Sridhar’s daughter, Kausalya, with Rajesh, and He blessed them. Sadhu also told Bhagavan that he would bring Swami Virajeswar sometime after a week when the next issue of TATTVA DARSANA would also be ready for release. When Sadhu told Bhagavan that Swami Virajeswar’s guru had attained Mahasamadhi, Bhagavan asked what was his name and Sadhu said, “Swami Vidyananda of Rishikesh, disciple of Swami Sivananda”. Bhagavan permitted Sadhu to come again and to bring the swami if he wants. Sadhu told Bhagavan that Vivek and Malathi would come again after the marriage to take His blessings. Sadhu also sought Bhagavan’s blessings for Nivedita’s safe delivery. Bhagavan blessed her.

While leaving, Bhagavan blessed for the fast progress of work in the Bangalore Ashram.

On Friday, June 9, 2000, Sadhu phoned to Bhagavan’s Ashram and spoke to Justice Arunachalam who informed Sadhu that Bhagavan was not keeping well, not meeting anybody nor talking to anyone.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #3.25

Here are some interactions of Sadhu Rangarajan with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai.

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGIIII   Bhagavan’s Actions Through The Disciple


On Thursday, January 6, 2000, Sadhu accompanied by Vivek, Sridhar, Parthasarathy and Mohan, drove to Tiruvannamalai and reached there by 10.30 AM. Bhagavan was giving darshan in the big hall of the Ashram. When Ma Devaki told him about Sadhu’s arrival, He called us all in. Sadhu and devotees, after offering prostrations to Him, placed the bundle of TATTVA DARSANA January 2000 issue before Him. Bhagavan took the journal into His hand and asked about the contents. Sadhu told Him about the contents. He wanted Sadhu to read first the article of Prof. Kamalam, titled “Yogi Ramsuratkumar, the Almighty”. Then He asked Sadhu to read the editorial titled “Parliament of Religions, Pope’s Visit and Inter-religious Dialogues”. Sadhu also read his editorial note in the issue about his inability to attend the Parliament of Religions in Capetown in December because of the unfortunate delay in receiving the official confirmation of his address on December 2 and arrangements for air ticket and visa to reach there in time. Bhagavan looked at the cover page carrying the ‘Shubha drishthi Ganapathi’ drawn by Sri Baskaradoss inspired by a divine urge from within and Sadhu told Him about the article of appreciation of the picture by Sadhu in the issue, explaining the symbolism of the picture. Sadhu also told Bhagavan about the gift of a Fiat car by Sri Baskaradoss to the sadhu for the work of our Ashram at Bangalore.

Sadhu reported to Bhagavan about the International Conference of Great Religions of Asia at Lumbini, Nepal. Bhagavan listened to it with deep interest. Then Sadhu told Him about the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti in Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram and Papa Ramdas Sannyas Day Celebration in Anandashram, Bangalore. Bhagavan was very happy to learn that the devotees of Anandashram in Bangalore were visiting Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram. He said, “It is good that they come to your Ashram”. Bhagavan wanted Sadhu to introduce the devotees who had accompanied Sadhu in the visit and Sadhu did so. Bhagavan could not recognize Vivek immediately as he was wearing a spectacle. He asked how long Vivek was wearing a spectacle and Vivek replied, “For the last two and a half years”. Bhagavan asked him to remove the spectacle and Vivek did so. He asked about Vivek’s job and Vivek said he was working in Fitchner. Bhagavan asked about his duration of service. Vivek explained to Him about his work. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the proposal to get Vivek married. He blessed and said “Everything will end well”. He asked Vivek whether he intend to go abroad. Vivek said, he will do so if opportunity arises. Bhagavan smiled and said, “Don’t go to Europe and America. Do work in India. Serve the Motherland, that is sufficient. If you want, you go with father to South Africa.” He then laughed hilariously and then continued, “Don’t listen to this Beggar. He may talk something which is meaningless” and added jovially, “But, follow your father.” He asked Vivek when he met Yogi for the first time. Vivek said, in 1986. He asked Vivek what was his age. Vivek said, “Twenty eight”. Sadhu said, Vivek was just fourteen years old when he met Bhagavan for the first time.

Sadhu told Bhagavan about the pregnancy of Nivedita. Bhagavan blessed her for a safe delivery. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the marriage proposal of Sridhar’s daughter. Bhagavan asked him the name of the girl and the boy and blessed them for a happy married life. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the visit of devotees from South Africa and he wanted Sadhu to inform Him before they come to Tiruvannamalai. When Sadhu requested Bhagavan to sign the issues of TATTVA DARSANA, Bhagavan told him, “Not now. You stay on here.” He asked the Ashram people to arrange for our accommodation and lunch. Before leaving for Sudama, Bhagavan said, “This Beggar’s health is not good. He is living on medicines.” Sadhuji said that they will all pray for His health. Bhagavan said, “My Father will keep this Beggar in this body as long as He wants. If the Father feels that the work of this Beggar is over, He will call Him.”

After Bhagavan retired to Sudama for afternoon rest, Sadhu and his group had lunch in the dining hall. The meals that was offered to Bhagavan in the prayer was given to Sadhu. Then they all took rest in Vishwesh cottage. When Bhagavan came again to the Ashram at 4.00 PM, He called Sadhu and Vivek. He asked Sadhu to take out the copies of TATTVA DARSANA and He put His signature on the copies to be preserved in Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre. He signed two more copies and gave one each to Ma Devaki and Vijayalakshmi. Then He asked for Sadhu’s danda and bowl and He took them into His hands and blessed them as usual. He asked Sadhu whether he had anything more to ask. Sadhu told Him that his only prayer was that the work started at Bangalore must grow. Bhagavan said, “You are doing My Father’s work. The work will grow fast.” Sadhu told Him that he only wanted to rise up to His expectations. Bhagavan said, “You will, My Father’s blessings are there.” Bhagavan gave His blessings for the fulfillment of Sadhu’s mission in Bangalore. Sadhu and his group prostrated to Him again and took leave of Him and returned to Chennai.

Devotees from South Africa, Sri Soma Pillai, his mother Krishnaveni and Sow Prema arrived on Wednesday, January 12. They accompanied Smt. Bharati to Tiruvannamalai for the darshan of Bhagavan. Sadhu phoned to Ashram to inform Bhagavan about their visit. They spent two hours with Bhagavan, stayed in the Ashram and returned on the next day.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #3.23, #3.24

Here are some interactions of Sadhu Rangarajan with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai.

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGIIII   Bhagavan’s Actions Through The Disciple




On Sunday, September 5, Sadhu faxed a message to Bhagavan informing Him about his safe return to India and his intention to visit Tiruvannamalai.

Accompanied by Smt. Bharati, a group of devotees consisting of Sri Sridhar, Sow. Kausalya, Sri Mohan and Sri Chandrasekhar, Sadhuji drove to Tiruvannamalai on Thursday, September 9, 1999, and reached Master’s abode. Bhagavan received Sadhu and showered blessings on him. Sadhu met Sri T.S. Arunachalam and discussed with him the latest developments in the Ashram. Later, a meeting of the trust board took place in the presence of Bhagavan and Sow Vijayalakshmi and Ma Devaki also joined us. Bhagavan asked Sri Arunachalam to discuss all matters about the trust with the sadhu and Sri Arunachalam said, he had already done that. Then Bhagavan asked Sadhu to give Him a report about the South Africa visit. Sadhu gave a brief report about the successful visit and the invitation to him to attend the proposed Parliament of Religions and release of a book on Mahakavi Bharati there in the year-end. Sadhuji presented the bulletin of Hindu Voice International on South Africa visit and Bhagavan asked Sadhu to read it out and also a pamphlet on Bharatamata Ashram and profile of Sadhu. Blessing the sadhu, Bhagavan said, “Rangaraja, you have done a great work for My Father. My Father’s blessings will be on you wherever you are.” He heard with keen interest about the opening of Sister Nivedita Academy centres in South Africa and Botswana. He asked about the States in South Africa and Sadhu gave a list and told Bhagavan about his participation and delivering a benedictory talk in the swearing in ceremony of Mr. Popo Molefe as Premier of North West Province of South Africa. Bhagavan asked about Robin Island where Mr. Nelson Mandela was incarcerated. When Sadhu told Bhagavan about his meeting Mr. Mandela on the occasion of World Hindu Conference and Mr. Mandela’s remark that he was calm and peaceful in the jail because he spent time in reading Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavan said that it was because of Mahatma Gandhi’s influence on him.

Sadhu told Bhagavan about the progress of the construction work of Bharatamata Ashram and the plans to train up dedicated workers as missionaries of Mother Bharat. He also told Bhagavan that Smt. Bharati will move to Bangalore after the marriage of Vivek to look after the work of Ashram. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to call Bharati and devotees from Madras near Him. Sadhu called them and Bhagavan blessed all of them. Bhagavan blessed Vivek’s marriage also. Sadhu told Him about the prayers of South African devotees, Smt. Pramilla and Smt. Sarojini, for His blessings for their health. Bhagavan wanted to see their photos in the album and blessed them. After He took leave of us all and left for Sudama, we moved into the dining hall where prayers were offered to Him. The food that was kept for Him was offered to Sadhu as prasad.

On Friday, October 29, Sadhu received official invitation from Vishwa Hindu Parishad to visit Lumbini and Sadhu faxed a letter to Bhagavan informing about his visit to Tiruvannamalai on the next day to discuss about the programme of his visit to Nepal.

Accompanied by a group of devotees including Sridhar, Mohan, Parthasarathy and Kannan, Sadhu drove to Tiruvannamalai on Saturday, October 30, 1999. Krishnamurthy, Lalitha and family followed in another car. We reached Bhagavan’s abode in the forenoon. Justice Arunachalam and Sankararajulu received the sadhu. Bhagavan called Sadhu at 11.15 AM. and made him sit by His side outside the main Ashram building. He asked whether the devotees who had accompanied Sadhu were from South Africa. Sadhu replied they were devotees from Chennai, working in Lucas-TVS and actively participating in our Ramnam movement. He asked their names and tried to recall R.K. Murthy. He blessed them all. Sadhu showed to Bhagavan the invitation for First International Conference of Great Religions of Asia to be held at Lumbini, Nepal. He received it and browsed through it, keenly looking at the photos of Kanchi Shankaracharya Sri Jayendra Saraswati and the Royal Couple of Nepal. Bhagavan remarked that Kanchi Math was closely associated with Nepal and the royal family for generations. He asked Sadhu to read the letter from Sri Balakrishna Naik and Sri Madhav of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, inviting the sadhu to the conference. Sadhu read it out. He asked Sadhu how he would go to Gorakhpur and from there to Lumbini, and what were the dates of his travel. Sadhu explained to him his itinerary. Bhagavan blessed Sadhu for the success of his journey and said, “Whatever you do and wherever you go and speak, it is all My Father’s Work and His blessings are always with you!”

Sadhu told Bhagavan that after his return from Nepal, we would have Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti Celebrations and inauguration of Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram and Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Centre at Bangalore. Bhagavan blessed the project. Sadhu told him that he had not received the air ticket and visa for the Parliament of Religions in South Africa. Bhagavan asked the dates of the Parliament and Sadhu replied that it was from 1st to 8th December 1999. Sadhu also told Bhagavan that if he were to go, he would go only after Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti. Sadhu also told Him that Nivedita would receive the key of the new building today and we would start shifting things from Chennai to Bangalore. He expressed His happiness that the work was fast moving ahead with His Father’s Blessing. Sadhu asked Bhagavan to give him guidance to go ahead with the projects and He replied, “My Father will guide you. You are doing His work.”

Sadhu placed before Him the copies of TATTVA DARSANA, August-October 1999 issue and said, it was dedicated to Swami Nishreyasananda. Bhagavan asked details about the Swami and Sadhu replied that his Centenary fell on September 14, 1999, and he was the pioneer of Ramakrishna Movement in the African continent. He was the Founder and Spiritual Director of Ramakrishna Vedanta Societies in Southern Africa. Bhagavan asked whose disciple was the Swami. Sadhu replied that, probably, he had taken initiation from Swami Saradananda. Bhagavan asked whether the Swami was from Trichur. Sadhu said, the Swami was born in Trichur, Kerala, and he walked on the footsteps of Swami Vivekananda and went abroad. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to read out his article in TATTVA DARSANA paying tributes to the Swami and also his article on Guru and Gurukula. Sadhu read them. Bhagavan signed ten copies of the journal for Gurukula Ashram library, sent three copies for Sudama sisters and gave one copy each to all devotees present.

Sadhu asked the details of the family of each and every devotee and blessed them. Sadhu told Him that Sri Anil Zutshi had phoned yesterday offering his salutations to Bhagavan and Yogi blessed him. Sadhu asked Bhagavan for a message to be delivered in the Lumbini conference. Bhagavan said, “This Beggar has nothing, but my Father will give the message through you.” He then took the bowl and stick of the sadhu and charged them as usual. He also allowed the devotees to take photos with Him. After He blessed us all again, we took leave of Him.