Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.38 – Ashram work begins

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of the resistance to Sadhu Rangarajan’s editorial introducing Ma Devaki; How Yogiji supported Sadhu’s views; the meeting of Swami Satchidananda and Yogi Ramsuratkumar during the commencement of the Ashram construction work; and the circumstances under which Yogiji asked Sadhuji to take over the responsibility of the Ashram Trust.

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan


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Sadhu with Yogi (4)

Sadhu Rangarajan’s editorial “The Eternal Slave” in TATTVA DARSANA, Yogi Ramsuratkumar 76th Jayanti Issue, provoked the trustees of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram Trust who could not digest Bhagavan’s declaration of Ma Devaki as His ‘Eternal Slave’ and the act of His principal disciple writing an editorial hailing Bhagavan’s decision. On the day Sadhuji returned from Tiruvannamalai after the grand Ramnam Satsang of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association, on Monday, January 3, 1994, when Bhagavan made the devotees who had gathered in His abode read repeatedly the editorial, the trustees expressed severe criticism in the presence of Bhagavan and He vehemently defended His disciple by emphatically declaring that it was He who had written the editorial through His disciple.

Young, a follower of Lee Lozowick, in his biography, “Yogi Ramsuratkumar Under the Punnai Tree” narrates the heated discussions that took place on that day:

“In early January there was a meeting at Sudama House between the ashram trustees and Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Several devotees were there, including Mani and his wife, Raji. The ashram project already had momentum but a number of devotees were inflamed by the editorial written by Sadhu Rangarajan and refused to support the author’s decision to accept Devaki as “eternal slave” and closest companion of Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

Bhagavan read through the editorial and a heated argument ensued. Yogi Ramsuratkumar was furious. He told the trustees that he had asked Rangarajan to write the article; it was only done at his instruction. They objected to the photograph that had been taken of Yogi Ramsuratkumar and Devaki in the fall of 1993 on the ashram property, also printed in Tattva Darsana. They challenged the master, saying that they would not accept the photograph of the beggar with Devaki; furthermore they refused to show the respect to her that Bhagawan had indicated was appropriate, nor would they allow her to live in the ashram.

“No!” Yogi Ramsuratkumar shouted at the trustees, reflecting their anger back on them. “Then let us not have ashram! Why are you building an ashram for this womanizer? You go and find somebody else as your guru and make an ashram for that man!” Yogi Ramsuratkumar shouted in a holy fury. It was like the roaring of a lion, and Sudhama House trembled from the power of it.

Suddenly he turned to Mani and said, “What do you think of this, Mani?”

“You are the creator of this episode and you are going to be the solver. It is all your lila, Bhagawan,” Mani answered.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar turned to another devotee and said, “What do you think?”

“You are a tall tree. Tall trees always fall first,” he answered. People were crying and many of the devotees didn’t dare to speak at all. Mani’s wife, Raji, recounted:

He was asking everybody about Devaki Ma. I was so scared that Bhagawan was going to ask me next. What to answer? I didn’t want to answer what he would ask me. I thought, “If he asks Rajalakshmi, what should I answer? I don’t know, and I’m so scared!” So, I was praying to Bhagavan, “Please, Bhagavan, don’t ask me any difficult questions – just simple questions.” Everyone was leaving the house when Bhagawan said to me, “Rajalakshmi, you stay back.” Everybody went out. There were two parrots there. He asked me this question: “What is this?”

“Parrots, Bhagawan,” I said.

“Okay”, He answered. It was a simple question. He had answered my prayer!

A week or so after this Rajalakshmi sent a gift to Yogi Ramsuratkumar with the message, “Appa, how is Amma?” meaning, “Father, how is Mother?” When Yogi Ramsuratkumar received the gift and read the message, he was ecstatic; someone had stepped forward in support of what many people had overlooked – from the beginning, since September 1993, Yogi Ramsuratkumar had said, “My Father wants Devaki for his work.” Reading the letter, he exclaimed “Oh, here is a person who accepted this beggar as appa and Devaki as amma! This is the spirit this beggar wants from everybody. When this beggar says something, you should accept it as it is!” He was constantly teaching and demonstrating surrender to the will of God, and in the relationship with the guru, surrender begins with obedience.”

[Yogi Ramsuratkumar Under the Punnai Tree, Pages 391-392]

On Monday, January 24, Sri Vasu made a phone call from Tiruvannamalai conveying Master’s command to represent Him in the Shataabhishekam celebration of Smt. Rajalakshmi’s father, Sri Srinivasa Iyengar. Sadhuji attended the function at Nanganallur on Thursday, January 27.

On Friday morning, February 4, Sadhuji, accompanied by Smt. Valliammai Achi, proceeded to Tiruvannamalai by car and reached Bhagavan’s abode in the forenoon. Master received the sadhu and made him sit by His side. He asked the sadhu: “Rangaraja, have you any TATTVA DARSANA copies to spare?” Sadhu replied, “I have only fifteen copies with me, Bhagavan.” Bhagavan told Devaki, “Devaki, Rangaraja is left with 15 copies only.” Devaki clarified that Sadhuji had a lot, but brought only 15 as Vasu had told him that there were enough with her. She suggested to Sadhu to send some more copies through Mani. Bhagavan was looking at Sadhu and raised His hand in blessing. Some MLA came and then some officials of Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowment Board came with Sri Ramachandra Upadhyaya. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to give a talk on Ramnam for fifteen minutes. Sometime after Sadhu’s talk, Bhagavan asked him again to talk introducing Devaki. Sadhu complied with Bhagavan’s order. At 12 noon, Bhagavan asked Devaki to distribute Prasad to all. She did so and then prostrated to Sadhu and took his blessing. Bhagavan then took Sadhu and Devaki inside.

Sadhu spoke to Bhagavan about some problem of Valliammai Achi and He gave counselling to her. After she and two other devotees left, lunch was served to Bhagavan and Sadhu. While taking food, Devaki asked Sadhu whether he received the report from Mani about the developments on January 3 after Sadhu left Bhagavan. Sadhu said, “Yes”. Devaki remarked that she also told Bhagavan that if those who criticized the editorial had seen the ‘He’ in it with capital ‘H’, they would have understood it. She added, “Bhagavan can’t go up, He has to come down.”

After lunch, Sadhu showed Bhagavan the letter from Lee Lozowick, about which Sadhu had referred to in his talk. He read it out and Bhagavan clarified that the Mantra, “Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” must be sung in full. Devaki, referring to Master’s clarification to Om Prakash Yogini, said that, as far as the chant, “Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Jaya Guru Raya” was concerned, it was equal to four counts of Ramnam mantra. Devaki gave to Sadhu, the poetic epistles from Lee Lozowick to Bhagavan. Sadhu read out a letter from Sri Ananda Rao. Bhagavan replied: “You may write to him that those who chant ‘Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’ will not be affected by any disease – American or coming from Europe. Devaki asked whether the same effect will not be there for Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s name, Bhagavan interrupted and said, “‘Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’ is to be propagated, Let them do it.” Then Bhagavan gave a long discourse on Ramnam, quoting Charaka, “Achyutaananda Govinda naamocchaarana bheshajaaat, nasyanti sakalaa rogaa, satyam satyam vadaamyaham!” (अच्युतानन्त गोविन्द नामोच्चारणभेषजात्। नश्यन्ति सकला रोगाः सत्यं सत्यं वदाम्यहम्॥) He also quoted Tulsidas, saying Ramnam turned even Bhang into Tulasi (नामु राम को कलपतरु कलि कल्यान निवासु। जो सुमिरत भयो भाँग तें तुलसी तुलसीदासु ॥26॥).

Devaki wanted to record Bhagavan’s talk to the sadhu on a tape recorder, but He prevented her, telling, “This tape recording will interrupt my work. When I tell, that is intended to go into him through his ears and come out through his mouth. It is not to be reproduced by a tape recorder. It has its effect only when it comes through the one to whom it is told.”

Bhagavan showed Sadhu the letter of Rajagopal and tour programme of Swami Satchidananda and said: “This Beggar would like Rangaraja to be present on the occasion of the foundation stone laying of the Ashram by Swami Satchidananda on 26th. That will be of great help to this Beggar. Your presence will be very much helpful.” Sadhu assured Bhagavan that he will telephone to Swami Satchidananda and fix up a plan to accompany the Swami when he comes to Tiruvannamalai from Chennai. Bhagavan commanded Sadhu to do so.

Devaki asked Bhagavan and Sadhu to take some rest and they did so. At the time of evening tea, Sadhu discussed with Bhagavan about Gnanaprakasham and Bhagavan asked Sadhu to continue his help to him. Bhagavan turned to Devaki and took up again the topic of the editorial in TATTVA DARSANA and the sudden change that it had wrought: “When people were talking so much things about Devaki and this Beggar, Rangaraja wrote the editorial and it changed the whole atmosphere. What a great service he has done!” He then asked the sadhu how he could give so many copies free and Sadhu replied that it was all by His Grace.

Bhagavan was talking to us as to how suffering brought people closer to God. He referred to Kunti and Draupadi – how they prayed for more suffering. Earlier, Sadhu placed before Him the bags given by Nivedita and He thanked her while Devaki said Nivedita had so thoughtfully got these for the Sudama sisters. Bhagavan enquired about the marriage of Pankaj, son of T.S. Sinha of Allahabad, with Deepti and gave His blessings to them for a happy married life and to Sri Sinha for his recovery. He also blessed Sadhu for his successful tour of U.P.

At 4.00 PM, we came out into the verandah. Devotees, especially some western disciples of Sri Poonjaji, came. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to speak and Devaki suggested that Sadhu could speak in English. Sri Rajan, DSP, and some other guests also arrived. Sadhu addressed them in English and spoke on Ramnam. Bhagavan blessed Sadhu. Swami Mathurananda came. Devaki and other devotees sang some songs. Bhagavan, speaking on the glory of Ramnam, said that even Kabir, a nirguna upasaka, chanted Ramnam. A gentleman asked Bhagavan which was the best path – Karma, Gnana or Bhakti – and Bhagavan replied, “First one has to fix a goal and then seek the path whichever is suited to him.”

Yogiji asked Swami Mathurananda whether he had visited Sadhu’s place. Mathurananda replied, “Yes, I have visited Sadhu’s place twice.” Yogiji spent some time discussing about America’s attempt to unleash vengeance on India. He said, “India was non-aligned. Nehru never wanted war. Russia supported India, but America thought that India was supporting Russia. So, now that Russia is disintegrated, America as the sole super-power wants to wreak vengeance on India, but they won’t succeed. They are afraid that India will emerge as a super-power. Aurobindo has predicted it.” Sadhuji intervened and referred to the talk of Sri Aurobindo on August 15, 1948, from All India Radio, Tiruchirapally Station, and the prediction of Nostradamus. Bhagavan continued: “Yes, India will emerge successful. As Rangaraja said, this is the land of Rishis.” Mathurananda recalled Yogi’s long wait in front of Papa, standing in rain, though Papa wanted Him to go away. Bhagavan recalled: “Papa wanted this Beggar to go away, but this Beggar wanted to be by His side. But He didn’t allow. It was given to Swami Satchidananda to be by His side. Rangaraja has written that he got consolation because Papa never allowed this Beggar to meet Him again whereas this Beggar has allowed Rangaraja to meet this Beggar.” Bhagavan turned to Rangaraja and asked, “Rangaraja, do you feel that this Beggar has sent you away from this Beggar because He has taken Devaki with Him?” Sadhuji replied: “No, never Master. I feel Your presence all the time.” Bhagavan continued: “Papa is also with this Beggar from 1952. He has never been away from this Beggar. So also, this Beggar is ever with Rangaraja.” Devaki pointed out that Bhagavan felt to speak so because of Sadhu’s reference to it in TATTVA DARSANA.

Swami Mathurananda said that, after forty years, three brothers were meeting together, referring to himself joining Yogiji and Swami Satchidananda on February 26. Bhagavan immediately interrupted: “We will be four. You have to include Rangaraja also. He is doing Papa’s work and we are four.” Mathurananda remarked: “He is Your shadow and is always with You.” Bhagavan responded: “Yes, this Beggar is always with Rangaraja and he is always with this Beggar.”

Bhagavan showed Satchidananda’s letter to Devaki on the celebration of her birthday on 4th January and said, “She was born in 1952 and this Beggar died in 1952.” When Mathurananda referred to the danda of Sadhu as a stick, Devaki said, it was not stick, but danda. While offering Prasad to Sadhu, she prostrated four times in the Iyengar Brahminical tradition. Bhagavan spoke about Lee’s high realization expressed in his poems. He asked Mathurananda to take supper with us. While taking food, Bhagavan thrust chapattis and sabji into Sadhu’s plate and instructed Prabha that she should obey Him and put more into Sadhu’s plate even if he were to waste it. Sadhu finished everything that was put into his plate with the help of butter milk. Devaki smiled and pointed out to Bhagavan that nothing was wasted by the sadhu and Bhagavan laughed.

Bhagavan presented to Sadhu the book of poems by T.P. Meenakshisundaram and He also signed some copies of TATTVA DARSANA issue to be preserved in Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre library. While taking leave of Bhagavan, Sadhuji assured Him that he will speak to Swami Satchidananda about his accompanying the Swamy to Tiruvannamalai, and also to Sri Poonjaji about meeting him during the U.P. visit of the sadhu.

On Friday, February 25, in the morning, Sadhuji joined Swami Satchidananda in his journey to Tiruvannamalai and they, along with devotees, left for Bhagavan’s abode in three cars and a van. Sadhuji first reached Sudama and was told Bhagavan was in Ramanashram. He immediately went there and Bhagavan received him with His usual blessings. Swami Satchidananda also reached there in another car. For the first time after forty years of physical separation, the two great souls were meeting. They touched each other’s feet and hugged each other in great joy. Devaki prostrated to the Swami and he reciprocated. Hundreds of devotees were there to witness these scenes. Bharati also reached there in another car. Sri Mani of Ramanashram took us all to the dining hall and we had dinner there. Later, all of us assembled in the guesthouse and spent some time. Vivek had also reached there in the evening itself. Sadhuji and Bharati stayed with him in Sri Sundararaman’s house.

On the auspicious day of the laying of foundation stone of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram, Saturday, February 26, 1994, Sadhuji arrived in the early morning at the Ashram site where Bhagavan, Devaki, and Swami Satchidananda were also waiting for him to start the ceremonies. After the homa, the foundation stone plaque was unveiled by Swami Satchidananda. Swami Chakrananda and Swami Virabhadrananda of Salem also joined us. After the homa, we came to Sudama for breakfast. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to give a talk on Ramnam and the World Ramnam Movement in the presence of Swami Satchidananda. Before Sadhu started his speech, Bhagavan told Swami Satchidananda, “This Beggar never gave initiation to anyone, but He gave Rangaraja the initiation into the Ramnam Taraka Mantra. When Rangaraja asked this Beggar what he should do from then on, this Beggar asked him to spread the work of Mataji Krishnabai. Rangaraja took it seriously and has put his heart and soul into the work.” Swamiji asked Sadhu about the progress of the work. Bhagavan told the Swami that it has spread to Africa, America, Europe and Australia. Sadhu told Swamiji about the appointment of Sri Krishna Carcelle as International Convener of Ramnam Movement and his work in France. Master was all praise for the sadhu’s work and then He asked him to speak. After Sadhu’s speech, Bhagavan blessed Sadhu. Sadhu sought the blessings of Bhagavan and Swami Satchidananda for the success of the worldwide efforts to spread the cause and both of them blessed. Swamiji also promised to address the workers of the movement at Chennai. Dr. Radhakrishnan, President of YRYA, also was present when Sadhuji spoke. Sadhuji told Swami Satchidananda how Bhagavan had insisted that Sadhu should concentrate fully on the Ramnam movement. He also narrated that after his earlier tour of U.P., when he met Bhagavan on November 19, last year, Bhagavan insisted that Sadhu should stay with Him for a night in Sudama and He discussed with Sadhu His decision to keep Devaki with Him as His ‘Eternal Slave’. Sadhu narrated the whole incident of the night and said, just as Papa wanted Yogiji to be away from Him, Bhagavan wanted the sadhu also to be away from Him, doing His work. When Sadhuji quoted Master’s words, “Papa didn’t allow this Beggar to be by His side and it was given to Swami Satchidananda to serve Him”, Master laughed. Swami Satchidananda immediately remarked, “Papa had given foreign portfolio to Yogiji and home affairs to me; so also Yogiji has given home to Devaki and foreign affairs to you”. When Sadhuji told that he had no urge to be physically present by the side of the Master and he felt the Master’s presence all the time by his side, Swami Satchidananda said: “Father and son are one!”

After breakfast, Bhagavan, Swamiji, Devaki, Sadhuji and all others moved once again to the Ashram site for a public meeting under the presidentship of Swami Satchidananda. Sri S.P. Janardanan welcomed all and Swami Satchidananda gave a short benedictory address. Sadhuji spoke for thirty minutes on greatness of Guru, Bharatavarsha, Yogi Ramsuratkumar and Ramnam, and also on the need for discipline and effacement of ego on the part of devotees. He also spoke about Devaki and appealed to all to participate in the Ramnam movement. Swami Chakrananda, Perumal Raja, Sri T.V. Venkatraman, and Sri Om Prakash Yogini also spoke. After the programme, Bhagavan, Swamiji, Sadhu, Devaki, Vijayalakshmi and other distinguished guests including Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan came to Sudama for lunch.

After the lunch, Swamiji and Sadhu took some rest while Bhagavan was busy discussing about the building plan with Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan, Sow. Vijayalakshmi, Sri Sundararaman and the architect Sri Ravi. In the afternoon, Swami Satchidanandaji visited an orphanage and he wanted Bhagavan to join him. Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan jovially remarked that Bhagavan had not become an orphan and all burst into laughter. There was a second round of discussion about the building plan and Bhagavan asked Sadhu to join. Anjaneyulu excused himself from participating in it while Janardhanan spoke of interference in the construction work. Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan spoke very plain words. Mani and Sundararaman clarified that their work was only to advise and not to interfere. They were asked to discuss the matter with Anjaneyulu. Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan pointed out that the foundation was not yet laid and only the plaque was unveiled. S.P. Janardhanan remarked that they did not know how to do it. Sadhuji told Bhagavan that Vivek was completing his M.E. and he could offer his services. Devaki jovially said that it will be third interference. Bhagavan asked Vivek when he will be free and Vivek replied that he would be free as soon as he finished his thesis work.

At 3.30 PM all assembled in the meeting site. Sri V. Jayaraman of CIT, Madras, Pon Kamaraj, and Prof. Karunakaran spoke. There was Ramnam chanting and Bhajans. Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnan, Sri D.S. Ganeshan, Sri Seetharaman and others of YRYA joined. Bhagavan came a little later. There was some dance programme by disciples of Padma Subramaniam. After the programme Bhagavan retired to Sudama. He asked Sadhu whether he would stay with Him, but Sadhu said, he will take rest in Sundararaman’s house with Vivek and Bharati and took leave of Bhagavan.

Sunday, February 27, 1994, turned out to be a red letter day in the life of Sadhu Rangarajan. Only on the previous day, in the presence of Swami Satchidananda and Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Sadhuji spoke about Bhagavan’s command to him to concentrate on His work of spreading Ramnam in various parts of the country and abroad and Swami Satchidananda also remarked jovially that Bhagavan had given home affairs to Devaki and foreign affairs to Sadhu. Sadhuji could not believe that the developments on this day could take such a sudden turn to make Bhagavan announce that Sadhuji should stop all his work outside and remain in Tiruvannamalai taking charge of the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram work. The developments began in the early morning when Swami Satchidananda and Bhagavan met again in Sudama and Sadhu also joined them over a cup of coffee prepared by Devaki. Swamiji was taking leave of Bhagavan. Bhagavan, like a child moved by emotion, laid His head on the lap of the Swami and the Swami put His hand around the shoulder of Bhagavan. Sadhuji prayed to the Swami to come again to Tiruvannamalai for a Ramnam convention in the presence of Bhagavan and He agreed. Swamiji later took leave of Bhagavan. Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan had already left on the previous day itself. Sow Vijayalakshmi, Rajalakshmi, Viji Akka, and Devaki’s sister Yasoda also took leave. The previous day, Devaki had told that she had asked her sister to find her own accommodation, but Swami Satchidananda remarked that Yasoda and Devaki both were with Maser. When Yasoda told Master how she was proud that her “own” sister had taken to spiritual life, Devaki cajoled her for the word “own”. However, Master blessed her by calling her, “This Beggar’s own Yasoda”.

After breakfast, Sadhuji took the permission of Bhagavan to leave with Justice Arunachalam to Chennai and he got ready for the journey. By then, Mani came and told Bhagavan that Sri S.P. Janardanan and Sri Anjaneyulu have refused to have any consultation with him and Sundararaman about the plan of the construction of the Ashram. Bhagavan was a little upset and He asked Vasu to bring two autos and, accompanied by Devaki, Prabha, Mani, Sundararaman and Vasu, He left for Ramanashram. He asked Sadhu to wait in Sudama to receive Justice Arunachalam. The justice, his brother Dr. Ramanathan, Justice Sadayappan, and Sherishthadar Mohan came and Sadhu spent some time with them. By then, Bhagavan returned from Ramanashram. He said, Anjaneyulu had refused to come to Sudama for talks and therefore we would have to meet him and others at the Ashram site. He said, both Anjaneyulu and S.P. Janardhanan were determined to leave the trust and S.P. Janardhanan had made it clear that if Anjaneyulu leaves he would also leave. Bhagavan said that the construction work of the Ashram should not be stopped on any account and said, “If necessary this Beggar would ask Sundararaman to resign his job” and asked him whether he would obey. Sundararaman readily agreed. Bhagavan asked Vasu and Prabha whether they had any objection and they said, they will gladly agree to Sundararaman resigning his job for Bhagavan’s work.

Vasu went to Ramanashram to call S.P. Janardhanan to the Ashram site and the latter agreed to come there by 10.00 AM. Bhagavan asked Justice Arunachalam also to come with Him, Devaki and Sadhu to the Ashram site to discuss with S.P. Janardhanan. Sri S.P. Janardhanan, A.V. Ramamoorthy, Raghu and Parthasarathy came there. Justice Arunachalam tried to convince S.P. Janardhanan and Anjaneyulu to continue the work, but they refused. Anjaneyulu asked Justice whether he would allow anyone else to sit on his seat, and S.P. Janardanan said, even if Anjaneyulu agreed to remain, he would like to quit. Bhagavan became very serious and unhesitatingly He asked S.P. Janardhanan to resign. He ordered, “You submit your resignation right now. We have to appoint a new trustee.” S.P. Janardhanan agreed and presented his resignation letter, agreeing to hand over the trust to anyone chosen by Bhagavan. Master asked others who were with Sri Janardhanan whether they would cooperate and they replied, in the absence of Janardhanan, they could not.

Bhagavan turned to Sadhuji suddenly and ordered in a firm voice: “This Beggar wants Rangaraja to take over as Trustee. Rangaraja, have you any objection?” Though the command was most unexpected, Sadhuji promptly replied, “Master, whatever command you give, I will obey Maharaj.”

Bhagavan continued, “Well. Is one sufficient or we can have more trustees? Can we have five?”

Sadhu replied, “We can have more, Bhagavan.”

Bhagavan said, “Then Sundararaman and Mani could also join. Who can be the others? Arunachalam…?”

Justice Arunachalam said that he being a sitting judge, he could not be a trustee. He would suggest his wife’s name and that of his brother, Dr. Ramanathan. Later he said, it is not proper to have two from the same family and dropped the name of his wife. Sri Sundararaman still in service could not be a trustee and hence his wife Prabha was chosen. Master said four trustees were enough for the time being– Sadhu Rangarajan, Sri N.S. Mani, Smt. Prabha Sundararaman and Dr. T.S. Ramanathan.

Bhagavan with Devaki, Sadhu, Justice Arunachalam and other devotees returned to Sudama. Justice Arunachalam asked Bhagavan about the developments: “What is this leela?” Bhagavan laughed and replied: “Yesterday you saw the dance Krishna leela and today you ask me what is this.” He burst again into laughter.

Sadhuji remarked that it was like changing of scenes. One set of actors come in one scene and another set in another scene. He added that this work was not an easy one. He explained how Sri Eknath Ranade struggled hard to build the grand memorial on Vivekananda Rock at Kanyakumari, his effort, and the dedication put in by him and the nationwide campaign for collecting funds. Sadhu added, setting up of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram also required a lot of planning and effort and it would become a mighty national monument. Bhagavan interrupted and asked: “National or International?” Sadhu immediately corrected himself: “International!”

After lunch, Master continued the discussions. He said, “I would like Rangaraja to stop all work including Ramnam campaign for the time being. He can do something to have the Ramnam accounts to be directly sent by the conveners of the Ramnam Movement to Swami Satchidananda.” Sadhuji said: “The Ramnam work would not affect my work for the Ashram, Maharaj. It is only once in a month that we send the accounts and it could be arranged to be sent directly. Moreover all these Ramnam workers and committees in the international level will only help us in spreading the trust’s work and in the collection campaign for the trust.” Master replied: “Ah, that’s good. Thank you!” He raised His hands and blessed Sadhu.

When the time came for all to disperse, Bhagavan said: “I want Rangaraja to stay on here and others, I will leave.” Sadhuji asked Bhagavan’s permission to send Bharati with Justice Arunachalam to Chennai. Bhagavan agreed and said, Vivek could also go with them. Sadhuji said, Vivek had to return to Chidambaram and he would go in the evening. Bhagavan said “Alright.” Sadhu gave instructions to Bharati to arrange to send his clothes and she left with justice. Later, Master asked Sadhu to sit with Mani and Sundararaman to discuss further plans. Sadhu went with Mani and Sundararaman to Mani’s house and then to Ashram site. After discussing with them about the plans, Sadhu returned to Bhagavan and reported to Him about the discussions. Bhagavan asked Sadhu how long he could stay. Sadhu replied: “As long as You want, Master. My whole time is at Your disposal.” Master blessed Sadhu. He asked Panchapakeshan to arrange for Sadhu’s accommodation in Seshadri Swami Ashram.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.37 – Introducing Ma Devaki, His Eternal Slave

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of how Sadhu Rangarajan was entrusted the work of introducing Ma Devaki and how Ma Devaki, Bhagavan’s Eternal Slave was introduced in a public function with the help of an article in the magazine, Tattva Darsana. 

Here are the links to the video recordings of the Akhanda Ramnam programme.

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan


Yogi with Ma Devaki

On Monday, November 29, 1993, Sadhuji, accompanied by Nivedita, Mani, Mahendra and Balaram, proceeded to Tiruvannamalai for Bhagavan’s darshan. When we reached Sannidhi Street, Sashi informed us that Bhagavan was in Sudama. We went there and Sow. Vijayalakshmi received us. She said that Bhagavan was expecting us. Devaki went in and reported about our arrival. Bhagavan was unwell and He was lying down. He got up, but again lay down closing His eyes. Sadhu went in and sat by His side, pressing His hand. Devaki informed Sadhu about His health condition since Sadhu left Him on 21st November. After some time He opened His eyes and Sadhu told Him, “Maharaj, Rangaraja has come.” Yogiji got up, exclaiming, “Oh, Rangaraja has come!” He got up and held the hand of Sadhu and placed His hand along with Sadhu’s on Sadhu’s thigh. He was very weak and was leaning on Sadhu’s shoulders pressing His back.

Sadhu placed the bundle of Lee Lozowick’s “Poems of the Broken Heart” before Him. He took one copy and perusing it, He uttered: “It has come out very nice.” Sadhu remarked: “Yes, Maharaj. Lee also appreciated it.” Sadhu added that Lee liked the “Publisher’s Note” written by the sadhu. Bhagavan wanted Sadhu to read it and he did so. Devaki also remarked that it was excellent. Sadhu told Master that we had brought 500 copies. He also said that he was chief guest in a programme of Lions’ Club the previous day and Lee also attended it. He introduced to Master, Balarama, Lee’s disciple.

After perusing the copies again, Bhagavan said: “These books are precious. This Beggar thinks that these should not be distributed free. We must charge. Therefore, this Beggar will take some ten or fifteen copies and the rest can be taken back by Rangaraja.” Devaki and Sadhuji recalled that, because He wanted all the 2000 copies to be distributed free, we had suggested that the copies could be given to some important people and therefore it was decided that Sadhu could bring 500 copies. Sadhuji said, he was considering whether he could arrange a van to bring all the 2000 copies and when it was decided that only 500 copies were to be brought, we arranged a car. Bhagavan said, He had reconsidered His decision and felt that they should not be distributed free.

Yogi narrated the events of Lee’s first meeting with Him many years ago. When Lee met Him several times, He asked Lee not to come again. Then Lee’s wife and daughter came. He asked the daughter whether they had come alone. She said her papa was waiting outside. Yogi came out and saw Lee. He called him to come in but he refused. Lee was all the time sitting in the hot sun, on iron railings lying in front of a house under construction. Bhagavan laughed recalling the incident.

Sadhu told Bhagavan about Krishna Carcelle’s arrival. Yogi said that He did not see him and probably Krishna was in Ramanashram for the last two days. Nivedita went to call him. Yogi received Krishna and made him sit with us. Looking at Lee’s poems again, He said Lee wrote nothing but poems. Alwar came with photos of Master with Devaki. Bhagavan said, “This Beggar wants these to be scattered everywhere.” He then asked Devaki: “Do you think that they are too precious to be distributed like that?” Devaki replied: “Any precious thing must go to everybody, Bhagavan.” Yogi referred to Lee’s book again and asked how he could write such poetry. He continued: “Lee has got many followers in France, Germany, etc., and they would like to see the book. No question of translating them into any language. They shouldn’t be; it is impossible.”

Nivedita wanted Devaki’s photo with the Master, He gave her one and asked one to be given to Balarama for Lee. Others also got one each. The rest were given to Devaki. Food was served to all. Dr. Radhakrishnan and five others belonging to YRYA arrived. Sadhu got Bhagavan’s permission to call them in and they were all seated with us. Yogi referred to Krishna’s article and said, He wanted to see Krishna ever since He saw the article. Sadhu told Him about the preparations for the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti and Bhagavan showered His blessings for the success of the function. Sadhu also told Him about fifty-four lakhs fifty thousand Ramnama Japa counts received from Sarada College through Rajalakshmi and He blessed her.

Some local leader came. Yogi asked him to come later. Devaki told about difficulties in turning away the visitors. Sadhuji jovially told her that Bhagavan being ‘Seshasayee’ He could be said to be taking rest all the time. Bhagavan smiled.

Sadhu wanted ten copies of “Poems of the Broken Heart” to be autographed by Him. He did it. He also selected a photograph with Devaki for TATTVA DARSANA. Nivedita wanted Devaki’s autograph on the photo given to her. Devaki hesitated and Bhagavan asked her to do so. Nivedita jovially remarked that Devaki being “Eternal Slave” of the Master, she must obey Him. Sadhuji showed Bhagavan the extra copies of cover page photographs of the “Poems of Broken Heart” printed for free distribution. He looked at them and said, “It is alright.”

Yogiji reminded Devaki that Rangaraja wanted to write an introduction of Devaki in TATTVA DARSANA. He said, “He wants to make you famous.” Devaki remarked, “When the Master is there, what is a slave?” and then added, “I am in His possession.” Yogiji asked Sadhu whether he had read His introduction line of Devaki, “Devaki is my eternal slave”. Devaki said that Sadhu was present when that sentence was first uttered by Bhagavan. She said, “He was the first one to hear Your declaration.” Bhagavan remarked, “He is going to introduce you to the world, Devaki.” Devaki smiled and did namaskar to Sadhu. Yogi added, “Your faith and your devotion do that.” Sadhuji recalled Bhagavan’s remark, when He asked him last time about his experiences after the Ganga incident, that He was always with the sadhu. Vijayalakshmi wanted to know what was the Ganga incident. Bhagavan told Sadhu: “Yes, you tell her about that.” Sadhu narrated the whole incident again and Bhagavan was smiling all the time listening to it. When Sadhu recalled Bhagavan’s words—“If this Beggar had the power to save you, He would not have allowed you to go there” – Bhagavan laughed loudly.

Bhagavan asked Sadhu whether Lee knew that Devaki is with Yogi now. Sadhu replied, “Yes, I told him.” Bhagavan gave Sadhu three more of Lee’s poetic epistles after they were read out to Him. He said, “Rangaraja will preserve them. This Beggar will throw them away somewhere.” Yogi was feeling drowsy after Devaki gave Him some medicine. He showed His face like a child while taking the medicine and asked for Nellikkai (gooseberry) water. He wanted to spend some more time with us, especially because Krishna had come to see Him, but Sadhu told Him that He needed rest and we would come again after Yogi Jayanti. He agreed and then relieved us after blessing the sadhu as usual by taking his danda and kamandal (bowl), invigorating them and returning them to Sadhu. Sadhu spoke to Him about the proposed Ramnam Satsang of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association in His presence on 12th December, 1993, and He agreed to it. He told Sadhu: “You speak to S.P. Janardanan to make arrangements in the Ashram site”. He insisted that it should be held there.

On Saturday, December 4, Sadhuji accompanied by Sri Krishna, Sri Mohan, and Mani started for Tiruvannamalai and reached there in the afternoon. Yogiji was not found in Devaki’s place or in Oya Madam.

On Sunday morning, we visited the temple and then reached Devaki’s house. Prabha informed us that Yogiji returned last night at 11.30 PM and was still sleeping. She said, He wanted us to come at 10.00 AM.

Film producer Sri G. Venkateswaran, actress Sujata, Ganeshan of Ramanashram and Anuradha also came there. Yogi called us in. Yogi asked Sadhu to sit by His side, while others were seated opposite to Him. He made Devaki also sit by His side. Yogi held the hand of Sadhu throughout the morning session. At the outset, He expressed His regret for making us search for Him and wait, yesterday. He referred to Krishna’s article and said, He was waiting to see him. He told G.V. that He was happy that Michel Jackson’s programme in India was cancelled.

Sadhu told Bhagavan about the success of Yogi Jayanti. Bhagavan remarked, “Father’s grace.” Anuradha said that G.V. had also spoken in Yogi Jayanti and Bhagavan asked Sadhu whether he heard his speech. Sadhu replied that he had spoken in the programme organized by Bhavatarini Amma and he had not heard him. Bhagavan asked whether Balaram joined Lee and Sadhu replied, “Yes”. Bhagavan turned to Devaki and asked her: “Devaki, do you know that Rangaraja works in perfect harmony with this Beggar?” Both Devaki and Sadhu were puzzled by His question and looked at Him. Bhagavan continued: “Papa gave this Beggar the work of spreading Ramnam. That part of this Beggar’s work is done by Rangaraja. This Beggar somehow could not do that work and this Beggar asked Rangaraja to do that. Rangaraja took it up in all seriousness and is dedicatedly doing that part of this Beggar’s work in perfect harmony with this Beggar. Rangaraja is always with this Beggar. This Beggar is not a perfect Sannyasi like Rangaraja. This Beggar is attached to Sudama Sisters.” He turned to Sadhu and asked: “Do you approve of this, Rangaraja?”

Sadhu replied: “Master, I am very happy that there is someone now to take care of You.”

Bhagavan: “Rangaraja is happy. So you need not worry, Devaki.”

Bhagavan went on charging Sadhu with His powerful touch of Sadhu’s palm, and pressing his forearm and fingers. He then suddenly announced: “Rangaraja will speak for ten minutes about Ramnam and the work that he is doing.” Sadhu started with his usual invocation of Bhagavan’s name: “Vedarishaya samaarabhya, vedaantaachaarya madhyamaah, Yogi Ramsuratkumara paryantam vande guruparamparaam.” He then spoke of the Ultimate Reality, the various pathways to realize it, Nama japa, Ramnam, Papa Ramdas, Mataji Krishnabai, Her Nama japa yagna for world peace, Her mahasamadhi and Bhagavan initiating Sadhu before Mataji’s Mahasamadhi, Bhagavan asking Sadhu to take up the work of spreading Ramnam all over the world, the spread of Ramnam as predicted by Koti Swami, appointment of dynamic conveners of the Ramnam Movement inside and outside the country, and the fast growth of the movement everywhere. Bhagavan lauded the talk and asked Sadhu to chant Ramnam for ten or fifteen minutes.

Yogi turned to Devaki and asked her about Michel’s letter. Devaki said that she had written a letter to Michel to chant Yogi’s name and he wrote back that Krishna was already spreading Ramnam and asked whether another movement for Yoginam was to be started. Bhagavan replied to her that Ramnam was more important than the Beggar’s name and they need not disturb the work already being done. Sadhuji immediately clarified that Swami Satchidananda has approved of including Yogi Nama japa counts for the Japa Yagna and therefore, japa of both the names could be taken up by the devotees.

Sadhuji showed Bhagavan, the picture cards with Bhagavan’s photo printed for distribution. He wanted it to be distributed to all present including G.V. and his group. Bhagavan then asked Ganeshan to speak on Bhagavan Ramana and he spoke for fifteen minutes. Anuradha wanted to know what G.V. spoke in Yogi Jayanti and he said, he spoke only for five minutes and wanted Bhagavan’s blessings.

Food was served to all. After taking food, Bhagavan again sat with Sadhu holding his hand.

He said: “Devaki says, this Beggar has stooped so low.”

Devaki remarked: “He has come down to us who are just dust at His feet.”

Sadhu said: “Maharaj, we can’t rise up to Your level and hence You have to come down to reach us.” Sadhuji then recalled an incident: “Two years ago, one day, Ilayaraja in Chennai and Ramachandra Upadhyaya from Tiruvannamalai telephoned to Sadhu about Your illness. I and Vivek immediately rushed to You in a car. When we called on You, You told me, ‘This is not Your work. You have to return and do this Beggar’s work. This Beggar is perfectly alright.’ You then sent me back. I felt very sorry that I was so useless that I could not be by Your side to serve You when You were unwell. Now I am happy that there is somebody to take care of You. I can now go anywhere in the country with full confidence that You are taken care of by the Sudama sisters.”

Bhagavan: “Yes, Sudama sisters will take care of this Beggar.” He turned to Devaki and said: “Devaki, Rangaraja is very happy. When Rangaraja and people like T.I. Radhakrishnan say that it is alright, you need not worry anymore.” Sadhu turned to Rangaraja again and said: “Rangaraja, you give your blessings to Sudama sisters.” Devaki looked at the sadhu with folded hands and Sadhu said: “Maharaj, they are all already blessed.”

Sadhuji told Bhagavan about Michel’s letter about his arrival on February 3, 1994. Devaki said that they also received two letters and Master asked Krishna to acknowledge the receipt in person. Anuradha said that Master has allowed her to squeeze in with Sudama sisters. Sadhu told her that he has already done so as Master has declared that he is already with Him. Sadhu showed Bhagavan the photographs of Yogi Jayanti Celebrations at Chennai. Master took the photos of Lee group and Krishna for Himself. Sadhu presented a set of books to G.V.

We took leave of Him for a short while and presented ourselves before Him at 4.00 PM. As in the morning, Bhagavan made Sadhu sit by His side and all others were seated opposite to Him. Yogi asked Devaki to take Lee’s book. He asked Sadhu to read any poem that he liked. Sadhu read two poems. He wanted Sadhu to read more and he did so. Some devotees of Poonjaji from Lucknow and Pune arrived. Yogi called them in. Yogi told Ganeshan how Sadhu tried to meet Poonjaji at Lucknow and he could not, because Poonjaji was held up in Delhi. He also said that Sadhuji wanted to meet him in his next visit to Lucknow. He then asked Sadhu to read the publishers’ note and Lee’s introduction in the “Poems of the Broken Heart” twice. Before Sadhu read the publishers’ note, Bhagavan introduced him to all as the publisher. Then He made Sadhu read some more poems. He asked Sadhu to take some Prasad and give to the foreigner and Sadhu did so. Yogi asked G.V. whether he got a copy of the “Poems”. G.V. said that he got it. Mani wanted Krishna to take a video, but Bhagavan objected to it saying, “Not now. I am sorry, it cannot be done now. We will see next time.” Rajkumari, her son and daughter came and they were sent with His blessings after some time. Then others were served food.

Sadhu spoke to Bhagavan about the proposed Ramnam Satsang in His presence. He asked Bhagavan how it could be held in the Ashram site because of the falling of the pandal. Devaki also told about the problem that ladies coming to the programme would have to face. Bhagavan asked how many were expected to attend the programme. Mani said, it may be about 120 people. Sadhu said, it would be at least 100. Bhagavan asked Ganeshan about the setting up of pandal. Ganeshan said, he had talked to Anjaneyulu and it would take time. Sadhu told Bhagavan that we could postpone the programme to January 2, 1994. Bhagavan said alright and expressed the hope that by then arrangements could be made. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the programme in Kalahasti on 26th December and sought blessings of Bhagavan for the Andhra programme. He blessed for the success of the programme. Sadhu asked Devaki about article of T.I. Radhakrishnan and Bhagavan asked her to give to Sadhu the original and translation. Sadhu said, he will send them back after typesetting the matter and taking Xerox copies. He told Bhagavan that Bharati wanted to come with them, but she could not because of the rain and he will send the article through her. Bhagavan said, “Alright.”

When we were about to leave, Yogi showered His blessings on all. Devaki took a chocolate packet and gave it to Him to be blessed and given to Sadhu for distribution. He blessed Sadhu as usual, taking his danda and Kamandal and charging them. Then He came out, holding Sadhu’s hand till we came to the car and He put Sadhu in. We proceeded chanting “Yogi Ramsuratkumar Maharaj Ki Jai!”

On Monday, we typed out Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan’s article on Bhagavan in the electronic typewriter and recorded it on memory disc. We took out the print outs for Bhagavan and Devaki. Bharati, Vivek and Nivedita started for Tiruvannamalai on Tuesday 7th Dec, 1993, with the copies. In the night Nivedita phoned to say that Bhagavan was happy to receive them and He wanted us to inform Krishna that he should retain his name as it is. Next day, early morning Nivedita phoned to say that Bhagavan wanted His namaskars to be conveyed to the sadhu and again in the afternoon she phoned to say that Bhagavan wanted them to stay on and that Bhagavan spoke to S.P. Janardanan about Sadhu, Nivedita and our programme of Ramnam Satsang in Tiruvannamalai. On Thursday afternoon Bharati and Vivek returned from Tiruvannamalai. Nivedita stayed on with Sudama sisters.

On Thursday, December 16, Lee Lozowick and his group came, accompanied by Nivedita. After return to Chennai, Nivedita left for Tiruvannamalai on Tuesday, December 28.

The Yogi Ramsuratkumar 76th Jayanti Issue of TATTVA DARSANA, November 93-January 94, carrying the editorial of Sadhu, titled “The Eternal Slave”, introducing Ma Devaki as instructed by Bhagavan, was ready for release and Sadhuji proceeded to Tiruvannamalai with the copies and reached Master’s abode in the forenoon of Friday, December 31. Devaki received the sadhu and took him inside where Nivedita, Mani and many other devotees were present. Sadhu placed the copies of the journal before Bhagavan. Master read Krishna’s letter to Mani and asked Sadhu whether he had seen it. Sadhu said, “Yes”. Jayaraman’s wife and other family members came there. Bhagavan introduced to Sadhu the parents-in-law of Jayaraman. He also pointed to Sri Sukumaran Nair, Dr. Shankararajulu, and others and asked whether Sadhu knew Sukumaran Nair. Sadhu said, “Yes”. Bhagavan turned to Devaki and said jovially, “Rangaraja knows everyone.” After seeing off the crowd waiting outside, Bhagavan took Sadhu, Mani, Sudhama Sisters, Nivedita and Jayaraman’s family members inside. We had lunch with Him.

After lunch, Bhagavan took the Yogi Jayanti Issue of TATTVA DARSANA. He asked Devaki to read the editorial titled “The Eternal Slave”. While reading it, Devaki became emotional, burst into tears several times, and could not proceed. Bhagavan was also moved. He made Devaki read the editorial again and again. He asked the Sudama sisters to assemble and gave copies to each one present, asking them to look into the article while Devaki was reading it again and again:


Krishna Kanhaiya was blissfully lying on the lap of Mother Yasoda at Gokul while Mother Devaki was writhing in pain and agony caused by His separation from her and Vasudeva languishing in the prison of Kamsa. In the prison cell, Devaki found a roll of chaddar (a blanket). In her intense longing for child Krishna, she took the roll on her lap and, with tears welling up in her eyes, started caressing and kissing the roll. Lo! The roll really turned into Krishna Kanhaiya Himself, throwing her into ecstatic rapture! Vasudeva was perturbed by the scene and felt that Devaki had fallen into a delirium which was turning her mad. He could see only a roll of chaddar on her lap.

In the Vaikunta, the Divine Mother asked the Lord why He was partial to Devaki and didn’t give his darshan to Vasudeva. The Lord replied that Devaki, in her intense motherly love, totally identified herself with Him and hence He was immediately accessible to her, whereas Vasudeva applied his cold logical reasoning because of which he could see only the roll of chaddar.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar is also as easily accessible to those who totally dissolve their little self in Him, as Krishna Kanhaiya to Devaki. To those who want to study Him, he is beyond their logical comprehension and far away. To those who totally surrender to Him in intense devotion, He is like hastaamalakam – the gooseberry on the palm.

Prof. Devaki and other sisters in the “Sudhama”, Tiruvannamalai, did exactly the same thing, like the gopis of the Gokul. Devotees gather at the door step of my Master in hundreds every day, seeking His blessings for their material as well as spiritual welfare. But how many could think of destroying their little self and dissolve their identity so as to be One with Him, to be ever in His presence and of service to Him. Devaki performed that grand act of self-effacement.

She was a professor of physics in a women’s college named after Mother Sarada Devi and dedicated to the ideals of Sri Ramakrishna Pramahamsa. She did have an ideal atmosphere to serve the society, especially in the field of education of women. This sadhu’s contact with her started when she was in the college where, apart from her academic work, she engaged herself in spiritual activities. She took active interest in the World Movement for Ramnam started by us at the behest of my Master and roped into the movement her students, colleagues and even the cook in her college hostel, making them all chant Ramnam regularly and sending the japa accounts promptly every month. Little did we imagine that one day she will totally renounce all her work and dedicate herself at the sacred feet of the Divine Master, to be only in His service forever.

When Miss Margaret Noble wanted to dedicate her life at the feet of Swami Vivekananda, he threatened her of the possible hazards in her proposed life of renunciation. India was just then rising up against the British imperialism. He also presented before her a very gloomy picture of adverse conditions, of food habits, ways of living etc. But in spite of that, when she proved herself to be determined to sacrifice her life at the altar of Mother India, Swami Vivekananda gave her an inspiring assurance that he will stand by her through thick and thin. “The tusks of the elephant come out once, but never go back”. So were his words, he declared. Miss Noble turned into Sister Nivedita.

In the case of Devaki also, the Divine Master tried to make her resist her own temptation to give up a lucrative and ideal profession. “What will you do if you are thrown out by the Master?”, she was asked by a devotee whom the Master engaged to dissuade her from her attempt. “I will sit in a corner and chant His name”, was the prompt reply from her. She gave up her job, sat in the presence of the Master for one whole year, her heart throbbing every moment only to be of service to Him.

At last, the Master fell. Yes, it is really a great fall. Unless He comes down, how can He raise up the devotee? He has enslaved Himself by making His devotee His “Eternal Slave”. When my Master declared “Devaki is my eternal slave” and that she would be by His side all the time taking care of Him, this sadhu remarked, “Maharaj, I envy her. After my initiation, in the last five years, I never found a single opportunity to stay by your side and serve you. All these years I have been wandering for Ramnam. But she is going to be by your side all the time.” Yes, Devaki is a thousand times more fortunate in getting this opportunity to be my Master’s “Eternal Slave”. However this sadhu expressed his own consolation: “In a way, I’m more fortunate than you Maharaj. After your initiation by your Master, He wanted you to go away from Him, but you have, in your immense kindness, permitted this sadhu to visit you at least once a month.”

“Papa Ramdas gave initiation to this beggar and then He wanted this beggar to go away to spread this Ramnam. When this beggar gave initiation to Rangaraja, He also expected Rangaraja to go away from Him and spread Papa’s work. But this beggar is always with Rangaraja”, my Master assured.

“This beggar needs someone to take care of Him. Devaki and the Sudhama sisters are taking so much care of this beggar that this beggar cannot live without them”, said my Master, pointing to the supreme spirit of surrender, service and self-sacrifice of these sisters.

Yes, Devaki is to be envied by everyone, for she possesses the greatest wealth in this world which any human being can aspire for – total surrender and sacrifice to the Bhagavan, which leads to Immortality. Tyaagenaike Amritatvamaanasuh, declares the Vedas.

At Kanimadam, near Kanyakumari, when the Vigraha of my Master was installed and the Kumbhaabhisheka of the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Mantralaya was held, this sadhu was present there by the orders of my Master. There was a discussion then about appointing a priest to do the nitya poojas for the deity. This sadhu then wondered: “While the deity in flesh and blood at Tiruvannamalai remains without a poojari to take care of it and to attend to its needs, here we are discussing about the poojari for the idol!” Perhaps my Master heard the cry of anguish in this sadhu’s heart. He called this sadhu to Tiruvannamalai and showed him the Poojarini – Ma Devaki. This is the month of Margasheersha, and the morning dues reflect the glory of Andal. Devaki reminds us of the spirit of Andal, Meera, Karaikkal Ammayar and Mataji Krishnabai.

This Yogi Ramsuratkumar 76th Jayanthi issue of TATTVA DARSANA, flowering on this Margasheersha morning, feels proud in spreading the sweet fragrance of the supreme sacrifice of my spiritual sister, Devaki. May the boundless blessings of my Divine Master Yogi Ramsuratkumar be showered on her who has offered the flower of her life at the feet of my Master. May His blessings and grace be on the Sudhama sisters who stand by Devaki in rendering devoted service to my Master!

Sd/- ॐ (om) Sadhu Rangarajan”

[TATTVA DARSANA, Vol. 10, No. 4, Nov.93 – Jan.94]

Bhagavan made Devaki read the editorial eleven times. Then He asked her, “Devaki, do you know what great work Rangaraja has done for this Beggar?” Devaki nodded her head in approval. Bhagavan continued: “He has done a great service for this Beggar and for the Sudama sisters. Before somebody could write something criticizing this Beggar and Sudama sisters, he has given a strong defence of this Beggar’s action. He has written this article at a very critical time. It is timely.” Bhagavan turned to Sadhu and showered His blessings on the sadhu. Sadhu told Him: “Master, I could not write this editorial for three days after I took up the task. You had asked me to introduce Devaki to the world and I was wondering how to do. Every time I took the pen, words failed me and I couldn’t write for three days. Nivedita was typesetting matters for the issue and every day she was pressing me to write the editorial. On the third day, she threatened that she won’t type it unless I wrote that on that day itself. Then I called out Your name and prayed that You must write it through me. Words flowed spontaneously and even without re-editing the editorial, I gave it for typing.”

Bhagavan told Devaki: “See Devaki, Rangaraja could not write it for three days. Then he has called this Beggar’s name and Father wrote this.” He was repeatedly praising the editorial and everyone was deeply impressed. Then He made Devaki read T.I. Radhakrishnan’s article published in the issue and also Lee’s article and poems in the issue. He again looked into the Editorial and noticed at the bottom of the article, the editor’s note about “A Glorious Decade of TATTVA DARSANA.” He wanted it to be read out by the sadhu.

In the evening, devotees had gathered again in His presence. Devotees from Aruppukkottai, Madurai and many others including a Marwari family were there. Bhagavan asked Devaki to bring ten copies of TATTVA DARSANA and gave one each to important devotees, calling them one by one. Then He asked Devaki to announce the page number of the editorial and made her read it again. He also made her read the other articles of T.I. Radhakrishnan, Lee Lozowick and Lee’s poems. Someone came and told Bhagavan that State Minister, Smt. Indira Kumari, wanted to visit Him. Bhagavan told the messenger: “This Beggar will be with Rangaraja at Oya Madam tomorrow. If she wants, she can come there and see this Beggar.” Sadhu told Bhagavan that we could arrange a separate room for Him where He could meet the minister. Bhagavan simply nodded his head. He later asked the sadhu to permit Sri Shankararajulu, Sri Sukumaran Nair and other friends also to attend the YRYA gathering.

There was a big crowd that had gathered outside. Bhagavan let them in to have His darshan and after they left, He took the sadhu again inside. We spent some time with Jayaraman’s family. Later, we took leave of Him.

On New Year’s Day, January 1, 1994, in the morning, Sadhu went to Oya Madam to make preparations for the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association’s Special Akhanda Ramnam Satsang in the presence of Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Bhagavan arrived in the morning with Sudama sisters. Valliammai Achi’s daughter received Him at the entrance and did pada pooja. Holding Sadhu’s hand, Bhagavan came to the hall and was seated under the banner of YRYA. Almost the whole of the day, Bhagavan was holding the hand of Sadhu, leaning on a pillar while Sudama sisters, Bharati, Vivek and Nivedita were seated by our sides. Devotees started pouring in and the crowd was swelling. Mani was busy making the devotees sit. Breakfast for Yogi and Sudama sisters were arranged in a Marvari house in the neighbourhood. Before leaving for breakfast, Bhagavan asked Sadhu to address the audience and when Sadhu got up, Bhagavan gave a shock to him by touching his feet. Sadhu was taken aback and he reciprocated by falling at the feet of the Master. Sadhu spoke for an hour on Bhagavan and then started chanting Ramnam. By that time Bhagavan returned and all started to sing His name. Vijayalakshmi also arrived. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to take the copies of TATTVA DARSANA issue introducing Devaki and asked him to distribute to whomsoever he wanted among the audience. Sadhu went round the hall and distributed the copies to all the devotees who wanted it. Then Bhagavan asked Vijayalakshmi to stand up and read TATTVA DARSANA editorial. She was overwhelmed by emotion while reading it. Bhagavan then asked Sadhu to read it. Before reading it, Bhagavan wanted Sadhu to give a brief introduction about how and why he wrote it. After Sadhu finished reading, Yogiji asked Devaki to go round and give darshan to all. The chanting of His name went on. Yogi asked Bharati, Vivek and Nivedita to sit near Sadhu and asked Sadhu to speak again. Sadhu had earlier spoken on Bhagavan and now he spoke on the greatness of Ramnam and the Ramnam Movement. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to chant the Ramnam Taraka mantra for some time.

Ramachandra Upadhyaya came and informed Bhagavan that the Minister was not coming there. More and more devotees of Bhagavan from various places outside Tiruvannamalai, especially from Bangalore and Tirukkoilur, also started coming in. The whole congregation chanting Ramnam and Yogi’s name to the accompaniment of musical instruments made the programme get a festive look. Parthiban, Mani and some YRYA workers were busy recording the whole programme on Video and taking photographs. In the afternoon, Bhagavan ordered Vivek and Nivedita, each one of them to speak for a few minutes. “Speak on the work that your father is doing”, He asked them. He also asked Bharati to speak a few words. After they finished, Bhagavan asked Sadhu to speak for the third time. Sadhu spoke on the spreading of the Ramnam Movement inside and outside the country and stressing the need for dedication and discipline of the workers involved in the movement. The day’s programme concluded with singing of Hanuman Chalisa and Anandashram Arati. By then devotees from the Nilgiris also arrived and all of us were seated by the side of Bhagavan for some more time. Bhagavan referred to Sadhu’s speech and asked how Dr. Radhakrishnan happened to be his professor. Sadhu said, after graduation, there was a break of 17 years before Sadhu took up post-graduate studies in Vivekananda College where Radhakrishnan was professor. Radhakrishnan immediately commented that, after the initiation of the sadhu by Bhagavan, the relationship had changed and Sadhu was like a guru to all. Both Bhagavan and Sadhu were feeling tired and they went to take rest while the mothers were all busy with the Rangoli work for next day’s special function.

On Sunday, January 2, Oya Madam was full with devotees ready to start the Special Akhand Ramnam Satsang. Yogiji, Sudama sisters, Sadhu and his family were all seated below the banner of YRYA. Bhagavan was holding Sadhu’s hand all the time while Devaki was fanning Him. Suresh did the pooja to commence the function and also did padapooja of Bhagavan. Then the Akhand Ramnam started and went on throughout the day. A big Akhanda Deepa was kept in the centre of the hall and devotees in batches of 15, 20 or 25, men and women in turn, went round the deepa, chanting Ramnam. S.P. Janardanan, Parthasarathy and Ramamoorthy of the Ashram Trust also came and took Bhagavan’s blessings. Yogiji was holding the hand of Sadhu throughout the day, excepting during lunch and rest. Some dignitaries came to see Him and He made Sadhu give them all copies of TATTVA DARSANA and “Poems of the Broken Heart”. In the afternoon, after lunch, Pankajam Das brought the Swami Sannidhanam of Tiruppanandal Kashi Mutt.

In the afternoon, Bhagavan wanted a group photo with Sadhu, Devaki, Bharati and Nivedita. Many devotees, including Somasundaram of South Africa, clicked their cameras and video cameras and shot the group photo. Somasundaram played harmonium and rendered some bhajan songs. The crowd coming in became uncontrollable and YRYA workers had difficult time in preventing the crowd advancing towards the Master and falling at His feet causing inconvenience to Him. Before the conclusion of the Akhand Ramnam, a group of children did the parikrama of the deepa, chanting Ramnam. The programme ended at 6.00 PM, with Hanuman Chalisa and Anandashram Arati reminding the devotees the atmosphere of Anandashram. Yogi distributed sweets to the children, and Prasad was distributed to all the devotees who started dispersing after taking His blessings. Some still waited there and Devaki went round the hall chanting Bhagavan’s name. Some devotees joined her. Bhagavan enjoyed the scene. Sadhu introduced to Bhagavan the devotees from Bangalore and other places and Soma from South Africa. Bhagavan blessed them all. Yogi went into His room to take a little rest. Rajagopal and devotees from Bangalore took leave. Some people who came very late were also given darshan by Bhagavan. Then He called Sadhu, blessed him, charged Sadhu’s danda and kamandalu and gave Him permission to leave for Chennai. He took Nivedita along with Sudama sisters to collect her clothes which she had left at Sudama and when Nivedita returned, we took leave of Valliammai Achi, vacated Oya Madam, and came to Sundararaman’s house. Next morning, Sadhu proceeded to Chennai with Nivedita, Bharati and Vasu, while Vivek left for Chidambaram.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.36 – Yogi stays in Sudhama

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of the turn of events; how He decided to get Ma Devaki to take care of Him and How Yogiji stayed in Sudhama, accompanied by Sadhu Rangarajan. 

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-10 at 20.56.51

On Sunday, November 7, 1993, Sri Saktivel, Yogiji’s attendant, came with a message of Bhagavan and Lee’s poetic epistles addressed to Him.

On Saturday, November 20, Sadhuji, accompanied by Nivedita and N.S. Mani, proceeded to Tiruvannamalai and reached there at 12.30 PM. Sashi, attendant of Bhagavan, said that Master was in the Ashram site. We checked into Brindavan and then proceeded to Ashram site with Mani and Nivedita. Bhagavan was not there also and we were told that He was in ‘Sudama’. We waited for some minutes and Bhagavan arrived with Sudama sisters. We went with them into the shed where he was giving darshan to devotees. Bhagavan made Sadhu sit by His side on the dais and Nivedita sat by the side of Sadhu. Devaki and other Sudama sisters sat opposite to us.

Bhagavan asked Sadhu: “When did you come?”

Sadhu: “Just half-an-hour before.”

Bhagavan: “When did you come from U.P.?”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, I returned on 3rd.”

Bhagavan: “Third.” Bhagavan turned to Devaki and asked: “What is the date today?”

Devaki: “Today is 20th, Bhagavan.”

Yogi: “Twentieth. So how many days?”

Devaki: “Eighteen days, Bhagavan.”

Sadhuji said in an apologetic tone: “After my return to Madras, I was busy with printing of Lee’s book. Because of Deepavali, rain and bandh, the work was delayed. That’s why I sent a letter through Saktivel and a message through Yogaraj that I will come with Nivedita when she returns from Anandashram.”

Bhagavan: “That’s all right. How far is the printing work?”

Sadhu: “The matter has been handed over to the press. We expect the book to be ready by 26th when Lee arrives.”

Bhagavan: “So, it will be ready by 26th, isn’t it?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. How many copies should I bring and when shall I bring it?”

Bhagavan: “How many copies are you printing?”

Sadhu: “Two thousand copies, Maharaj.”

Bhagavan: “Bring all the two thousand copies. This Beggar would like to distribute it free to all, here.”

Bhagavan then continued: “There is one Lakshmanaswami here. He gives darshan only on one day in the year. That is on 28th. Janardhanan wants this Beggar to be here at that time. Lot of people come at that time to see him.”

Nivedita placed Anandashram Prasad before Him and prostrated. Sadhu told Him about her services to Swami Satchidananda by computer typesetting Mataji’s Gospel of about 110 pages. He also told Bhagavan how Swami Satchidananda appreciated her services, asked her to remain in the Ashram and jovially said that He will send a telegram to Sadhu if He needed her services. Bhagavan jovially said: “Swami Satchidananda allowed her to stay because He needed her services. Last time, he asked her to go away, because he did not need her”. Yogiji laughed. Nivedita conveyed Swamiji’s namaskar to Yogiji. Yogi took a part of the Prasad, gave some pieces of Badusha to Devaki, Rajalakshmi and Vijaya Akka and gave the rest to Nivedita.

Sadhu told Bhagavan about the grand success of tour in U.P., Himachal Pradesh, Punjab-Haryana and Delhi and said that there in every house of Ramnam devotees, His portrait is enshrined, but they want Him to visit the North once for them to have His physical darshan. Yogi laughed and said the success of the tour was Father’s grace. He asked Sadhu about the health of Sri T.S. Sinha. Sadhu told that he was improving and he was all the time remembering Yogi and wanted to come for the Jayanti, but he could not move without help of someone and hence we asked him to come for the Jayanti next year. Sadhu told Bhagavan that the preparations for the Jayanti celebrations were progressing well.

Yogiji took the hands of Sadhu into His and started charging him spiritually. He turned to Devaki and asked her: “Do you know Rangaraja?”

Devaki: “Yes, Bhagavan, You have been always praising him, how dedicated he is in Your work.”

Bhagavan asked the same question to Rajalakshmi and Vijaya Akka, and they also gave the same reply. He then asked them whether they knew Nivedita. They also gave a reply affirming that they know her. Bhagavan then asked Devaki to take out a book and she took it out from her bag. It was “Ramji Paavai” in Tamil by V. Soundararajan of Dharmapuri. Yogi gave to Sadhu and when the latter was skipping through the pages, He said: “He has written about you and Pon. Kamaraj. Do you know him?” Sadhu said, “Yes” and he returned the book to Bhagavan and He handed it over to Devaki. Devaki and other sisters were asked to sing and they started singing songs on Yogiji. All that time, Bhagavan was holding the hand of Sadhu and spiritually charging him. He said: “Rangarajan, this Beggar was born a Beggar, he has lived a Beggar and He will die a Beggar.” He became emotional. He turned to Devaki and said: “Devaki, Rangaraja was initiated by this Beggar. This Beggar is not fit to give initiation to anybody and He never gives, but He gave initiation to Rangaraja, because Rangaraja insisted. Had this Beggar known that Rangaraja was already initiated by Swami Chinmayananda, He would not have given initiation again.” Sadhuji immediately intervened and said: “Maharaj, I was never initiated by Swami Chinmayananda. In my youth, I had the opportunity to serve Him as Secretary of Chinmaya Mission and Vishwa Hindu Parishad and He is my Siksha Guru”. Bhagavan smiled and said: “So, you were with Chinmaya in your youth, isn’t it?” Sadhu replied: “Yes, Maharaj. For about eight years I was active in Chinmaya Mission activities. It was He who took care of me and provided for my post-graduate education and doctoral research. Because of Him, I joined the work of Vivekananda Kendra also.”

Bhagavan again turned to Devaki and told her: “Devaki, Rangaraja is a pucca (proper) sannyasi. This Beggar is a dirty sinner. This Beggar has so many desires, but Rangaraja has no desire. He is a sannyasi.” He looked at the sadhu and charged very vigorously, pressing his finger nails, fingers, wrist and forearm and keeping Sadhu’s palm on His thigh. He then continued: “This Beggar asked Rangaraja after his initiation when he took up Ramnam work, ‘Who will look after the family, Vivek and Nivedita’s education, etc.?’ Rangaraja replied, ‘Bhagavan is there, He will take care of them’”.

The sisters were singing Periasami Thooran’s songs. Yogiji just went for a walk along the boundary of the Ashram compound, came back and again sat by Sadhu’s side, took his hand and started charging. He asked: “Rangaraja, do you find any change after the Ganga incident?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj, after that incident, till this day, You have been all the time before my mind’s eye. Not even a minute You have vanished. Throughout the day, I go on talking about You, and even in the night, when I sleep, You are in my dream vision.”

Bhagavan: “That is all Father’s grace. This Beggar is always with You.” Then He turned to Devaki and asked her: “Do you know the Ganga incident?”

Devaki: “Yes, Bhagavan, I read about it in TATTVA DARSANA.”

Yogiji continued charging Sadhu spiritually and asked him: “Have you visited Sudama?”

Sadhu replied, “Yes”.

Devaki immediately remarked that Sadhu had not come. When Sadhu recalled that once she had asked him to visit Sudama and he was received by the sisters there, she said it was the old Sudama and the sadhu has not visited the new Sudama though Nivedita has stayed there one night.

Then Yogiji told Devaki: “This Beggar would like to spend the night with Rangaraja at Sudama if Rangaraja agrees. Can we stay there?”

Devaki replied: “Yes, Maharaj, I will consider it a great blessing.”

Bhagavan asked Sadhu: “Does Rangaraja have any objection?”

Sadhu replied, “No”.

Bhagavan told Devaki: “Rangaraja is a sannyasi. Therefore this Beggar asked him whether he would stay in Sudama. He has agreed. Therefore this Beggar can stay there with him.”

Bhagavan then turned to Sadhu and told him: “Devaki has been inviting this Beggar to stay there, but this Beggar has not. Because Rangaraja has agreed, this Beggar could stay with Rangaraja there.”

Yogiji continued to press the hands of Sadhu and repeated that he was glad that Rangaraja agreed to stay with Him for a night. He said: “Rangaraja is very busy, but he has agreed to stay for a night.”

Sadhu told Bhagavan: “Maharaj, the devotees of Anandashram want to come and do Akhanda Ramnam in Your presence for a day if You permit.”

Bhagavan: “Oh, they want to come here?” He paused. Mani also conveyed the request and added that devotees from Bangalore also wanted to come.

Bhagavan replied: “If they so desire, they could do so.”

Sadhu: “Can we bring them sometime in December – On December 12?

Bhagavan: “Alright, we will see.”

Bhagavan called S.P. Janardanan and told him: “This Beggar wanted Rangaraja to stay with Him at Sudama for the night and he has agreed. So we will go to Sudama.” When S.P. Janardanan asked Him whether He would go to Sannidhi Street later, Bhagavan replied that we will stay in Sudama.

Sadhu told Bhagavan: “Maharaj, Nivedita and Mani have come with me here.” Mani said, he would return to Madras. Bhagavan said: “Nivedita…We will see…”  He paused a while and then asked: “Could she go with Mani?” Nivedita asked whether she could stay elsewhere and come in the morning. Bhagavan replied: “No, Nivedita could go with Mani. Mani can drop her at home.” Mani agreed and Nivedita also agreed to go. Bhagavan blessed both of them while they took leave of Him. While we were entering into the car, Bhagavan asked Sadhu: “Have you anything to tell Nivedita or Mani?” Sadhu replied: “No, Maharaj.” Sadhu had an intuitive feeling that Bhagavan wanted to discuss with him some important personal matters and that was why He wanted Sadhu to stay with Him for a night.

When we reached Sudama, Sadhu remembered that his clothes were at Udupi Brindavan. With Master’s permission, he sent the driver to fetch it. Then Sadhu sat with Master in the big prayer hall. Master asked Sadhu to go round the hall. Sadhu went round and prostrated to Bhagavan’s photos kept there. Devaki lit the lamp. She arranged for preparing coffee for us. Master asked Devaki to show the sadhu the bathroom, etc. Then Master asked Sadhu to sit by His side and holding Sadhu’s hand, he started talking to him:

“Rangaraja, this Beggar is attached to Devaki and Sudama sisters including Vijayalakshmi IRS. They are very kind and good to this Beggar. This Beggar can’t live without them. They wanted this Beggar to stay here, but all these days, this Beggar didn’t do so.”

Devaki remarked: “Bhagavan, it is after one year that You have come here.”

Bhagavan: “This Beggar wanted to be with Rangaraja here this night and Rangaraja agreed and therefore, this Beggar could stay here with Rangaraja.”

Bhagavan then continued: “Rangaraja, Papa Ramdas initiated this Beggar and after initiation, Papa wanted this Beggar to leave the Ashram. He did not want the Beggar to stay there. He wanted this Beggar to go out and do sadhana. This Beggar initiated Rangarajan. This Beggar also wanted that Rangarajan should go out and do the work of Mataji Krishnabai. He did not expect Rangaraja to be by His side.”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, I am more fortunate than You in that respect. After initiation and leaving Your Master, You never visited Him again, but this sadhu is fortunate in being able to meet You at least once in a month.”

Bhagavan: “But, Rangaraja, this Beggar wants someone to be by His side to take care of Him till the end of His life. He considered some people – Kulottungan and Rajagopal. Rajagopal was prepared to resign his job and be with this Beggar anytime this Beggar wanted. But He didn’t ask him to do so. Devaki also came forward to resign her job and be with this Beggar. At first, this Beggar dissuaded her. He did not permit her to do so. But, she was insisting. Then this Beggar asked Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan to talk to her. Dr. Radhakrishnan talked to her. He told her first that teaching was a noble profession and she should not leave it. She could also serve Master remaining in job like himself. But, when she insisted on giving up her job, he even asked her, ‘What will you do if Yogi Ramsuratkumar throws you out?’ She replied, ‘I will sit in a corner and go on chanting His name throughout life.’ Devaki was so dedicated. So, this beggar permitted her to give up her job. She has been with this Beggar for the last one year, by the side of this Beggar. She did not leave Him even for a day, even when she received message from her sister that her mother was seriously ill. So this Beggar has decided to keep her by His side for the rest of His life. He wants the Sudama sisters all the time.”

Bhagavan paused for a minute and added: “Some people may think that it is attachment. They may say that this Beggar has got attachment. They may say that it is a fall.”

Sadhuji intervened: “No, Maharaj. Nobody can say like that. Devaki is like Your daughter. She has made such a great sacrifice of her life for You and You have taken a right and timely decision. You need someone to take care of You all the time and she is the right person. Only those who can sacrifice their all at Your service can take the best care of You.”

Bhagavan: “Right or wrong, this Beggar has decided. He doesn’t bother what the world thinks or says.

Sadhu: “Maharaj, she is very fortunate to be by Your side all the time. In fact, I envy her. After my initiation five years ago, I have not been able to stay with You even for a day and have been wandering all the time for Ramnam work, visiting Tiruvannamalai once in a month or two. She is so fortunate that she has been with You all the time for one year and is going to be with You forever.”

Bhagavan: “Whether you are by the side of this Beggar or away, this Beggar is always with you, Rangaraja. This Beggar expected that Rangaraja should go out and do this Beggar’s work.”

Bhagavan then told Sadhu: “This Beggar wants Rangaraja to write about Devaki.”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, I will do so and write an editorial in TATTVA DARSANA.”

Yogiji asked Devaki to show the sadhu a photo taken with her. He said: “This Beggar has told that hereafterwards He will take photos only with Devaki.”

Devaki explained the circumstances under which Maharaj took such a decision – How he suggested her to begin the digging of the Ashram well, how Anjaneyulu objected to it, how Master went there and sent them to fetch her, how she was left out while photos of the function were taken and how Master insisted that His photo should be taken only with her. She then told how Bhavadharini Amma ignored Yogi’s request to include Devaki in photos and how S.P. Janardanan, smoking a cigarette, retorted to her that he knew what food was to be given to Yogi when she asked him about food arrangements for Master. Sadhu told Devaki that she should totally ignore them. These were common in the early days, for it will take time for old devotees to digest the decision of Master. Sadhuji pointed out to her that even Mataji Krishnabai faced such things while serving Papa Ramdas in the early days. He asked Devaki to ignore the reaction of the old devotees and take to dedicated service to the Master. Bhagavan then told Sadhu about His intention to introduce Devaki also through the forthcoming publication of Te. Po. Mi.’s poems with the photo on both the sides of the cover. Sadhu assured Bhagavan that he will also publish the photos in TATTVA DARSANA. Yogiji then asked Devaki to write some lines on His behalf introducing her. She wanted at least one line from the Master, so that she can write the rest. Master gave one line: “Devaki is my eternal slave.” Devaki completed the rest: “She is born into this world to be of service to the Master in His work eternally.” She then read out the introduction written by her for the book of Te.Po.Mi.’s poems and Sadhu said that it was perfectly in order and it had come out well.

Yogi took dinner with the sadhu and later holding the hand of Sadhu, He had a nap from 8.30 PM to 10.30 PM. Devaki spread a bed for Sadhu by His side, but Sadhu told her that he would not lie down lest he would disturb Bhagavan by pulling his hand off from Bhagavan’s. After sometime, when Bhagavan slowly relaxed His grip, Sadhu kept a pillow below His hand and lay down by His side. However, in a few minutes, He got up. Sadhu took Him to the bath room and when He returned, He again sat in the hall holding Sadhu’s hand and pressing it. He asked Devaki to read the whole manuscript of Sri Te.Po.Mi’s book including introduction by Him, her preface, preface by Sri N. Mahalingam, Sri C. Subramaniam, Sri Ma.Po. Sivagnanam and Prof. M.S. Udayamoorthy and the poems and concluding article of Sri Te.Po.Mi. in English. It was 2.30 AM by the time she finished reading. Bhagavan then said: “Rangaraja must now have some rest.”

Devaki: “Yes, Bhagavan. The Swami has travelled in the day and has been sitting all the time in the evening and night.”

Sadhu told Yogiji: “We have spent a good time, Maharaj. I am indeed very fortunate to have spent the night with You.”

Bhagavan: “This Beggar is happy that Rangaraja agreed to stay with this Beggar and Devaki also permitted us to stay here.”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, to me this is an unforgettable day in my life.”

Bhagavan: “It is all Father’s grace.”

We all took rest from 2.30 AM to 5.00 AM. We woke up when Master also woke up. Master held the hand of Devaki for some time and then He asked Sadhu to sit by His side and held Sadhu’s hand for some time. Then Sadhu went inside and took bath and came to Yogi again. Sadhu prostrated to Bhagavan, placed a hundred rupee note before Him and said: “Maharaj, today is my father’s shraddha. Every year on this day I make this humble offering to You.” Bhagavan took the note into His hand and asked father’s name, names of brothers and sister. Sadhu recalled the visit of his mother, Janakiammal, elder brother Lakshmikanthan and sister Alamelu to His abode in Sannidhi Street and spending time with Him. Bhagavan then closed His eyes, prayed for father and put the currency into His pocket saying, “Your father has accepted it.” He wanted Sadhu to repeat the name of his father and asked how he was in Cochin. Sadhu replied that he worked as a marine engineer in Cochin Port and after retirement, he settled down in Tiruchirapally. Bhagavan asked what was his native place and Sadhu replied, “Kumbhakonam”.

Bhagavan made a reference to Sri C. Rajagopalachari and Sadhu recalled his contact with Rajaji – how Sadhu used to translate articles on Swatantra Party into Malayalam, how Sri T. Sadasivam of “Kalki” and Rajaji appreciated the work of Sadhu, how he met them in Kalki Gardens and how Rajaji sent a post card to Sadhu blessing him when he wanted to meet Rajaji again. Devaki immediately recalled an article of Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan on Bhagavan in Malayalam journal, “Manorajyam” and suggested that Sadhu could do the translation. Sadhu agreed and in the presence of Bhagavan, he dictated the English version to her and she wrote it down. Sadhu also recalled that he was present with Yogiji at the time of the incident of rain narrated by Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan.

After the translation of the article, we had breakfast and then Devaki asked for a transliteration of the article. When Sadhu started it, Sri Ramdas, former Commissioner of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments arrived there. Yogiji did not want to invite him in and decided to go with him to the Ashram site. With Yogi, Devaki and Sadhu, Yogiji went to the site. Being Sunday, a big crowd had already gathered there. Smt. Andal of Panruti, friends from Avadi and S.D. Sharma were also there. While Master spent some time with Ramdas, Sadhu was busy writing the transliteration even when some devotees prostrated to him. After Ramdas left the place, Bhagavan was restless to return to Sudama. However, He wanted Sadhu to finish the work and once Sadhu completed it, He started with Sadhu and Devaki in S.P. Janardanan’s car and reached Sudama.

Sitting in the hall, Bhagavan continued to hold the hand of Sadhu and said: “This Beggar has detained Rangaraja for long. Rangaraja is very busy and he has to do a lot of work.”

Devaki: “Bhagavan, he could go after taking food.”

Sadhuji waited for the food to be ready. Then he had food with Bhagavan. Bhagavan filled Sadhu’s bag with a lot of Prasad for distribution to devotees in Chennai. Sadhu asked Bhagavan when he should come again. He also told Bhagavan that bringing 2000 copies of Lee’s book at the time of the crowd at Tiruvannamalai for Deepam Festival was difficult. He told Bhagavan: “Moreover, if You start distributing in that crowd, everyone will ask for a free copy. In order to prevent that, we have put a price of Rs. 20.” Yogiji said, “We will collect Rs. 20 for each copy and hand over the money to Rangaraja.” Sadhu said: “It will not be nice Maharaj. If You ask, people may even give 20 lakhs, but the book should go to people who could read and understand. Some may ask for it just for the sake of the picture we are putting on the cover. We are printing the pictures separately and that could be distributed free for all. Lee wanted 1000 copies to be printed, but we have ordered for printing 2000 copies. However, Bhagavan, You may use Your discretion with regard to distribution.” Bhagavan jovially replied: “This Beggar has no discretion.” Devaki said, she will keep the copies with her and tell Him to whom it is to be given. Yogiji agreed. He also agreed to Sadhu’s proposal that he would initially bring 500 copies on 29th. Sadhu also told Him that he would bring Krishna Carcelle also with him.

Bhagavan was about to leave Sadhu. He took Sadhu’s danda and coconut bowl and blessed them. Sadhu told Him that he got back the danda during his visit to Lucknow. When Sadhu was starting, Devaki wanted to take his blessings and Bhagavan gave her permission. While she was prostrating, Sadhu uttered these words of blessing: “You are now the guardian of the greatest possession of the world. Take care of it.” Devaki was moved. Bhagavan put His hand on Sadhu’s shoulder and then clasped his hands. While coming out, Rajalakshmi wanted to take the blessings of the sadhu and Yogiji permitted her to do so. Sadhu told her also to take care of his Master. Yogi, Devaki and Rajalakshmi came out and put Sadhu into the auto. Devaki paid the auto fare to the driver. While leaving Sadhu told Master, “Maharaj, Vivek and Nivedita are busy with examinations. They are completing their courses this year and I will be free from responsibilities.” Bhagavan replied: “Vivek and Nivedita will do well in their examinations.” Sadhu took leave of all and reached Madras in the night.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.35 – Rangaraja is doing this Beggar’s work

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of His immense praise for Lee Lozowick’s poem on Yogiji; Yogiji’s blessings for the Ramnam work; His concern for managing the expenses; and His wish that Sadhu Rangarajan should meet Sri Poonjaji.

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan


20150603160849961_0002.jpgOn Wednesday, August 25, 1993, Sadhuji accompanied by N.S. Mani, Shriram Naik, Rajni Bagve and Diana, proceeded to Tiruvannamalai and reached there in the evening. As Bhagavan had gone to take rest by the time they reached His abode, on Thursday, we reached Bhagavan’s abode by 10.00 AM. There was a big crowd already there. As soon as Master came out, He called Sadhu and his group inside. Devaki, Rosoura and others also followed. We were seated in the verandah. Bhagavan went inside and He brought Lee’s poetic epistles and asked Sadhu to read them. Sadhu read them one by one. Bhagavan remarked: “He writes beautiful poems. They are so simple that they could be understood by all. He must be given a Nobel Prize for his poems. This Beggar did not preserve the early letters, but when you started TATTVA DARSANA, this Beggar started preserving them and handing them over to you.” Sadhu told Bhagavan that the typesetting work of the poems was progressing and Lee himself was sponsoring the book. Bhagavan said: “You write to him on behalf of this Beggar that he should write a brief introduction in prose.” Sadhu said, he would do so. Bhagavan added that we could have used his English translation of his French introduction to a work, but it might involve copy right problem.

Someone came and told about a phone call for Devaki from Balakumaran and she immediately left to attend the call. After attending the call she came back and reported to Bhagavan that Balakumaran wanted to come and see Him. Bhagavan said: “We had a nice meeting on June 1 and 2 and then he came here again. We could meet after three months. Why should he come again now?” Bhagavan then directed Devaki: “You tell him that he can go to Kanimadam and after returning from Kanimadam we will decide about meeting.” Bhagavan also told her that she could phone in the evening. He then jovially told her: “You speak to Balakumaran nicely. Don’t talk to him as this Beggar spoke. This Beggar uses harsh words sometimes. He will get angry. If writers get angry, they will write adversely about this Beggar. Therefore this Beggar doesn’t want to make writers angry.” Then He turned to Sadhu and continued in a jovial mood: “Rangaraja is also writer, but this Beggar is not afraid of Rangaraja. He would write only glorifying this Beggar and he won’t get angry with this Beggar. This Beggar is not afraid of Devaki also”. He laughed aloud. He wanted Devaki to convey His Father’s blessings to Balakumaran, his wives, children, mother and everyone, mentioning them by name.

Bhagavan told Devaki that people were criticizing Him for His weaknesses. He said: “This Beggar has got many weaknesses. Those who are close to this Beggar for a long time come to know about that. They first consider this Beggar as Guru and when they know that this Beggar has got many weaknesses, they lose interest in Him.” He smiled, and then took out a copy of TATTVA DARSANA. He referred to a quotation of Papa Ramdas titled “The Immortal Guru” published in it, saying that Guru is within. By then a big crowd gathered and He put the book down saying, “You can’t read it now” and started blessing the devotees who had crowded. After they moved out, Devaki told Him that those who criticized Him were ignorant. Bhagavan laughed aloud on hearing her remarks. He turned to Sadhu and referring to the Kanidam programme, He told, “Go and speak on behalf of this Beggar.” He again reminded Sadhu to write to Lee about the introduction to his book.

The crowd outside again started to swell. He allowed them inside one by one and blessed them. An old man told Bhagavan that he was going to Kanyakumari. Yogi asked him, “What for?” The old man replied: “I am going to worship You at Kanimadam.” Bhagavan exclaimed: “Oh, you are going to worship this Beggar at Kanimadam!” He then turned to Sadhu and said: “Rangarajan is also going to Kanimadam.” Sadhu asked Bhagavan: “Shall I take Nivedita also with me, Maharaj?” Bhagavan replied: “Yes, you take Nivedita also with you.”

Sadhu told Bhagavan that by His grace and blessings our tour of Kerala and Western Tamil Nadu was a grand success.

Bhagavan: “Father’s grace!”

Sadhu: “We had good programme at Alwaye, Satyamangalam, Erode and Coimbatore. Sri T.L. Viswanatha Iyer took interest in organizing a programme at Ernakulam. He was very busy with the visit of Chief Minister and he came to the meeting when I was speaking. Therefore we could not meet. He just left a word to the people at the venue to inform me about his visit. He felt sorry that he was too busy to make bigger arrangements and felt, he could do so on some other occasion.”

Bhagavan: “Oh, T.L. Viswanatha Iyer took interest in the programme! He had met this Beggar once.”

Sadhu: “There was good response in all the places.”

Bhagavan: “You are doing a great work, Rangaraja. You are doing Papa’s work. My Father’s blessings are always with you!” He raised His hands and went on showering His visual grace for a few minutes and then asked: “From here, where would you go Rangaraja?” Sadhu understood His hint and said: “To Tirukkoilur, Maharaj.”

Bhagavan: “Well, you have to do a work for this Beggar. You inform D.S. Sivaramakrishnan that this Beggar wants him not to move anywhere from Tirukkoilur till the end of September.”

Sadhu: “I will do so, Maharaj”

Some industrialist from Mumbai came with some people. Bhagavan blessed them and saw them off. Shankar, director of film “Gentleman”, came with a letter from Sri Balakumaran. He said, the film was a grand success. Master blessed him. Vinodini, an actress came with an Ex-M.L.A, some police men and other film technicians. Master asked her name and she replied “Lakshmi” while the Ex-M.L.A. introduced her as “Vinodini”. Master asked: “What is this? She says ‘Lakshmi’. What is her real name?” The lady replied: “Maharaj, my real name is Lakshmi and cinema name is Vinodini.” Master smiled and said: “My Father’s blessings to Lakshmi as well as Vinodini”. He sent them off with Prasad. Later, Sri S.D. Sharma and two others including a lady, came from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Sharma wanted to talk to Him, but Yogiji told him: “Aap aaraam se baithiye” (Please sit comfortably). He went on blessing people.

It was nearing 12.30 PM and Bhagavan was about to leave all. Sadhu told Him about the homa on the next day and He blessed for its success. He blessed all those involved in that endeavour. He called on the people who had come with the sadhu one by one and blessed them. Sadhu introduced Sri Shriram Naik, our Maharashtra Convener. Rajni Bagve recalled her earlier visit. When Diana told that she was ‘Samuel Diana Nagwekar’, a Jew, Bhagavan asked her with a smile, “Didn’t you go to Israel?” She replied, “I stay here only.” Then she added, “I want Your blessings.” Bhagavan asked jovially: “To go to Israel?” She said, “No, I want to travel all over the world.” Bhagavan said: “All over the World? Well My Father’s blessings!” When Mani introduced himself, Sadhu told Bhagavan, “He is arranging Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti Celebration, this year, at Radhelal Kalyana Mandapam at T. Nagar, Chennai, Maharaj.” Bhagavan asked: “Is it so? What is the name of the Kalyana Mandapam?” Sadhu repeated the name. Bhagavan blessed for the success of the function. Then Sadhu added: “He is also trying to set up a Ramanama Centre in Madras where Akhanda Ramnam will take place daily”. Bhagavan said: “Is it so? My Father’s blessings!” Sadhu told Bhagavan that he was leaving day after tomorrow to Kanyakumari. Bhagavan blessed him and said: “Go and speak on behalf of this Beggar!” Before Sadhu took leave of Him, Bhagavan reminded him: “Tell Sivaramakrishnan that he should not leave Tirukkoilur till 30th of September. This Beggar wants him to be there. He may need Sivaramakrishnan’s help for some work here.” Sadhu asked: “Shall I ask him to come here any time?” Bhagavan replied: “No, this Beggar will call him when needed.”

Master then took Sadhu’s danda and bowl and blessed them as usual.

On Tuesday, October 5, 1993, along with Dr. C.V. Radhakrishnan, N.S. Mani and three other devotees, this sadhu reached Tiruvannamalai in the afternoon. We came to the abode of Bhagavan. Vivek had already come there directly from Chidambaram. Devaki, Ganeshan, A.V. Ramamoorthy and many other devotees were there. Bhagavan received this sadhu and asked him about the progress of the printing work of Lee’s poems. Sadhu told Him that it is already typeset. He said, when He asked about it to Vivek, he replied that he did not know about the position. Sadhu told Him that the typesetting work was done in three days, last week, by Nivedita, and Vivek was not aware of it. Bhagavan asked when the book would be ready. Sadhu replied that it will be ready immediately after his return from U.P. in November and before Lee’s arrival. Sadhu said, he wanted to get it released on December 1. Ganeshan said, the release could be done even earlier. Sadhu replied that the moment we gave the copy of the book to Bhagavan, it is release for us. Bhagavan was happy that the work had progressed. He looked out and said that there were many in the verandah and no space for the people to sit and therefore we could meet Him tomorrow at Brindavan, or in the Temple, or at Ramanashram. Sadhu told Him that he was staying only in Udupi Brindavan. We took leave of Him.

On Wednesday, October 6, we came to Master’s abode by 9.30 AM. Yogi called us in. We were with Him till 1.30 PM excepting an interruption for half-an-hour when Sri S.P. Janardanan came to meet Him. As usual, there was a big crowd. A Bangalore gentleman was hanging on the door step. Yogi gave Prasad to all and sent them away. Devaki, A.V. Ramamoorthy, Rosoura, Abarupam and our group were made to sit there. He went inside and brought Lee’s poems. We read it. Sadhu read out the letter of Lee, his introduction to poems, letters of Krishna Carcelle and Swami Satchidananda. When this sadhu gave Him a copy of Lee’s introduction, Devaki remarked that it could be Xeroxed and circulated, but Sadhu replied that it is for publication in the book and not for circulation. Bhagavan agreed with Sadhu. Devaki asked about the titles, etc. Yogi remarked: “Rangarajan is doing his best. You don’t give directions. He will do what is needed.” Bhagavan asked Sadhu about Lee’s programme and Sadhu replied that he did not know whether Lee would go to Kanyakumari. Regarding Krishna, Sadhu said he will ask him to reach here by November 20 so that he could be with us for the Jayanti. Devaki mentioned about Michel’s letter suggesting a movement to spread Bhagavan’s name. Sadhu said, we don’t make any distinction between Yogi’s name and Ramnam and we accept chanting of Yogi’s name for the japa counts that we send to Anandashram. When Sadhu said that Anandashram itself accepted the counts of chanting of Yogi’s name, Bhagavan asked: “Is it so?” Sadhu replied: “Swami Satchidananda has given clearance to include that in our Japa counts.” Devaki then asked Bhagavan whether she should inform Michel about it. Yogi said: “Rangarajan is doing the work. Leave it to him. He knows how to do it.”

Yogi took the copy of the book, “Origin of the Word HINDU”, went through it and released it by putting His signature. Sadhu told Him that it was the maiden research publication of YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR INDOLOGICAL RESEARCH CENTRE and it will go to all journals and Universities all over the world. He blessed it. He gave a copy to Devaki. S.P. Janardanan came and Yogiji took him inside for some discussion for half-an-hour and then came out. A.V. Ramamoorthy left with Janardhanam. Bhagavan then took the copy of TATTVA DARSANA. Sadhu told Him about the editorial on Swami Chinmayananda. When he read out the concluding para in Sanskrit verse: Chinmayananda Gurur jayati shikshaagururme, Deekshaaguruscha Bhagavan Yogi Raamasuratkumaarah!—“Victory to my Shikshaguru, Chinmayananda and also to my Deeksha guru, Yogi Ramsuratkumar!”— Bhagavan smiled and said that Sadhu had never told Him that Swami Chinmayananda was his guru. He was happy to hear from Sadhu how Swamiji was his guardian since 1957 and how he organized Swamiji’s Geeta Gnana Yagna and other activities of Chinmaya Mission.

Sadhuji then presented to Him the latest issue of Vivekananda Kendra Patrika, titled “We Are One” and told Him about his article in it. Bhagavan looked into it and asked Devaki to read the last para of the article which was about Papa and Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Devaki read out the portion:

“Papa Ramdas, the great saint of Kanhangad says: ‘Although the great spiritual masters who came to redeem mankind from sin and error have chalked out particular paths for reaching God, it is understood that ultimately all the paths have to reach the same God who is the God of all people in the world’. The illustrious disciple of Papa, Yogi Ramsuratkumar Godchild Tiruvannamalai, lives as an embodiment of this great truth proclaimed by Papa. Living in the garb of a beggar, the saint makes Himself accessible to all – beggars, drunkards, common masses, middle class people and rich and aristocratic businessmen, bureaucrats and politicians in power – as equally as he is accessible to his bovine and canine companions whom also he addresses with respect and regard, seeing the Father and ‘Father alone, nothing else, nobody else’ all around him. A Muslim Moulwi whose only son met with an unnatural death at the prime of age was overstricken with grief and approached Yogi Ramsuratkumar, the saint who always chants “Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram”, the Taraka Mantra initiated by His master, Papa Ramdas. The Yogi made the Moulwi sit by his side on a piece of torn mat on which He usually sits. He put his hands on the shoulder of the Moulwi, patted him gently and consoled him for some time with silent gaze into his eyes. Then slowly the Yogi asked him: ‘Do you go to Mosque now?’ The Moulwi replied, ‘Yes’. ‘Do you do Namaaz regularly?’ ‘Yes’. ‘Then my father will take care of you. Father will give you peace of mind’. Experiencing the touch of the soothing hands of the great Indian mystic for about half-an-hour, the Moulwi declared before departing with tears of joy trickling down his eyes: ‘Hamari Dil Kush Ho Gayi Hai Maharaj’– ‘Master, my heart is now happy and peaceful.”

Bhagavan made her read the para twice. Sadhu then told Bhagavan about the announcement of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti in TATTVA DARSANA. He read it and asked Sadhu: “Do you get funds for all this work that you are doing for this Beggar?” Sadhu replied: “We do not go asking for funds, but friends come forward to bear the various expenses”.

Bhagavan: “But, still you need funds. You are travelling and what will you do for all the expenses?”

Sadhu: “By Your grace, none of my work is stopped for want of money as it comes from unexpected sources.”

Bhagavan: “It is all Father’s grace!”

He then turned to Devaki and told her: “Rangaraja is doing so much for this Beggar, He says he is able to manage. Still, he must be facing a lot of difficulties. In spite of that, he is doing this Beggar’s work.”

Mani told Him about the fixing up of choultry, persons for lunch contribution, etc. Bhagavan said: “My Father’s grace! He will see that the Jayanti is successful. He will see Rangaraja’s tour is successful.” Then He told Sadhu: “You are going to Lucknow. Could you meet Poonjaji?” Sadhu told Him how he came to know of Poonjaji and how he missed an interview with Poonjaji last time. Sadhuji assured that he will meet him this time. Bhagavan said: “Please do meet him and convey this Beggar’s namaskars to him.” Then Bhagavan asked Sadhu whether he had read an article on Poonjaji in the ‘Mountain Path’. Sadhuji replied in the negative. Bhagavan went inside and brought the issue of Mountain Path and made Devaki read that article.

Bhagavan asked Devaki to tell us about the offering of bangles by Mother Rajeswari and how Devaki and Sandhya got more. Then he narrated to us about a Bangle Baba who used to wear bangles and once threatened to break them when someone said there was no rain and people were suffering. As soon as he issued the threat, rains came. Sadhu told Bhagavan about Mohammad Baba who used to collect bar soap as Prasad, and stories of others recorded in William Donkin’s “Wayfarers”. Bhagavan told the story of a Baba who used to eat clay only. He also asked Devaki about Sai Baba’s Gurupooja speech transcription in Telugu from tape. She said, it was progressing with the help of Sandhya. He asked her to do the work in day time. Sadhu suggested that Krishnaprabha, who had done the translation of “Glimpses of A Great Yogi” into Telugu, could do the work, but Devaki said, the work was on and could be completed by them. Yogi asked about a verse, kutilalaka samyuktam, poornachandra nibhaananam, vilasat kundala dharam, krishnam vande jagadgurum. Devaki chanted the first line and Sadhu completed it. Bhagavan asked where it comes and Sadhu replied that it is in Vyasa’s “Krishnaashthakam”. He asked Sadhu how it begins. Sadhu chanted “Vasudeva sutam devam kamsa chaanoor mardhanam, devakee paramanandam krishnam vande jagadgurum”.

Jayaram came to give lunch to Bhagavan. He asked Sadhu when we could meet again. Sadhu replied that we will stay on and meet Him again in the evening. He agreed and we left Him for taking lunch.

Later we came back to Yogiji’s abode. Bhagavan called us in. There was a big crowd and the Bangalore gentleman was there again. When someone brought an envelope with donation for the Ashram, Yogiji remarked, “Oh, this has become a job for this Beggar.” Regarding the crowd thronging there, He said: “Ninety per cent are local people. While going to temple or returning, they peep in.” He made Devaki read Lee’s introduction again and again. Vivek told Bhagavan about Prof. Muthuverappan’s illness. Bhagavan blessed for his early recovery and asked whether he had constructed his house in Chidambaram. Sadhu replied that the construction was over. Sadhu also told Bhagavan about the illness of Sri T.S. Sinha of Prayag. Bhagavan asked whether he was not accompanying the sadhu in U.P. tour. Sadhu replied that he could not because he needs rest. Besides, someone has to carry him and he could not move on his own. Sadhu added that Sri R.K. Lal would however accompany Sadhu in the visit to Dehradun. Yogiji reminded Sadhu once again to meet Poonjaji. Sadhu told Bhagavan about his meeting Narikkutty and said, he was happy about our support to the movement to save Arunachala Hill. We told Bhagavan that our petition in this regard has already reached the Rashtrapati and showed him our appeal in this regard published in the current issue of TATTVA DARSANA.

It was time to disperse. In the morning, Bhagavan had asked Devaki to give all sugarcandy packets to Sadhu and in the evening, He Himself distributed Prasad to all of us. He took Sadhu’s danda and bowl and blessed them and asked: “This danda is from the Nilgiris, isn’t so?” Sadhu said: “Yes, I will collect my earlier danda from Lucknow when I go there.” When Sadhu told Him that Nivedita was preparing for her examinations, He asked: “Has she not completed?” Sadhu replied that this was her final year. He blessed her for success in the examination. We took leave of Him.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.34 – Caylor Wadlington and Sadhu meet in His presence

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of the meeting of the two biographers of Yogiji in His divine presence. 

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan


Truman Caylor Wadlington

On the auspicious occasion of Shravana Poornima, on Monday, August 2, Sadhuji, accompanied by Vivek, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Suresh and two other devotees, he left for Tiruvannamalai in the noon and reached Master’s abode. There was a big crowd in front of His abode. Sashi informed Bhagavan about the arrival of Sadhuji and his group and Bhagavan called us in. From 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM, He was busy distributing Prasad and blessing the devotees who had gathered there. Devaki was sitting inside and Prabha also came there. Parimelazhagan was regulating the crowd outside. Yogi’s devotees Radha and Giridhar came with floral crown and after presenting it to Him, did Angapradhakshinam. Bhagavan sent them away quickly. After sending away the crowd, Bhagavan made Sadhu sit by His side and others in his group were seated in front of Him. He looked into the bundle of TATTVA DARSANA issues that Sadhu had placed before Him for release. He asked Vivek about his studies. Vivek replied that his first semester was over. He asked about Bharati and Nivedita and enquired Dr. Radhakrishnan about his health. He wanted Sadhu to introduce others and then He asked Sadhu: “Your fast is to start tomorrow, isn’t it?”

Sadhu replied: ‘Yes, Master.”

Bhagavan: “And you will end it on Vijayadashami Day, isn’t it?”

Sadhu: “Master, this year there is a big gap of three months between Shravan Poornima and Vijayadashami. Sravan has come in the beginning of this month and Vijayadashami comes at the end of October. Therefore there is a long gap and I have to go on tour in October beginning. Therefore I am in a fix as to whether I should continue for 90 days or finish it off on September 18—Vinayaka Chaturthi—when 48 days will be over.”

Bhagavan: “Better finish it early. Observing fast during tour will be strenuous. So complete it before you leave on tour.”

Sadhu: “Krishna Carcelle of France wants to accompany me in the tour this year to U.P., Delhi, Hardwar, etc. Sri R.K. Lal also intends to come with me.”

Sadhu took out a letter from Krishna and placed it before Master and said: “Krishna has written a long letter about the progress that he is making in Ramnam work and he has also sent the French translation of GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI.” Sadhu placed the French book also before Bhagavan. He took it and looked into it. He saw Swami Chidananda’s introduction and asked Vivek to read it. Vivek said, he did not know French. Sadhu asked Vivek to read the English original from the text. Master asked Vivek to read it again and referring to remarks of Swami Chidananda about Bhagavan as ‘hidden mystic’ and ‘luminary’, He said: “Oh, Chidananda says so about this dirty Beggar” and laughed. Vivek also read out Krishna’s letter and one from Poojya Swami Satchidananda appreciating the Ramnam work. Bhagavan said: “Satchidananda is very happy about the Ramnam work of Rangaraja”. Sadhu pointed out that the Japa chanting count of Ananda Ashram last month went up to 31 crores.” Bhagavan nodded His head saying “Yes, Yes”. He then continued: “So, Krishna wants to come with you for U.P. tour.”

Sadhu: “Yes, Master, but then he must have to stay on here for about three months from October to December, for he has to attend the Yogi Jayanti on December 1. So, I don’t know whether to ask him to come early or come for Yogi Jayanti only if he cannot stay for long.”

Bhagavan: “Krishna might like to see places with you. You can ask him to come early and stay on for Jayanti after your tour.”

Sadhu: “Yes, Master, I will write so.”

Sadhuji told Bhagavan about the Chandi Paath: “Now we are doing Chandi Paath for the welfare of Bharat. It will end with Homa on 27th. We will have poojas also from 17th. Suresh will do the poojas, homa and special paath.”

Bhagavan: “How many are doing the Chandi Paath?”

Sadhu: “Ten people, Maharaj.”

Bhagavan: “Are they doing it in their houses?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. They do individually and then give us the number of avartis they do. In Annanagar, a group of ladies do it in congregation.”

Bhagavan: “My Father’s blessings to all!”

Sadhuji informed Bhagavan about a phone call from Sri T.S. Sinha, U.P. Convener of Ramnam Movement, informing that, by the grace of Yogiji, his health was improving. He was able to walk slowly and with some aid and he wanted to come to Chennai for Yogi Jayanti. Bhagavan said, “My Father’s blessings to Tribhuvan Shankar Sinha!”

A crowd of devotees had again gathered outside His abode. Radha and Giridhar were also there. Bhagavan went near them, blessed them asked them to move away. Giridhar asked, “Shall I move away from the body?” Bhagavan was irritated and He returned to His seat and asked Sadhu to go and deal with the crowd. Sadhu came out and pleaded with the people to leave as Bhagavan was busy with important work. Many of them left and Sadhu returned to the presence of Bhagavan. Bhagavan said: “When this Beggar begs of them, they don’t go.”

Sadhu: “Giridhar was also there, Master.”

Bhagavan: “Yes, these people are here for the last three days.”

Sadhu: “Master, last Sunday I received a call from Radha in Hyderabad. She was weeping and wailing and was complaining that she was not getting Your Grace.”

Bhagavan: “How did she get your telephone number?”

Sadhu: “She and Giridhar were in our contact in Madras and used to come to our place often. Once they came with Balakumaran also. So they have our phone number. Besides, our phone number is in TATTVA DARSANA also.”

Bhagavan: “So they have been in your contact. They came here with Balakumaran also, but they quarreled with him. They have gone into debts in Madras and then they moved to Ongole and joined some factory. There also they couldn’t get on and then they moved to Hyderabad. There also they are not happy. What to do?”

Sadhu then told Master about the visit of Valliammai Achi and her problems: “We advised her to stay at Tirukkoilur itself. She wanted us also to be with her and wanted to put a roof for us on the top of her building, but we told her that her sons may not like it.”

Bhagavan: “Yes Rangaraja, you are right. They are torturing her as they have heavy debts. Her late husband had also incurred debts. This Beggar advised her to stay in Tirukkoilur, but she can’t stay there. Her sons come and take her away.”

Sadhu: “We asked her to write to you and she wanted us to get your advice.”

Sadhu told Bhagavan about his visit to Devakkottai and about her big building there.

Bhagavan: “Yes, but she can’t stay there. Her sons are pestering her.”

Sadhu told Bhagavan about TPM Gnanaprakasham’s visit, Bharati giving him money and he losing it.

Bhagavan: “Yes, yes, he is like that.”

Master asked Sadhu whether Pon Kamaraj contacted him. Sadhu said: “He came with Chandrasekhar, Anandaraj and another friend. He told that Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan had arranged for the Kumbhaabhisheka and Maharaj has sent him to me ordering me to attend the function.” Bhagavan smiled and said: “This Beggar never orders. He begs. It is up to you to do.” Sadhu smiled and said: “Maharaj, I have told him that if Maharaj has ordered, I will attend.”

It was nearing 7.30 PM. Master was about to leave us. He gave the sadhu Rs.1.70 in coins and gave all a lot of Prasad. Sadhu placed his bowl before Him and told Him that his danda was held up in the pooja room of Sri R.K. Lal at Lucknow. Master took the coconut shell and asked: “Is this a new one?”

Sadhu: “Not this shell. Maharaj. It is the same old one that You had given me. I left my danda there.”

Master laughed and said: “Oh, you forgot to take it!”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. I will collect it when I go there in October. I have asked the Nilgiri devotees for a new one and I may get one from them for the time being.”

Master blessed the shell and gave it to Sadhu. Sadhu and his group took leave of Bhagavan, telling Him that they would come again at 10.00 AM the next day.

On Tuesday, August 3, 1993, Sadhu and his group reached the abode of Bhagavan. A big crowd was outside and a foreigner was sitting by the side of Yogiji. Devaki was also there. Yogiji received Sadhu and his group and after we were seated, Bhagavan asked Sadhu: “Do you know Truman Caylor Wadlington?” and pointed His finger to the foreigner sitting next to the sadhu. Sadhu was surprised and replied: “Maharaj, I know him through correspondence only. This is the first time I am meeting him. I had sent “Tattva Darsana”, “Glimpses of A Great Yogi”, etc., to him sometime back.” Truman recognized the sadhu. He got up and prostrated to the sadhu. Sadhu said “Ram, Ram”, and directed him to prostrate to Bhagavan. Truman said, “This is the first time I am meeting Sadhu. I am very happy to meet him.” Bhagavan said: “This Beggar is very happy that you have met each other”. Then the Master narrated to Sadhu how Truman was asked to write a book on Him and said: “He said, he was not a writer. Yet, he took the trouble of preparing the book with the help of some members in the Theosophical Society, Adyar, where he was staying, and he himself arranged to print some 2000 copies.” Bhagavan asked Truman: “You stayed in Adyar for 6 months, isn’t it?” Truman replied, “Yes”. Bhagavan continued: “Truman did a great help to this Beggar. At that time, the book was needed and it helped this Beggar.” Then He turned to Truman and said: “Rangaraja’s book came next.” Truman said, “Yes, I received it.” Sadhu told him that probably he must have received the first or second edition and now the third edition has also come out. Sadhu showed him the French translation of the book. Yogiji told him: “Yes, Krishna Carcelle of France has done this French translation. He and Michel Coquet are helping Rangarajan in his Ramnam work.”

Truman and Devaki went through the French copy. Devaki asked whether a colour photo could be included and Sadhu repied, “Yes”. She promised to give us some good photos. Yogi asked Sadhu whether he received the French book of Lee Lozowick with Yogi’s photo and the introduction on Yogi in it. Sadhu replied in the negative. Bhagavan got up, went inside and brought the French book and Xerox copies of the English rendering of Lee’s introduction. He asked Truman whether he knew Lee. Truman replied, “I have read some of his books, but I haven’t met him.” Bhagavan made Sadhu, Truman and Devaki read the introduction. Then He asked Sadhu whether he received Lee’s latest poem through someone. Sadhu told Him that he did not. Devaki told Bhagavan that it was with Him a fortnight ago. Yogi got up again, went inside and brought it. The poem was also read by all the three – Sadhu, Truman and Devaki. Devaki was made to read it twice. Then He gave it to the sadhu. Sadhu told Bhagavan that the printing work was on and we hoped to get the book before Jayanti. He exclaimed, “Is it so!” and continued: “This Beggar did not preserve the early letters, but afterwards He started giving them to you.” Truman wanted Lee’s address and Sadhu gave it to him. Sadhu told Master that the German, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil translations of “Glimpses of A Great Yogi” were getting ready. Bhagavan told Truman that after the publication of his work, Rangaraja’s book in English is the second one. Devaki remarked that Ranganayaki Srinivasan had done the English translation of Pon Kamaraj’s booklet in Tamil. Master referred to some article by a Spanish devotee and told about Rosouras’s experience in Spain. He asked Rosoura, who was sitting by our side, to narrate her experience. She said that a saint in Spain saw Yogi’s photo and got startled. He was taken aback and remarked that the man in the picture was a great saint. He said, a powerful light was emanating from Him. Master laughed aloud. Rosoura asked whether she can call the Spanish saint to Tiruvannamalai. Master said: “Oh, No! Not necessary to meet this Beggar.”

The crowd outside was swelling. Rajkumari came with Senthil. Bhagavan asked Sadhu whether he knew her. Sadhu replied that she had once come to his abode in Madras. She was seated next to Sadhu. Radha and Giridhar came and joined the crowd at the door step. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to take them away and persuade them to leave the place. Sadhu came out and took them to the opposite Mandapa. There was heated argument with Radha. Sadhu told them that if they truly considered Yogi as their father, they should not disobey Him and disturb Him. Radha agreed not to disturb Him, but continued to sit in the Mantap. Sadhu returned to Master and He said, “Thank you, Rangaraja, you took them away. This Beggar disturbed you for that purpose.”

Master asked Sadhu to sit by His side. He pointed to a gentleman sitting in the place where Sadhu was sitting earlier and said he is General Manager of Indian Bank. Sadhu asked him whether he was Sri M. Gopalakrishnan. Bhagavan explained that he was Sri Karunanandan and his wife, Lakshmi, was sitting next to him. Bhagavan said he is the General Manager and Gopalakrishnan was M.D.

Yogi looked outside the gate and asked Sadhu whether Radha and Giridhar had agreed to leave the place. Sadhu said, “Yes”. Bhagavan said: “You please see that they leave this place. You have to see that they don’t disturb this beggar again.” Sadhu assured Him that he would see them off from the place and he went out and persuaded Radha and Giridhar to leave. Radha came to the door step and shouted, “I love Your Father and I will continue to love You”, and then they left the place. When Sadhu went inside again, Bhagavan heaved a sigh of relief and said: “Thank you, Rangaraja. You have at last succeeded in sending them off.” He then continued: “Sometimes some people come and disturb and even if the Beggar begs to them, they won’t leave. Sometimes, even people who are drunk come and shout. This Beggar has to ask someone to make them move away. Radha and Giridhar picked up a quarrel with Balakumar and she used abusive words.” Sadhu told Bhagavan that he read about it in the manuscript of Hargopal Sepuri’s “Further Experiences” which we have declined to publish.

Master was about to leave Wadlington. Sadhu handed over a set of books to Master to be presented to Truman. Master presented the whole lot of books to Wadlington and he thanked us and left. It was nearing 12.30 PM. Master sent away one by one all the devotees and made Sadhu and his group alone to sit there till 1.30 PM. Sadhu told Him about the programmes proposed to be held at Coimbatore, Gobichettipalayam, Erode, Trichur, Alwaye and Ernakulam. Master asked Sadhu to repeat the names of the places and the dates of visit from 10th to 20th August. He then asked: “You have a homa also, isn’t it!”

Sadhu: “Yes, Master. I will return to Madras well in time for homa, but the preliminary poojas will be done by Suresh from 17th itself.” Bhagavan said, “My Father’s blessings!”

Sadhu told Him about Akhanda Ramanama on Sundays and He blessed that programme also. He asked Sadhu what he would take during his fast. Sadhu replied: “Some liquid diet and fruits.” Bhagavan asked: “Kanji?” Sadhu replied: “Yes, Master.”

During the sitting, Bhagavan was throwing the currencies offered to Him by devotees into the hands of the sadhu and it was about Rupees Sixty-five. When he was about to leave us, He asked what was the time. He then again told Sadhu: “You can write to Carcelle to join you in your tour of North. He would like to see places.” Sadhu said that he would do so. He then offered Prasad to all. He asked Vivek to take as much as fruits as Sadhu could take for the day. Vivek took more and He asked whether it was sufficient. Sadhu said, it was more than sufficient. He then took the coconut shell of Sadhu and blessed it. He put all sugarcandy packets into a bag and handed over to us. We took leave of Him.

Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!



Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.33 – Praising Sadhu for the Ramnam work

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of How Yogiji ensured that the activities performed under His name does not go wrong; and How He conveyed His gratitude, with a lot of emotion and praised Sadhu Rangarajan for taking up the Ramnam work and doing it well. 

Yogiji participated in the Upanayanam ceremony of Sri Balakumaran’s son and blessed the family. 

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan


Sadhu with Yogi (6).png

On Saturday, May 8, Nivedita went to Tiruvannamalai in the morning and returned in the evening after darshan of Master.

Sadhuji, accompanied by Prof. Bhavani, Sri N.S. Mani and his brother’s family, left for Tiruvannamalai on Monday, May 10, 1993, in the early morning, and reached there by 8.30 AM. Sashi and Perumal, Bhagavan’s attendants, received us. Perumal said, he had seen the photographs of Tirunelveli programmes brought to the Master by S.G. Padmanabhan. Master called us in by 9.45 AM and the sadhu spent the whole of the forenoon sitting by His side and fanning Him. When Sadhu told Him about the receipt of the French books gifted by Him, He said that Michel himself had suggested gifting them to the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Centre Library. He asked Sadhu how is Bharati and he replied that she was alright. He then asked him whether he knew that Kamala Balakumar was to undergo an operation in her skull. Sadhu said, he heard about her illness. Bhagavan said, He was waiting for further information through Prof. Devaki.

Sadhuji gave an account of his successful tour in the south. He said, it was all Father’s blessings. Referring to Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnan joining Sadhu in the tour, He said, his health was poor and he was also old. Sadhuji said, it was true and he was eighty-four years old. Devaki came in and reported to Bhagavan about Kamala’s operation between 1.00 PM and 3.00 PM and the arrangements made by Balakumar. Devaki told Bhagavan about letter from Michel asking for Hilda’s article and Sadhu told Master that he had already sent it to him. Yogiji then told Devaki: “Rangaraja is doing very hard work to propagate Ramnam. Ramdas did a lot to spread Ramnam. Mataji Krishnabai took it up later. Now Rangarajan is doing hard work to spread it everywhere. My Father’s blessings to Rangaraja.” Sadhu bowed to Him and remarked that it was a precious inheritance that he had received through Bhagavan and it was only because of His grace that the movement was spreading. Bhagavan said: “This Beggar only suggested, but Rangaraja has dedicated his whole life for it. Who can work so dedicatedly to spread Ramnam? Rangaraja is doing hard work.” He turned to Sadhu and added: “This Beggar made the suggestion, but you have plunged into it.” He then asked, “How much time it would take to complete 15,500 crores?” Sadhu replied, “At the present pace, it may be completed in fifty years. We are hopeful to complete at least 5000 crores by the end of this century. The present experience of going from village to village in the Nilgiris has raised our hopes. If we go from village to village all over the country, in the next fifty years the whole yagna would be over. The people in the villages are more responsive than those in the cities. In the city, religion is only a hobby for the rich, but the villagers are more sincere and devout. Even while plucking tea leaves, a farm labourer in the Nilgiris does Ramnam Japa.”

Yogiji interrupted and asked wherefrom Lipton tea came. Mani replied that the company has estates everywhere – Nilgiris, Munnar, etc. Sadhuji remarked that big concerns purchased tea leaves through cooperatives and gave their brand names. Sadhuji then introduced all who had come with him. Prof. Bhavani placed a copy of the “Glimpses of A Great Yogi” at His feet and sought His blessings to do the Hindi Translation. He skipped through the pages of the book, blessed her saying “Father’s blessings”, and handed over the book to her. Mani’s brother Gnanasekharan, his wife Uma, and son Ganesh, were introduced. Bhagavan said, he had seen Mani. Sadhuji recalled that he had come earlier with Sadhu and last time he came with Nivedita. Yogiji remembered his visit. Yogiji asked Sadhu whether he had met Swami Satchidananda at Chennai. Sadhu replied that Swamiji was in Madras when Sadhuji visited Kanhangad and Nivedita had called on Him when He was in Madras. Bhagavan asked, “So, He had made arrangements for your stay and onward journey to Quilon, but He was in Madras when you were there in Kanhangad, isn’t it?” Sadhuji replied “Yes”. Bhagavan said, “Now Swami Satchidananda is able to reply to letters, but He asks someone to read them for Him”. Sadhuji told Master: “Nivedita is leaving for Kanhangad tomorrow for twenty days’ stay there.”

Sadhuji told Bhagavan about the visit of Swami Narikkutty to his abode in Madras and explained to Yogiji about the matter concerning the location of Collector’s office in Tiruvannamalai, the appeal of Ramanashram, the addendum of Narikkutty Swami, and his request to us to support the cause. Sadhuji also told Him about the draft letter that Dr. C.V. Radhakrishnan and members of YRYA had prepared, and added he wanted to consult Bhagavan. Yogiji went through the papers and said, “They can send it.” He then asked where Narikkutty Swami was staying. Sadhu replied that he was in Indian Medical Practitioners Cooperative Society, undergoing naturopathy and siddha treatment. Bhagavan asked whether it was for the injuries suffered by him in the attack on him in the hills. Sadhu said, it was not and he had some problems of Arthritis earlier. Yogiji recalled with a smile how once Narikkutty Swami twisted his finger asking Yogiji to show His Yogic powers. “This was only a Beggar, Yogi only in name”, He said and laughed aloud.

Devotees were coming in line and Bhagavan blessed them saying, “This is the work that My Father has given Me. This Beggar is doing it with grumbling” and laughed. He asked Sadhu about the property in Vishnumangalam. Sadhu replied, “The donor wanted to hand over it to us, but his nephews, though they have no claims over it, have objected to it. I have asked the donor to see that the gift is made only if the whole family agrees and not with dissentions.” Bhagavan said, “You are right, the whole family must agree to it.” Bhagavan then said, “Valliammai Achi is also worried because her sons want to take away her properties and they are pressing for partition. Therefore, she is staying in Tirukkoilur, but even there they come and take her home for pressing her to hand over the property.” Sadhuji said, our Monophoto Filmsetter machine was lying in her premises and nothing could be done about it as it is out of date. He also told Yogiji about the offer of Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnan of his premises at Pasumalai, but it was far away in a remote village. Bhagavan said, “D.S. Sivaramakrishnan used to stay there when P.R. Gopalakrishna Iyer and Lalitananda were there. But afterwards, he started staying in Tirukkoilur only. His wife was there at that time.”

Bhavani Aswinikumar told Bhagavan about her husband’s plan to produce a documentary on Swami Vivekananda and the difficulties. Sadhu apprised Bhagavan about Aswinikumar’s work as Director of Doordarshan and about his father, late Sri T.N. Kumaraswami, a noted Tamil writer, who had translated works of Tagore, Saratchandra and Bankim Chandra from Bengali to Tamil. Bhagavan blessed Bhavani and Ashwinikumar. Mani spoke about his brother’s son who had problems in his work and Bhagavan blessed them. Sadhuji told Yogiji about the desecration of the Arunachala Hill with commercial advertisements and Sadhu’s letter to Sri Lingamaraja, the E.O. of the temple about the matter. He said, he was requesting Sri Ramachandra Upadhyaya, who is a Trustee, to take up the matter with authorities. Yogiji saw the letter of Ramanashram and Sadhu’s letter and said, Bhagavan Ramana had considered Arunachala Hill as part of the temple.

Yogiji asked Devaki how to get information about the operation of Balakumaran’s wife. Sadhu told Him that we could telephone to Nivedita or Bharati and ask them to go to the hospital and know the latest information about the operation. Bhagavan asked Devaki to do so. Sadhuji told Bhagavan about Sashi’s family attending the Akhand Ramnam and the visit of Sashi’s sisters Malathi and Jayanti to Tiruvannamalai. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the reception that he received in Malathi’s house, the Ramnam Satsang held there and the feast they had arranged. He also told Bhagavan that Nivedita, Sri Sankararajulu and Sri S.P. Janardanan had also attended the Satsang. Yogi asked Sadhu whether he met Malathi’s parents and Sadhu replied in the affirmative. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the programme of Smt. Sakuntala Ramakrishnan and Dr. Saktivelu attending it. Sadhuji also told Him about the proposed programmes at Kalahasti and Alwaye and about Chandi Homa. He blessed for the success of the programmes.

Sadhuji told Bhagavan about Vivek getting 96% in internal assessment and about his examinations from tomorrow. “Vivek will do very well in his examinations,” Bhagavan blessed. Yogiji asked Devaki about her programme and told her to send Malathi and Jayanthi to Madurai before leaving for Salem. He first saw them off. Before seeing the sadhu off, He signed two copies of the latest issue of TATTVA DARSANA. Sadhuji placed before Him the Vibhuti packets from Tiruchendur and Kumkum from Madurai. He asked Sadhu whether he had purchased them. Sadhu said, he got the Vibuthi from Tiruchendur Temple and he purchased the Kumkum from Madurai temple. He blessed them and gave them back for distribution to Ramnam devotees. He then collected all the fruits, sugarcandy, etc., and gave a bag full of them. He had also given to Sadhu two five rupee notes given to Him by the devotees. He took the danda and bowl of Sadhu, blessed them and gave to Sadhu, and blessed him. We took leave of Him at 12.00 noon and returned to Madras reaching there by 5.30 PM. After the evening satsang Sadhuji went to Devaki hospital to see Kamala and blessed her for early recovery. He spoke to Balakumaran also. Nivedita made a call to Sri Ramachandra Upadhyaya of Udupi Brindavan and asked him to give a message to Bhagavan about Kamala’s health.

On May 21, Vivek, accompanied by Sri Aswinikumar and his children, went to Tiruvannamalai for darshan of Master and returned on the next day.

On Tuesday, June 1, 1993, Sadhuji accompanied by Smt. Valliammai and Dr. Radhakrishnan, reached Tiruvannamalai in the morning at 9.30 AM. Sashi and Perumal informed us that Bhagavan was in Oya Madam. We went there and Bhagavan received us. Devaki, Pon. Kamaraj, M. Chandrasekharan and many others were present there. Bhagavan showed us the new clothes that He was wearing and said it was given to Him by Balakumaran who had purchased new clothes for his family members. Bhagavan said, “This Beggar is not bothered about clothes. He may were new or wear all dirty clothes in His madness.” He laughed aloud.

He made us all sit in a line and started walking up and down before us, blessing all. Then He sat on a mat and started talking. Bhagavan told Pon. Kamaraj that Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan would visit Kanimadam. After a pause, He continued: “This Beggar is not concerned about anything that is taking place in the name of this Beggar, whether it brings good name or abuse to Him. But there are people who call this Beggar their Guru and are very much concerned about the glory of this Beggar’s name. They will feel very much if anything affects the good name of this Beggar. This Beggar is not worried about abuses or about praises, but Dr. T.I Radhakrishnan is one such person who wants to know what is going on at Kanimadam. He will feel very much if anything affects the reputation of this Beggar.” Yogi then turned to the sadhu and pointing to the sadhu, He continued: “Like Radhakrishnan, Rangarajan is also very particular about keeping this Beggar’s name glorious. He will feel very much if this Beggar’s name is spoilt. Wherever he goes, before starting his speech, he sings this Beggar’s name—‘Aum Yogi Ramsuratkumaraya Namah!’ or something like that. What is it Rangaraja?”

Sadhu sang: “Aum veda rishaya samaarabhya, vedaantaachaarya madhyama, Yogi Ramsuratkumara paryantam vande guru paramparaam!

Then Bhagavan continued: “He considers this Beggar as his Guru, though this Beggar is only a Beggar, not a Guru. But he calls this Beggar his Guru and speaks the glory of this Beggar everywhere. So, people like Rangaraja and those who feel very much about maintaining the glory of this Beggar’s name would not want anything that will affect the Beggar’s name. This Beggar is, however, not worried about good or bad about His name. He is not worried whether praise comes or abuse comes, but Rangaraja and Radhakrishna and people like them want this Beggar’s name should not be affected by anything.”

Master then turned to Sadhu and told him: “You can now start your Ramnam chanting. You will lead and others will follow.” Sadhu started chanting Ramnam Taraka, Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram, in the Anandashram tune, and all others joined. It went on for half an hour. Master also joined us. When it was 2.30 PM, Devaki asked Master whether food could be brought for all. Master turned to Sadhu and asked: “Rangaraja, Devaki asks whether some food could be arranged for all?” Sadhu replied: “Yes Maharaj, if it could be arranged it is better.” Sadhu turned to Dr. C.V. Radhakrishnan, called him and gave Sadhu’s purse to him and requested him to go with Devaki and arrange food for all. Chandrasekhar also joined them. When they left, Master told Sadhu that he had brought the Anandashram atmosphere there by chanting Ramnam. Sadhu told Him: “Nivedita is coming here tomorrow from Anandashram after 20 days’ stay there. She is directly coming here. A devotee of Anandashram is accompanying her from Anandashram. They will come by Mangalore Mail, get down at Katpadi, and reach here by tomorrow noon. Vivek and Bharati are coming tomorrow morning by car from Madras”. Bhagavan exclaimed joyfully, “Oh, Nivedita stayed in Anandashram for 20 days!” Then He asked Sadhu whether there was any letter from Krishna Carcelle. Sadhu replied that he has brought one and he took it out, read it out, and handed it over to Him, saying that the French translation of “Glimpses of A Great Yogi” was ready. He took the letter from Sadhu’s hand and read it Himself again.

Devaki, Radhakrishnan and Chandrasekhar came with food, sweets, etc. About 32 people were there and all were fed. Earlier, when more and more people were coming in, Master wanted the front door to be closed, lest all people coming to Theradi would come there and the purpose of His coming there to be alone would be defeated. Bhagavan enquired about the arrival time of Sri Balakumaran and party for the upanayanam of his son. They all reached by 2.30 PM. Food was arranged for them also. Balakumaran introduced all his friends and relatives who had come with him. Parimelazhagan, Srinivasan and family and many others had also come. They were all seated in a line and Master walked up and down blessing all. After food, Balakumaran, Santa, Gowri, Surya and others sang songs written by Balakumaran on Bhagavan. Pankajam of Tanjore also arrived by 3.00 PM and food was arranged for her also.

Bhagavan turned to Devaki and told her: “J.B. Carcelle has written to Rangaraja that he is coming in November to attend the Jayanti at Madras on December 1.” Sadhu took out his tour programme and read it out. Bhagavan asked for the dates again and asked Sadhu to repeat the names of the places like Banda and Chitrakoot to be visited.

Bhagavan asked: “So from June 7th to 29th – how many days’ tour it is?”

Sadhu replied: “About 22 days.”

Bhagavan: “That is alright. My Father’s blessings! Your tour will be most successful.”

Sadhu: “Vivek is accompanying me.”

Bhagavan: “Oh, Vivek is also coming with you. My Father’s blessings to Vivek!”

Sadhu: “Master, we are arranging to print Your photo with the Mountain background for distribution in U.P., Delhi and other places, and also to send to Carcelle and other devotees abroad.”

Bhagavan: “Which photo?”

Sadhu: “The one with Mountain background which we published on the cover of our Yogi Jayanti issue. It will be printed in card size so that devotees could keep it in puja too. We will print 10,000 copies, Maharaj.”

Bhagavan: “That is alright. My Father’s blessings!”

Because Sadhuji was on fast, Bhagavan asked Devaki to arrange for some milk and it was brought. He gave a mango, an apple and four bananas to the sadhu who took the fruits when Bhagavan took meals.

In the evening, at the time of taking coffee, Sadhu told Bhagavan that Dr. Radhakrishnan had brought a Vilva (Bel) sapling for planting in Tapovanam and we wanted to take it there. The sapling was brought before Him. He took it, blessed it and said: “Go and do it, but before you leave tell Balakumaran.” He then called Balakumaran and told him that we were going to Tirukkoilur and He asked him to arrange coffee for us. Coffee was brought and after taking it, we started to Tirukkoilur with His blessings. As usual, He took Sadhu’s danda and bowl and blessed them. Valliammai Achi wanted to accompany us. Sadhu told Bhagavan that she had come with us from Madras. He blessed her also and sent her with us. Sadhu told Him that Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnan may come tomorrow for the function.

On the next day, in the morning, Sadhu returned to Tiruvannamalai. Sri Sivaramakrishnan had given letters for Bhagavan and Balakumaran. Sadhu reached the presence of Yogiji by 8.00 AM. There was a big crowd there. Bhagavan made Sadhu sit by His side on the mat on which He was sitting. Sadhu gave the letters from Sri Sivaramakrishnan. Yogiji asked Sadhu to give the letter to Balakumaran. We had breakfast and then came and sat on the mat where we were seated earlier. Bhagavan got up now and then and went to see the Upanayanam ceremony while asking Sadhu to sit on the mat. From the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, silk parivattam and garland came, and Yogiji was adorned with that. He soon removed them and put them on the neck of Sadhu. Some brought mango and sugarcandy and they were also handed over to the sadhu.

Smt. Bharati arrived with Vivek, Mani and Raji at 10.30 AM, and Bhagavan blessed them. All the time, Sadhu was fanning Bhagavan. Every now and then He turned to Sadhu and was concentrating on him. He asked Bharati to sit next to Sadhu and asked Sadhu to give the fan to her. She did the fanning for some time. Yogiji, who was holding Sadhu’s hand asked him to extend both the hands and He held them for some time. Then He asked Sadhu to give Him the wristwatch that Sadhu was wearing. Sadhu removed it and tied it on His wrist, and He was intently looking at it for some time. Then He blessed it and returned it to Sadhu who told Him with a smile: “Now, every time I look into it, I will be reminded that Time is Eternal.” Bhagavan laughed aloud. Sadhu told Him that the watch was presented by Swami Sahajananda of South Africa. He then asked Sadhu: “Will you please give me your spectacle?” Sadhu took out his spectacle and gave it to Him. He held it in His hand for a few minutes and then wore it. Devotees started taking photo of Bhagavan wearing the spectacle.

When He returned it to the sadhu, Sadhu recalled his first meeting with Bhagavan: “Maharaj, when You met me for the first time, then also You asked me to remove my spectacle and give it to You.” Bhagavan laughed. He told the devotees present there: “Rangaraja calls this Beggar a Maharaja. He is Rangaraja and he calls this Beggar Maharaja.” Sadhuji remarked: “Maharaj, Rangaraja means the king of the arena, but the Dancer on the arena is greater than the arena.” Only a few minutes earlier, when the Nadaswaram was being played, Sadhu told Him that the song was “Who can know the greatness of the Lord of Thillai?” Master laughed hilariously. He took His coconut bowl and showed it to Sadhu and said: “Rangaraja, this is this Beggar’s bowl.” Sadhuji immediately showed Him the one with him and said: “This is also Yours, Maharaj; You gave it to me.” Sadhu continued: “Wherever I go, I show this to people and tell them that You have given this to me to beg; I am begging on Your behalf and I am begging for Ramnam. I have taken a vow that I will beg for nothing but Ramnam.” Yogiji raised His hands and blessed the sadhu.

Balakumaran brought his son, Surya, who had his yajnopaveetam and they prostrated before Bhagavan. Sadhu asked Balakumar to tell the vadu (brahmachari) to say abhivadanam and he did. When they left, Yogi called them again and asked them to prostrate to the sadhu. Sadhu took Akshatas and sprinkled it on the boy and his parents and blessed them. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to chant Ramnam and he started. Suddenly the thought about Nivedita came in his mind and she also arrived from Kanhangad with Suresh, a devotee from Anandashram. Bhagavan profusely blessed her and he also blessed Suresh. They joined Sadhu in the Ramnam chanting. Bhagavan asked Nivedita to sit close to Sadhu. The chanting went on for half-an-hour. Yogi suddenly called Balakumar and, in a highly emotional tone, He said: “Papa Ramdas initiated this mantra to this Beggar and wanted Him to chant it all the time. But this Beggar did not obey Papa. Instead of chanting Ramnam, this Beggar is smoking cigarette all the time. Rangaraja is chanting it. He is doing Papa’s work by spreading the Ramnam everywhere. This Beggar did not do Papa’s work, but Rangaraja is doing.” He became emotional and burst into tears and was repeatedly telling these words. Sadhuji also grew emotional and with tears in his eyes he told Bhagavan: “Maharaj, it is only because of You that we are doing this work. We are just Your instruments. You initiated me into this Mantra and only because of You today lakhs and lakhs of people are chanting this Mantra.”

Yogiji again turned to Balakumaran and repeated: “Balakumara, Papa gave this work to this Beggar. He wanted this Beggar to chant it all the time. This beggar didn’t do it. Rangaraja does Papa’s work. My Father Papa Ramdas blesses Rangaraja.” He raised His hands again and again saying this and blessed Sadhu. Sadhu burst into tears and Balakumar was silently looking at the Master and His disciple. Yogiji again said: “Balakumar, Rangaraja is doing my Master’s work.” Balakumaran also became emotional and said: “Salutations to Rangaraja!” Yogiji immediately added: “Thousand salutations to Rangaraja! Long live Rangaraja!” Sadhuji got up and prostrated before Him and said: “Maharaj, my only prayer is that You must give me the strength to live up to Your expectations.” Master raised His hands again and said: “My Father blesses you Rangaraja. My Father will give you the strength.” Sadhu touched His feet and took the dust of His feet to his eyes. Bhagavan then asked Sadhu to continue the chanting and all joined in singing in full swing for another half-an-hour. Balakumaran came and called us for food and Sadhu concluded the singing with Jayaghosh to Master, Papa, Mataji and Lord Ramachandra.

After the lunch, all of us reassembled in the presence of Bhagavan. Sadhu was again fanning the Master. Some devotees wanted to take photos and Bhagavan permitted. Sri D.S. Ganeshan and Seetharaman had also arrived. A group photo of all the Ramnam workers of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association with Bhagavan was also taken. Bhagavan quoted Gita. “Yadricchaya labha santushtah” and said whatever happens, happens by His Will. After some time, He wanted to stretch Himself and take rest. The place was cleared and He had a small nap. Nivedita relieved Sadhu from the task of fanning Him. The YRYA workers and Balakumaran were sitting in a corner and discussing about a proposal to set up Sister Nivedita Academy’s office in T. Nagar, Chennai. Sri S.P. Janardanan enquired about Sadhuji’s coming. Devaki was seeking from Sadhu the meaning of all that happened and Sadhu told her that He had answered his own questions in his introspection whether he was His worthy disciple.

Master got up and Sadhu again sat before Him taking charge of the fan from Nivedita. Balakumaran, Santha, Surya and Gowri started singing and Master started shaking His hands in dancing poses while devotees joined the music with clapping of hands. Master was asking, “One more, one more, Balakumar.” Balakumar exhausted all his songs and also sang one of Uthukkuli Venkatasubba Iyer on Guru. Then Bhagavan called Balakumaran by His side and touched his hands and back, raising Balakumaran to an ecstatic height. Balakumaran had a tremendous experience of Bhagavan’s vishwaroopa and he cried aloud.

Bhagavan again asked Sadhu to start Ramnam Chanting and it went on till 9.30 PM, for more than an hour. Balakumaran told Yogi that it was time to disperse. Master turned to Sadhu and told him: “Rangaraja, Balakumar says it is time for us to disperse.” Sadhu concluded the chanting with Jayaghosh. Master blessed all and the devotees started dispersing one by one after taking His blessings. When Sadhu prostrated before Him, He took Sadhu’s danda and bowl and blessed saying: “Your North Indian tour will be a grand success.” He also blessed Vivek and Nivedita. Sadhu told Him that Vivek and Nivedita would stay there for the night and he was going. Bhagavan blessed Bharati saying “Long live Bharati!” thrice. When Sadhu took leave of Balakumaran, he fell prostrate and touched the feet of Sadhu. Sadhu lifted him up. He held the hand of Sadhu who was taking leave of him.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.32 – Blessings for Sadhu’s activities

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of how Sadhu Rangarajan updated Yogiji of his activities; in spite of the strain, how Yogiji continued to receive the devotees and bless them at His abode and how Yogiji tried to help a devotee’s son by arranging for some financial support.  

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan


Sadhu with Yogi (14).png

On March 15, Sadhuji informed Bhagavan about his proposed visit to Tiruvannamalai on March 20, 1993. Sadhuji and Vivek, who joined at Tiruvannamalai, reached Master’s abode by 10.30 AM. Master was busy with Justice Sri Venkataswami. Sri M. Chandrasekhar, Prof. Devaki and Sow Vijayalakshmi, I.R.S., were also there. Master asked Sadhu and Vivek to come at 4.00 PM. Sadhu and Vivek went to Udupi Brindavan and Sri Ramachandra Upadhyaya received them. He told Sadhu about Yogiji listening to the talks in AIR on Saandror Chintanai on all he three days when he took his transistor radio and placed it before Yogiji. In the evening Sadhu and Vivek called on Him and He called us in. After we were seated, He disposed off other devotees who had come there to have His darshan. Someone had offered Rs. 5/- which He gave to Vivekanandan and an Agarbatti packet to Sadhu. He gave a letter from Lee Lozowick to Sadhu. He then asked Sadhu about the passing away of Swami Viswanath Limaye. Sadhuji explained to Bhagavan all that had happened after his last darshan of Bhagavan. Sadhu told Him that Sri Limaye wanted to come again to Bhagavan’s abode with Sadhu, but he had gone to Coimbatore and suddenly passed away. Yogiji asked whether he did not want to be buried at Rameswaram. Sadhuji replied that some of his relatives in Coimbatore performed the cremation there itself. Sadhuji told Bhagavan about the project that Sri Limaye dreamt of, remaining incomplete, and our desire to see it fulfilled. Sadhuji told Bhagavan about the ill-health of Sri T.S. Sinha, Convener of Ramnam Movement in U.P., and his prayer for Bhagavan’s blessings. Master blessed him.

Sadhuji apprised Bhagavan about his proposed tour of the Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Palakkad, Kanhangad, Kollam and Tirunelveli. Sadhu also told Bhagavan that Sri Hariharan of Coimbatore has placed his car at our disposal for our tour of the Nilgiris and that Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnan might join us at Coimbatore. Bhagavan said, Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnan had written to Him that he wanted to be at Tirunelveli till Ramanavami. Sadhu told Bhagavan that Sri D.S. Ganeshan was expected at Madras and he may get details about the tour programme from him. When Sadhu told Him about his visit to Kanhangad, Bhagavan asked what happened to the offer of property in Vishnumangalam. Sadhuji replied that Sri V.V. Balasubramaniam and family visited his abode at Chennai. Sadhu also read out a letter from him. Sadhu told Yogi that after his successful visit to Tiruchirappalli and Madurai, he had gone to Devakkottai and Smt. Valliammai Achi came with him to Madras. She too had difficulties in finding a place for Sadhu. Though the Monophoto Filmsetter received from South Africa was still lying in her premises at Madras, we could not set up the machine and operate it and we might abandon it. Sadhu told Bhagavan that there was greater need to find a bigger place to house the vast collection of books and journals in the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre and sought His blessings to find a suitable place. Bhagavan blessed and said, “My Father will find a suitable place for you!”

Sadhuji read out to Bhagavan letters from Lee Lozowick, Michel, Krishna Carcelle and Swami Satchidananda. When Sadhuji told Him that Lee had also sent US$500 for printing his book, Bhagavan asked whether it would be sufficient and Sadhu replied “Yes”. He also told Yogiji that the book is expected to come out before October. Bhagavan said that Michel had met Him, but asked Sadhu to read out again his letter which he had written before meeting Him. Sadhu read out Michel’s letter in which he had asked the details of Sadhu’s experiences with Yogiji and his initiation by Bhagavan. Bhagavan asked about the proposed book of Michel and the sadhu recalled that last time, Michel had written asking for Bhagavan’s permission and Yogiji had given His permission. Bhagavan said, it was supposed to be a book on many saints. Sadhu read out Krishna Carcelle’s letter and informed Bhagavan that he was coming to attend Bhagavan’s next Jayanti celebrations. Sadhu read out letter from Swami Satchidananda blessing our work. Sadhu told Him that Sri V.V. Balasubramaniam wanted him to request Swami Satchidananda to speak to his relations in Kanhangad regarding the offer of property there, but Sadhu refused to do so. Bhagavan said, Sadhu was right and Swami Satchidananda might also not like to talk to those people about this.

Sadhuji told Bhagavan about the proposed Chandi Homa on Akshaya Triteeya Day and his proposal to go to the North after that in May. Sadhu told Him that TATTVA DRASANA, Ramanavami issue, would be our 9th Annual Number edited by Nivedita and she and Bharati would come to present it before Him in April. Bhagavan asked again the dates of Sadhu’s tour. He also asked about the progress of studies of Vivek and Nivedita and Vivek replied that they were doing well. Lot of visitors came and Bhagavan said, it was His fate. Vijayalakshmi remarked that He was not different from Father and Devaki added that He Himself had said so. Yogiji laughed and said that He was talking something at one time and doing some other thing at another time. “This Beggar tells Vijayalakshmi not to identify with body, but He himself is identifying with it. He tells others not to smoke, but He Himself is smoking”, He said and laughed aloud.

Sadhu told Bhagavan about T.P.M. Gnanaprakasham’s visit and said, he was not happy. Bhagavan said, he also received a letter from him informing that though Sadhu was helping him, he was not happy. Sadhu told Bhagavan that he wanted Sadhu to speak to his brother to fix him up somewhere. Bhagavan said, “Nothing can be done. He won’t stick anywhere.” When Sadhu said, he wanted to settle down in Madras, Bhagavan asked who would pay rent for the house. “He can do anything. He is like that,” Bhagavan remarked.

Dr. M.S. Udayamoorthy came to have darshan of Bhagavan. He told Yogiji that a doctor from Malaysia and his daughter who is a physiotherapist wanted to come and see Him. Bhagavan asked him to bring them the next day. A foreigner also came and sought His permission to meet Him the next day. Before leaving the sadhu, Bhagavan asked once again his tour programme and Sadhu said, he would come in April end. He blessed Sadhu’s tour and gave a lot of Prasad for distribution. He blessed Sadhu’s danda and bowl as usual and gave them to him.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.31 – Salt doll measuring the ocean

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of How Yogiji was concerned about the reprinting of a book by some devotees without getting the due permissions; and How He profusely thanked Sadhu Rangarajan for carrying out a specific task assigned by Him to stop them from proceeding with it.  His humility can be seen where He mentions that He could have prostrated before the other Swami and also when He is shocked to see equal importance being given to Him and Swami Vivekananda. In His usual style of quoting others rather than providing direct instructions, Yogiji quotes Kabir to convey that when one understands that only God exists, they will cease to exist as an individual entity. 

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan



On Tuesday, November 24, 1992, Ch. Vivekanandan and Kumari Nivedita went to the abode of Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar in Tiruvannamalai, and reached there by 11.00 AM. From there they telephoned to Sadhu that Bhagavan wanted Sadhu to come urgently to Tiruvannamalai for some very important matter. As soon as Bhagavan saw Vivek and Nivedita, He started repeatedly telling: “Vivek has come, Nivedita has come, this Beggar’s worries are over.” They could not at first make out what He meant. Then He asked Nivedita wherefrom they were coming. She said, they were coming from Madras, Vivek was on his way to Chidambaram to join M.E. and she will be returning to Madras. Bhagavan asked Nivedita whether she could do a work for Him. She said, certainly she would do whatever He wanted. He said, “Could you go and send your father urgently?” She said, the sadhu had asked her to telephone immediately after meeting the Master and she could therefore call the sadhu and inform him. The Bhagavan told her, “Do it immediately.” Then Nivedita made the urgent call to Sadhu. From her voice, the sadhu discerned there must be something very important and that was why Bhagavan had summoned him urgently. Sadhu asked Nivedita to tell Bhagavan that he was starting immediately and will be reaching there in a few hours. Only that morning Sadhu had received an invitation from Pondicherry about the release of a reprint of “Yogi Ramsuratkumar Godchild Tiruvannamalai” by Truman Caylor Wadlington and therefore he guessed that it must be something connected to that.

As soon as the sadhu reached Tiruvannamalai in the afternoon, he presented himself before Bhagavan. Only Vivek, Nivedita and Bhagavan’s attendant Sashi, were there. Bhagavan took Sadhu inside and made him sit by His side. He took out the invitation from Pondicherry, showed it to Sadhu and asked him to read it. Sadhu told Him that he had already received it. He said, the invitation has disturbed Him very much. He continued: “The book was published in 1979. Afterwards, somebody wanted to reprint it. They wrote to Truman and he was silent. Therefore the idea was dropped. Now these people have arranged for a reprint. This Beggar thinks, they would not have got his permission. This is done by the same group, Rajamanickam, Dr. K. Venkatasubramanian and Ravindrapandian. Sometime ago, they tried to start a Trust and this Beggar sent Devaki to you in that regard. Do you remember?” Sadhuji replied that he remembered that. He also recalled that two years ago, Bhagavan had told Sadhu that the book was written for a specific purpose and no reprint was needed. Bhagavan said, “Yes, but these people are doing it without any permission. It is a crime, isn’t it?”

Sadhuji: “Yes, Maharaj. It is a criminal offence to reproduce a book without authority.”

Bhagavan: “Yes, it is a criminal offence. Now what can be done? In what way you can help this Beggar to stop this. This Beggar was very disturbed and unhappy after seeing the invitation. Vivek and Nivedita came in time and this Beggar asked Nivedita to call you immediately. Now, in what way you can help this Beggar?”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, I can straightaway go to Pondicherry and talk to the people concerned. And, if they are doing it without permission, I shall ask them to stop the release of the book even if the printing is over.”

Bhagavan: “This Beggar is sure, they would not have got the permission. They are doing it without permission. And, if they say they have got it, ask them to show it and tell them that you would verify. If they don’t have the permission, record our strong protest. Tell them that we protest strongly.”

Sadhuji agreed to do so. Bhagavan further instructed that Sadhu should get in writing from them that they won’t print it and ask them to make a public announcement cancelling the publication function. He further asked Sadhu whether the sadhu needed to talk to Justice Raju and Justice Arunachalam about this. Sadhu replied that he himself can talk to Sri Rajamanicka Nadar, Dr. K. Venkatasubramanian and Ravindrapandian. However, Sadhu assured that he will keep others also informed about that.

Master spent an hour with the sadhu discussing about the matter while others were waiting outside. He gave Rs.200 to Sadhu and asked him to keep it for his expenses. He said, He had to disturb the sadhu when he was busy with the Jayanti celebration work. Sadhu told Him that His work was more important than the celebrations and others will take care of the celebration work. Sadhuji explained to Bhagavan about the preparations for the Jayanti and about Vivek’s admission into M.E. course. Bhagavan blessed us all. He then took Sadhu’s danda and coconut shell and blessed them. He took all the fruits and Prasad before Him and handed over a bag full of them to Nivedita. He blessed Vivek and Nivedita again and we took leave of Him.

Bhagavan’s attendant, Sashi, later reported that, in the morning, before Nivedita’s arrival, Yogiji was searching for the sadhu’s address. Bhagavan was instructing Jayaraman to read Sadhu’s address to Him and then asking Jayaraman to contact Sadhu. It was at that time Nivedita and Vivek arrived there. Anyway, it proved the immense faith and confidence that Master had in His disciple, Sadhuji.

After December 1, 1992, Jayanthi celebration, on the next morning, Nivedita, accompanied by Sri Radhakrishna and Gayatri, devotees from Bihar, went to Tiruvannamalai to present a full report to Bhagavan about the celebrations. She also presented to Him a copy of Vivekananda Kendra Patrika. Bhagavan blessed the devotees and sent Prasad to all the participants through Nivedita.

Nivedita, accompanied by another devotee, Subramani, left for Tiruvannamalai on Sunday, December 20, to take His blessings before her visit to Anandashram, Kanhangad, and returned with Bhagavan’s blessings on the next day.

On Wednesday, December 23, 1992, Sadhuji, accompanied by Smt. Bharati, Sri N.S. Mani, and Swami Viswanath Limaye, left for Tiruvannamalai by car and reached there in the afternoon. We went to Master’s abode. Ma Om Bhavatarini and many other devotees were there. Bhagavan called the sadhu in and asked the time. Sadhu replied that it was four o’clock. He asked the sadhu to go to the temple and come at five. We went to temple and then came to His abode at five. He saw off all other devotees and called us in and we were seated. Sadhu placed the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti Special Issue of TATTVA DARSANA and Limayeji’s Ramayana books before Him. Lot of people were coming and Bhagavan complained that He was unable to sit free and discuss with people. He sent away the visitors and then turned to us. Bhagavan asked the sadhu about Sri Limaye and Sadhu introduced him and Mani. Sri Limaye spoke to Bhagavan in Hindi referring to his connection with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh as Prant Pracharak of Uttar Pradesh and his present work after his initiation by Sri Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakothi Peetham. He sought Bhagavan’s blessings and Bhagavan replied: “Father’s blessings.” Yogiji then glanced through the works of Sri Limaye. Then He took up the TATTVA DARSANA issue and glanced through it also. He also saw the photographs of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti Celebrations. Sadhuji showed Him the letter from Sri Michel Coquet (Shiv Shankar). Bhagavan asked Sadhu to read the letter in which Michel had expressed his desire to write a book on Bhagavan in French. Bhagavan told Sadhu: “You can write to him that he can do so.” Sadhu told Bhagavan about a letter from Sri V.V. Narayanaswami requesting him to come to Coimbatore. Sadhu also told Bhagavan about satsang at Shakti’s house and a proposal to hold a Chandi Homa in Madras for solution to Kashmir problem. Bhagavan asked us to take our own decision regarding the Chandi Homa. Sadhu informed Yogiji about Nivedita’s visit to Kanhangad and He asked with whom she has gone. Sadhu replied, “Lalitha.”

Bhagavan took ten copies of TATTVA DARSANA, gave one each to Sashi and Sundararaman and kept the remaining with Him. He put His signature on another eight copies and gave to the sadhu for our archives. Sadhu told Bhagavan that apart from Lee’s poem, his article is also published in the issue. Just then a crowd of devotees reached His door step. Bhagavan felt disturbed and He said, He is not able to sit and talk freely. Sadhuji told Bhagavan that he will take leave and come at 10.00 AM tomorrow. Bhagavan replied: “There is no other go. We will meet tomorrow.” Sadhu told that Vivek and Mahendra were also expected to join us. He said, it was alright.

Next morning, we reached Bhagavan’s abode at 10.00 AM. Bhagavan called us in and this sadhu, Bharati, Vivek, Mani and Limaye were asked to sit. He blessed a devotee Santa Saraswati who had come with her children and sent them away. Master again asked the full name of Sri Limayeji and Sadhu replied, “Sri Viswanath Limaye”. Sri Limayeji gave Bhagavan a copy of the plan of proposed Rama Temple structure at Rameswaram. Bhagavan looked into it keenly and blessed him. He asked Vivek where is Nivedita and he replied that she has gone to Kanhangad. He gave Bharati a bunch of flowers. Sri Limaye prayed again for His blessings and Master replied that He was a Zero and Father was all. He had nothing to give. Sri Limaye told Him that earlier people came there thinking that they had to give Him something, but now they came knowing well that He had something to give them. Bhagavan laughed loudly. He said, in the morning He had shown Jayaraman the Ramayana written by Sri Limayeji and asked him to remind Him about reading it. Then He started telling: “Rangaraja, you tell the Swami that this Beggar died at the feet of Papa Ramdas in 1952, seven days after His initiation. All is Father and Father alone exists. He is everywhere and all are in Him.” Sri Limaye remarked that Father appears in the form of Mahatmas like Bhagavan and Master laughed again. Yogiji said, He didn’t exist and Father alone existed and therefore there is no question of His blessing. Father alone is and it is He who has to bless. Yogiji showed the flowers, fruits and the dust in front of Him and said all were Father. He then sang a verse beginning with “La gudia…” and said it was Kabir’s. Sri Limaye said, it must be Mira’s because the poet has written in female gender. Yogiji said, even men wrote like women devotees and it was Kabir’s. The import of the verse was that a salt doll[1] went to measure the depth of the ocean and became one with it. Bhagavan also told about Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo.

Devotees were pouring in. Bhagavan wanted to have discussion with the sadhu on some confidential matters and He took Sadhu inside. After the discussion, Bhagavan instructed Sadhu to speak on His behalf to some people on the subject discussed. Then we came out and joined others. Mahendra had come and Sadhu introduced him. Bhagavan let him in. At about 11.40 AM, Bhagavan once again took Sadhu alone inside and had some more confidential discussions and then came out again. He wanted to leave us. Sadhu told Him that he and his group were going to Tirukkoilur before returning to Madras. He gave two big packets of sugarcandy to Bharati to give as Prasad to devotees coming to the evening satsangs at Sadhu’s abode and He gave fruits to all others. He commanded Sadhu: “Do this Beggar’s work” and took Sadhu’s danda and bowl and blessed them as usual. He saw us off.

On Monday, January 11, 1993, Sadhuji, accompanied by Sri N.S. Mani, visited Tiruvannamalai and reached Master’s abode by 10.30 AM. He called us in and we placed the Rolling Shield and prizes for the children before Him. Bhagavan looked at them intently. Then He blessed the people who had crowded there and saw them off. After they were all gone, Bhagavan turned to Sadhu and told him: “This Beggar thanks you for doing this Beggar’s work. We received your letter and later a letter from him (Dr. K. Venkatasubramanian). You have done good work.” He got up and went inside and returned with letter from Lee Lozowick and gave it to the sadhu. By then some more people had gathered and He started sending them away one by one. A gentleman from Chittoor had come with a treasury officer and a film producer. The film producer told Bhagavan that he had lost twenty lakhs of rupees because he could not complete the film production. Bhagavan asked him what film he was making and he said the name of the film. Bhagavan coolly told him to spend another twenty lakhs and complete the film production and then sent him away. A couple sent by Balakumaran came and Bhagavan blessed them and sent them away. Swaminathan was sitting by the side of Yogi. Yogi looked at the Rolling Shield for Juniors and observed the ply wood cut outs of Swami Vivekananda and Yogi Ramsuratkumar standing poses fixed on the shield. He said, “You should not have put this Beggar by the side of Swami Vivekananda. Where is Vivekananda – a great internationally known saint  – and where is this Dirty Beggar!” Sadhuji smiled and replied: “This is done so because the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association has instituted the awards and it is intended to inspire the children to know more about Vivekananda and Your Holiness, Master.” Bhagavan said, “Alright, you have done this now, but don’t repeat it. Don’t put this Beggar by the side of Swami Vivekananda. What will Ramakrishna Mission people and others think?”

Bhagavan took the sadhu inside His abode and thanked him again and again for the humble work that Sadhu had done for Him. Sadhu told Him that he was just His instrument. Bhagavan searched and found Sadhu’s letter but He could not locate the letter from Dr. K. Venkatasubramanian. Then Sadhu told Him about a letter from Pondicherry asking for the address of Truman Caylor Wadlington. Bhagavan said, there is no need to give the address to the people. Sadhuji agreed to write a reply accordingly. Then He came out with the sadhu and sat before the Rolling Shields and prizes. Looking at them, He once again appealed, don’t put this Beggar by the side of Swami Vivekananda again. He then jovially said that Swami Mathurananda once told Him that He was Ramakrishna’s avatar. Sadhuji said, he subscribed to the view of the swami and Bhagavan laughed aloud. Bhagavan referred to the visit of Swami Viswanath Limaye and said he had done great tapas and instead of his prostrating to Bhagavan, He should have prostrated to the swami. Bhagavan asked Sadhu about Sri Limaye’s guru. Sadhuji replied that we were all trained in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh under Sri Guruji Golwalkar and later we were with Sri Eknath Ranade in the work of Vivekananda Rock Memorial. Later, Sri Limayeji toured all over India with Sri Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakothi Peetham. Sadhuji added that Sri Limayeji wanted to come with Sadhu again for Bhagavan’s darshan, but he had to go to Bangalore. Bhagavan asked, “He is travelling for the work connected to his Rameswaram project, isn’t it?” Sadhu replied “Yes” and added the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has agreed to make the statue for his project. Bhagavan asked of what material the statue would be and Sadhu replied, “stone”. Yogiji referred to Ganapathi Sthapati who had worked near Rameshwaram for the Vivekananda Statue set up by Swami Chidbhavananda at Kanyakumari and said, the sculptor told his assistant: “To make a good statue of Swami Vivekananda, one must think of him all the time.”

Sadhu told Yogiji about the visit of Nivedita to Anandashram, Kanhangad. He asked about her experiences and Sadhu said, she had a very pleasant stay there and Swami Satchidananda was very happy about her services there. Bhagavan asked, “So, she and Lalitha were together, isn’t?” Sadhu replied “yes” and added that Nivedita would come and report to Him in detail. He took the shields in His hand and blessed them. He asked about Dr. Rajalakshmi and Sadhu told Him that she could not come because of a death in the family. Bhagavan then went through the Vivekananda Jayanti invitation. He asked the names of the judges of the competition and enquired: “Are you giving prizes to all the participants?” Sadhuji said, apart from the first, second and third prizes in each group, consolation prizes would be given to all the participants. He asked, “You will give presents to all the 130 participants?” Sadhu said, “Yes”. He asked: “What would you give to them?” Sadhu replied: “Books and certificates”. He asked, “At what time is tomorrow’s function?” Sadhu answered: “At 6.00 PM”. Bhagavan raised His hands and blessed: “My Father’s blessings! The function will be a grand success.” He gave bags full of fruits, etc., to be given as Prasad. Then He took the danda and bowl of Sadhu and blessed them and blessed the sadhu and Mani. We took leave of Him and returned to Madras.

[1] चली जो पुतली लौन की, थाह सिंधु का लेन | आपहू गली पानी भई, उलटी काहे को बैन ||

A piece of salt entered the ocean to find its depth. It dissolved and turned into salty water, who will return to tell the depth.


God is like an ocean. When seeker wants to find his depth and enters into the region of god, he himself merges into god. Thus duality, which is necessary to give report, does not exist.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.30 – Happiness or unhappiness – Doesn’t matter at all

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of His appreciation of the humongous work performed by Stalwarts like Sri Eknath Ranade of Vivekananda Kendra; His delight on the progress of the Ramnam movement of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association; His diligent enquiries about running the organisation without getting into financial crunches; His advice on spending within one’s means; and His emphatic message that ultimately the work only matters and the emotional feelings of happiness or unhappiness is not to be given any importance.   

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan



On Thursday, October 29, 1992, Sri Parimelazhagan, an office-bearer of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association and ardent devotee of Bhagavan, returned after a visit to Bhagavan’s abode and reported about his experiences. He said, Sri Balakumar had also come to Bhagavan’s abode and in their presence, a young man was told by Bhagavan, “Sadhu Rangarajan is my only disciple.” The young man asked Bhagavan whether he should accept Him or Sadhu as his guru and Bhagavan just burst into a loud laughter.

On Friday, November 6, Bhagavan had sent a message to Sadhu through Sri D.S. Ganeshan blessing his work.

On Wednesday, November 11, 1992, Sadhuji accompanied by Dr. Rajalakshmi, Sri N.S. Mani, Raji, Shireen and Vivek, left by car to Tiruvannamalai. While on the way, Sadhu realized that a bag which was to be carried to Bhagavan, was left behind and he telephoned to home. Nivedita told that Bharati had already left with the bag by bus and will be joining us at Tiruvannamalai. When we reached the abode of Bhagavan, He received us and asked how many had come. Sadhu replied, “Six” and added that Bharati was coming by bus and would be joining us. Bhagavan asked us all to come at 4.00 PM. We returned to Master’s abode in time to meet Him. Bharati had also reached there. Prof. Devaki was also there. As usual, there was also a crowd. Bhagavan asked Sadhu and his group to come in. He made Sadhu sit by His side and asked Bharati also to sit next to him. Others were also seated in front of Him. Sadhu placed the honey bottle given for Him by Sri K.N. Venkatraman and Neela Lochini, and sugarcandy packets and fruits before Him.

Bhagavan asked: “Rangaraja, you are coming for the first time after your long tour of U.P. and North, is it so?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. Immediately after my return, I was preoccupied with the preparations for Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti.”

Bhagavan: “Yes, Dr. Radhakrishnan told this Beggar, and he said you will be coming on Wednesday. How was your tour?”

Sadhu: ‘By Maharaj’s grace, it was a grand success.”

Bhagavan: “Father’s grace!”

Sadhu: “We had a very warm reception everywhere – Prayag, Ayodhya, Kashi, Chitrakoot, Banda, Attra, Jaunpur, Meerut, Bareily, Lucknow, etc. We had given lectures on Your Holiness and Ramnam in Chitrakoot University, D.A.V. College at Banda, Attra P.G. College, etc. There is spontaneous response now and Ramnam is pouring in.”

Bhagavan: “Is it? Everything is Father’s grace!”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, The Ramnam chanting figures are swelling. The monthly average is now over 20 crores.”

Bhagavan exclaimed, “Is it so!” He got up and went inside and then came out with a copy of “The Vision” from Anandashram, and two letters. He gave the magazine to Sadhu and asked him to read the Nama Japa Yagna figures printed in the last page. Sadhu read it out and said, “Here they have written it is 21 crores last month.” Bhagavan asked, “Is it so?” and said again “All is Father’s grace!”

Bhagavan asked Sadhu to read the two letters. One was from Prof. M.S. Udayamoorthy and the other one from Lee Lozowick – his usual poetic epistle. Bhagavan gave that letter to Sadhu and asked him to keep it for publication in TATTVA DARSANA. Sadhu handed over to Bhagavan the copy of the Seventh Volume of “In Woods of God-realization” and said, “Sri R.K. Lal, President of Swami Rama Tirtha Pratishthan, has presented this volume for You. This, You had said, You had not seen”.

Bhagavan said, “Yes” and He took the book into His hands. He skipped through the pages and intently looked at the photo of Swami Rama Tirtha. He then gave the book to Bharati and told: “Bharati, will you open any page from this?” Bharati opened a page from the middle of the book. Bhagavan then asked Sadhu: “Rangaraja, you read any portion from this page, any portion you like.” Sadhu received it and started reading page 202, second half. It was about “Conversation when it is best” and “Men-making poetry” After he finished reading, Bhagavan gave the book to Devaki and asked her to read it.

Sadhuji reported to Bhagavan about the Rama Tirtha Jayanti Celebrations at Lucknow and his meeting Tat Baba of Brindaban who enquired about Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Bhagavan asked how the Baba knew about Him. Sadhuji replied: “Through ‘Glimpses of A Great Yogi’ and TATTVA DARSANA.” Bhagavan said, “Oh! He had read your books.” Master asked the sadhu to give the Baba’s full name and Sadhu replied: “His name is Sri Ananda Dev Maharaj. He always wears a tat – a piece of rough jute cloth around his waist – and therefore he is known as Tatwala Baba. He is from Brindaban.”

Auditor Sri Ganeshan of Pondicherry came for Bhagavan’s darshan. Bhagavan referred to the line in Swami Rama Tirtha’s book, “You shall not read newspaper”, which we read in the page. He asked us to read it again and then jovially remarked, “Chartered Accountant Ganeshan is doing that. He doesn’t read newspapers. He chants all the time ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna’. Now he has made his brother also do so.”

Sadhuji recalled: “Maharaj, he addressed our programme at Pondicherry for Ramnam Prachaar. We visited his house also.”

Bhagavan exclaimed, “Is it so!” and asked, “You visited his house in Pondicherry?” Sadhu replied, “Yes”.

There was a big crowd of devotees gathering outside. “This is this Beggar’s destiny!” – Bhagavan murmured and let them in one by one, blessed them and saw them off. Sujatha’s father came and placed a list of problems before Him. Bhagavan heard patiently and blessed for the solution of the problems. He asked Vivek, Raji and Mani to come closer. Devaki and her group were singing Bhagavan’s name. A group from Argentina came. Bhagavan asked them to come on the next day.

During the two hours sitting, Bhagavan made the sadhu fan Him. Before leaving us He called one by one all those who had come with the sadhu and blessed them with Prasad. Sadhu told Him about the physical ailment of Shireen and He blessed her for early recovery. Introducing Mani, the sadhu told Bhagavan that he has been writing to Bhagavan every day. Bhagavan asked him his name. Mani replied: “Mani. My full name is N.S. Subramanian.” Bhagavan told him: “I receive those cards, but I am tired of them. Don’t send any more.”

Sadhu placed a hundred rupee note at His feet and said, “Maharaj, my father’s shraddha comes on November 17.” Bhagavan remarked, “Yes, every year you make this offering. Alright.” He accepted the offering and then asked, “What is your father’s name?” Sadhu replied: “Venugopalan”. Master raised His hand and blessed Sadhu saying, “Your father has accepted this.” Sadhu told Bhagavan that Nivedita was writing her examinations and she will come on 14th. He also told Bhagavan that others who had come with him were returning to Chennai and he would stay on for a day more and come tomorrow. “Yes, come tomorrow morning”, Bhagavan said. He took Sadhu’s danda and bowl and blessed them as usual. We took leave of Him.

On Thursday, November 12, Sadhu came to Bhagavan’s abode at 10.00 AM. Rosoura, Om Prakash Yogini and Murugeshan from Kumarakoil, and Devaki & her friends joined us and we were seated in His presence. Bhagavan gave leave to Jayaraman who was attending on Him and gave the fan to the sadhu to do the fanning. He was intently looking at the sadhu for some time and then started His conversation.

Bhagavan: “Rangaraja, are you happy?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. By Your grace I am very happy.”

Bhagavan: “Father’s grace!” He blessed the sadhu and looked again intently. He then asked again: “You don’t get worries and problems?”

Sadhu: “By Your grace, I rarely get problems and even if there is any, at that moment I remember You and it is solved.”

Bhagavan: “Oh, It is my Father’s grace! You don’t find any difficulty in running your Sister Nivedita Academy and TATTVA DARSANA?”

Sadhu: “No, Master. By Your grace, things move smoothly though we do not have any reserves. For everything, we get by Your grace, resources as and when the need arises.”

Bhagavan: “It is all Father’s grace.”

Then He pointed to Om Prakash Yogini and said, “These people get lot of problems. Last year they had heavy debts. Some people were creating problems in their Ashram.” Bhagavan turned to Om Prakash Yogini and asked whether the problems still persisted. She replied that, now after telling Him and getting His blessings, the problems have been solved. Bhagavan asked, “This year they have been able to collect 12,000 rupees, is it not?” Om Prakash nodded her head. Bhagavan continued: “All your expenses must be within that and no question of raising loans for feast, etc.” He asked her: “Somebody has come near your Ashram, you said, and earlier it was in a remote area, isolated, is it not?”

Om Prakash: “Now children and ladies of Kumarakoil come regularly. The neighbouring Ashram is set for feeding Sadhus.”

Bhagavan: “You don’t have problem because of that?”

Om Prakash: “No, Master, That place is also looked after by Murugesh”.

Devaki remarked that it was set up by Om Prakash’s relatives, but Yogini immediately intervened: “Yogi Ramsuratkumar relatives.”

Bhagavan took a gooseberry bottle and asked Sadhu: “Will you use it?” Sadhu replied in the affirmative and He gave the bottle to Sadhu. He then asked the sadhu: “You had no difficulties in your tour?”

Sadhu: “No, Master. By Your grace everything went off well. We received spontaneous response, especially in places like Chitrakoot University, etc. They want us to come again next year.”

Bhagavan: “Who is running the University?”

Sadhu: “Deendayal Research Institute, Delhi. Now it is a growing complex like Annamalai Nagar. They have all faculties like Engineering, Medicine, Ayurveda & Yoga, Arts Sciences, etc. Sri Nanaji Deshmukh is the Chancellor.”

Bhagavan: “It comes in Madhya Pradesh, isn’t it?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. It is one or two kilometers away from U.P. border.”

Bhagavan: “Yes, Chitrakoot comes in M.P.”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, the Head of the Department of Yoga, Prof. Ramkumar, said that he would write to you about our visit.”

Bhagavan: “Is the M.P. Government financing the University?”

Sadhu: “May be, they receive grants from the Government.”

Bhagavan: “Sri Ganeshan had accompanied you in your tour. Was he of help to you?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. He was of help, but the only difficulty he had was the language problem. He could not communicate fluently in Hindi.” Sadhu added: “In Chitrakoot University also, I was asked to speak in Hindi.”

Bhagavan: “You did not have any difficulty in speaking in Hindi?”

Sadhu: “No, Master. I just thought of You and started speaking. Words just flowed out.”

Bhagavan: “Is it so? Father’s grace!”

Sadhu: “In D.A.V. College, Banda, and Attra P.G. College also I spoke in Hindi and only about Your Holiness and Ramnam.”

Bhagavan: “Did they appreciate the talk on this Beggar? How did they like it?”

Sadhu: “There was great enthusiasm, Maharaj, to know about Your Holiness and Ramnam Movement. We distributed Your photos and Ramnam leaflets. Hundreds of devotees have come forward to do Ramnam.”

Bhagavan: “But, D.A.V. College is Arya Samaj’s, isn’t it?

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj, but they also take to Ramnam chanting. They have a Yoga Centre and there also I spoke.”

Bhagavan: “They do Yogasanas, etc., isn’t it?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj.”

Bhagavan: “How did you connect Ramnam with it?”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, I started with Patanjali Yoga Sutras and ended my talk with Japa Yoga, which is most easy and efficient and spoke of You and Ramnam.”

Bhagavan: “So, they received it well?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj.”

Bhagavan: “Father’s Grace!”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, next year we may have programme in the Lucknow University also. A Professor of Tamil has invited us.”

Bhagavan: “Is it so?”

Sadhuji told Bhagavan about the meeting of devotees of Poonjaji Maharaj and their inviting the sadhu to meet their master. “They said, our Master knows your Master and therefore please come and meet him. I told them, I will come and meet him later,” Sadhuji added.

Bhagavan: “Poonjaji was here when Ramana Maharishi was here. Some people who come to see this Beggar say that they see Poonjaji at Lucknow. There are many foreign followers to him. He may be a Master. This Beggar doesn’t know, but this Beggar is no Master. He is just a Beggar.” Bhagavan laughed and added: “Once Ramana Maharishi told that He is not Master, He has no disciples. No guru, no disciple. Then people around Him asked Him: ‘Then do you want all of us to go away.’ Ramana replied: ‘No, no. You all sit here’”.

Bhagavan laughed loudly. Sadhu remarked: “Maharaj, Vivekananda also spoke like that to Nivedita: ‘If I have made thee, get perished; if Mother has made thee, live to do Her work.’

Bhagavan made Sadhu repeat this and looking at Sadhu He repeated those words and laughed aloud.

Sadhu told Bhagavan about the visit of Narikkutty Swami to Triplicane and his plan to fly back to Australia. When I told Bhagavan about the attack on the Swami by anti-social elements, Bhagavan was surprised and asked Sadhu the details. Sadhuji conveyed to Him the first hand information given by the Swami himself. Bhagavan said, “Somebody told this Beggar that Narikkutty Swami was not well, but He did not know about the attack.” Devaki said, she had told about the incident, but not the name of the Swami. Bhagavan said, such things happen in giripradakshina and narrated an incident. Sadhu told Bhagavan that Dr. Radhakrishnan and others do giripradakshina in the night. He said, if they go in a group nothing will happen.

Sadhuji told Him that Sister Nivedita Jayanti was celebrated in Madras under the auspices of Rashtra Sevika Samity and Kumari Nivedita addressed the gathering of ladies. We had also brought out a life sketch of Sister Nivedita. Sadhu searched for a copy of it in his bag, but could not find it. Bhagavan said, “It’s alright.”

Sadhu told Master about his giripradakshina, meeting Dandapani and Chakrapani in their tea stall and their hospitality to the sadhu. He also told him about his presenting Bhagavan’s photos to them. Bhagavan said, sometimes they come to Him to collect photos. He recalled His visits to their shop and was happy to know that they received the sadhu.

Bhagavan pointed to Om Prakash Yogini and asked Sadhu: “Have you gone to Kumarakoil?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. Twice I have gone to Kumarakoil. This time also she has invited. We wanted to club it with Madurai programme which Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnan is trying to organize. However, he has written that it could be held in December and we have a tight programme at Madras in preparing for the Jayanti. Therefore, we have invited her to come to Madras on her way back so that she can collect boxes of Ramnam likhit japa which they want for their Ashram.”

Bhagavan: “What will they do with these Ramnam Likhit Japa?”

Om Prakash Yogini: “We will preserve it in a Ramnam foundation room which we have set up in our shrine, Maharaj.”

Sadhu: “We have problems in preserving this Ramnam in our place, Maharaj. Our place is very small and one room is full with Ramnam boxes. We asked Swami Satchidananda and he has permitted us to give the likhit japa to Om Prakash or to Jamshedpur, and he wants only the account. However, it is difficult to send it to Jamshedpur, for we have to wait till it becomes a lorry load. That is why we asked her to come and collect it.”

Bhagavan: “Murugesh can collect it.”

Bhagavan then asked Sadhu: “Your place is too small, isn’t it?”

Prof. Devaki intervened: “It is smaller than our old ‘Sudama’, Bhagavan. And his room is full of books.”

Sadhu added: “Yes, Maharaj. We have a big library with more than 5000 books including rare volumes and many journals and press clippings needed for research work. And we are able to give only a mat and a small desk to research workers to sit and do their work”.

Bhagavan: “Is it so, your place is so small?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. Until we get by Your grace a bigger space, we have to manage with this.”

Bhagavan: “Father will see that you get a bigger space.”

Devaki: “Some lady was to give him some land, Bhagavan”.

Sadhu: “Yes, Dr. Rajalakshmi offered, but now it seems, her land has been sold out to someone without her knowledge.”

Bhagavan: “Oh, It is sold out without her knowledge! How could it happen?”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, it may be that the land is purchased in someone’s name and he may have disposed it off. It seems, some ten people had jointly invested money and purchased the land. Venkatramani was supposed to have the document. Rajalakshmi said, she will enquire from him and confirm whether it is already sold without their knowledge. She herself is not sure about the sale. She said, she received such information and she has to confirm whether it is true.”

Bhagavan: “I see. Some Nattukkottai Chettiar lady also offered to give you some place, isn’t it?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. She is Valliammai Achi. She offered to construct an Ashram in the land offered by Rajalakshmi, but now the land itself is in problem and Valliammai also is in Devakkottai. She has also offered to construct a small place for us for our printing establishment. Now the machine is in her premises only. She is away and we have not been able to meet her.”

Bhagavan: “What happened to Vishnumangalam?”

Sadhu: “That gentleman, Sri Balasubramaniam, has gone to Muscat. He said, he will come in January and arrange to hand over the property to us.”

Bhagavan: “What is he doing in Muscat? Has he any business there?”

Sadhu: “No, his sons are there and he has gone to stay with them.”

Bhagavan then turned the subject of discussion to TATTVA DARSANA.

Bhagavan: “How is TATTVA DARSANA going? How many copies do you print?”

Sadhu: “About 1000 copies Maharaj. Five hundred goes to subscribers, patrons and life members and the rest are distributed free.”

Bhagavan: “How do you manage? Don’t you incur loss?”

Sadhu: “Somehow, by Your grace, we are able to get some funds to run it. We get some advertisements and some donations to meet just the expenses. At times, we do have some deficit, but we get help from unexpected sources by Your grace and we overcome it.”

Bhagavan: “It is all Father’s grace. You are doing Father’s work. Father takes care of it.”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, I never go out of my premises asking for donations or advertisements, but devotees come and offer it in our place. I go out only for Ramnam.”

Bhagavan: “How can you meet all expenses?”

Sadhu: “It is all Your grace, Maharaj. Many devotees come from all over the country and abroad. We entertain them all. Sometimes, there will be little space for all to sit and I will have to leave some to give room for others. But all are received well and entertained.”

Bhagavan again asked: “How is it possible for you to do all this without deficit or loan.” He pointed to Om Prakash and said: “See, they arranged a feast and ran into debt, but you don’t have such problem.”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, Your grace works miracles. Our work has not suffered for want of funds during the last twenty years since we started it.”

Sadhuji spoke to Bhagavan about the missing pouch from the shrine in his abode: “Recently during my absence from home, some devotee took away Rs.5200 given by You and kept in our shrine.”

Bhagavan: “Yes, Parimelazhagan told this Beggar that someone took away the money and you were not worried.”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. Ramji gave it and Ramji has taken it.”

Yogiji laughed loudly. He caught hold of Sadhu’s hand and forcefully patted on his back and said: “You are like a perfect Sannyasi.” He paused for some minutes and then continued: “But how is it that you are able to manage your affairs? For the last twenty years you have been doing this work without a money-earning job. You have educated Vivek and Nivedita and managed the home. How has it been possible for you?” Sadhu repeated: “All is Your grace, Maharaj. Ever since I met you, Your grace has been protecting us all.”

Bhagavan repeated, “Father’s grace” and continued: “You met this beggar before starting TATTVA DARSANA, isn’t it?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. And in the very second issue of TATTVA DARSANA we had given Your blessings.”

Bhagavan: “This Beggar was told that you were there in the starting of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. As soon as the decision to start Vishwa Hindu Parishad and hold a conference in Prayag was taken in the presence of Sri Guruji Golwalkar and Swami Chinmayananda in Saneepani Sadhanalaya in Mumbai in 1966, responding to the call of Swami Chinmayananda, I resigned my job in Tamil Nadu Government and came out for VHP work in Tamil Nadu.”

Bhagavan: “Who started VHP? Swami Chinmayananda?”

Sadhu: “There was a meeting in Sandeepani Sadhanalaya, attended by Swami Chinmayananda, Sri Guruji Golwalkar, and many stalwarts and mahatmas of Hindu society. It was started on Krishnaashthami Day, in 1966. After serving in VHP for a few years, I joined Sri Eknath Ranade in the work of Vivekananda Rock Memorial.”

Bhagavan: “Oh, Eknath Ranade did a great work. He had many obstacles in the work, isn’t it?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. First the Government refused permission to build the memorial on the rock and then legal luminaries like Suryanarayana Shastri intervened and the obstacles were cleared.”

Bhagavan: “Some Christians put a cross on the rock, isn’t it?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. First there was a plaque erected by Sri Ma. Po. Sivagnanam and it was broken and thrown into the sea by Christian fishermen at the instigation of Christian Missionaries. There was confrontation between RSS people and Christian fishermen. Then Sri Eknathji came into the picture. After his taking up, the work grew rapidly. Now it is a national monument.”

Bhagavan: “Yes, he did a great work.”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, out of one crore eighty lakhs of rupees collected, one crore was through one rupee contributions collected in a massive national campaign.”

Bhagavan: “Is it so?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. Only the rest of eighty lakhs came from the rich and government sources.”

Bhagavan: “Now they are having a Vivekananda Parikrama. Do you know the route?”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. It is sponsored by Vivekananda Kendra. They are not touching Madras. They go through western coast to Rameswaram and Kanyakumari.”

Om Prakash Yogini remarked that Dr. Lakshmi Kumari, President of Vivekananda Kendra, was related to Swami Chinmayananda. Sadhu added that she is the daughter of the great Malayalam writer, Puthezhatthu Raman Menon.

Bhagavan asked Sadhu: “How did you come to know Swami Chinmayananda?”

Sadhu: ‘Maharaj, I belong to the same place from where he came. His house, Poothampilli House, was only about a kilo meter from my house. Right from my boyhood, I used to go there. Since the college days, I had been very active in Chinmaya Mission. My father was a marine engineer and I was born and brought up at Ernakulam. After my graduation in 1960, I came to Tamil Nadu.”

Bhagavan: “Have you seen Swami Gnanananda Giri?”

Sadhu: “No, Master. I had not seen him.”

Sadhuji then reported to Bhagavan: ‘Maharaj, yesterday I had been to Tirukkoilur to see Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnana, but he was not there. He had gone to Villupuram. He is trying to arrange my programme at Villupuram and also at Pasumalai.”

Bhagavan: “Yes, he had asked this Beggar permission to help you. This Beggar wanted him at one time not to come out of Tapovanam, because, immediately after the mahasamadhi of the Swamiji there, many people were leaving and therefore, this Beggar asked D.S. Sivaramakrishnan not to leave. But, now they are all coming back. D.S. Sivaramakrishnan wanted that, in the last days of his life, he must do some good work and help you in the Ramnam work. So, this Beggar said, ‘alright’. But he is too old. Any way, he doesn’t want to sit idle. He wants to do some good work.”

Sadhu: “Yes, Maharaj. We too don’t want him to organize too many programmes at a stretch and strain himself. That’s why we said, we will have Madurai programme in December.”

Bhagavan: “You are doing very hard work. Father will help you in your work.”

We had spent two and a half hours in the presence of my Master and excepting some short spells of devotees coming in for prostrating before Him and receiving His blessings, and some chanting of His name, all the rest of the time, He spent in conversing with this sadhu. Then He asked: “Do you know why I asked you whether you are happy?”

Sadhu: “No, Bhagavan”

Bhagavan smiled and said: “Sometimes, some people ask this Beggar whether He is happy. This Beggar replies: ‘Happiness or unhappiness, joy or sorrow, pleasure or pain, this Beggar is doing Father’s work. This Beggar is not body. He is Father’s instrument. He is not concerned with all this – happiness or unhappiness.’ He simply does Father’s work. That’s all.

What a great lesson the Master taught us all through that seemingly insignificant conversation on this sadhu’s work!

When Bhagavan was about to leave us, He said: “Now this Beggar is leaving you, my friend.” He asked Sadhu: “Have you got a bag?”

Sadhuji placed his bag before Him. “This Beggar doesn’t want to load you much. Your bag is already full. It has many things. Still, you can carry some for distribution.” So saying, He put some apples, oranges, and lemon into it and gave it to the sadhu. Already the gooseberry bottle was in it. Then He took the sadhu’s staff and bowl and blessed them and gave them back. Devaki offered Him Rs. 150. He took it, blessed her and gave the money to the sadhu. Sadhuji took leave of Him and returned to Chennai.

Nivedita, accompanied by Chitra, went to Tiruvannamalai on Saturday, November 14, and returned on the next day after having His darshan. She reported about Yogiji making them read Sadhu’s article on Sister Nivedita.

Glimpses of a Great Yogi #2.29 – Don’t be a burden to parents

In the following interactions with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai, we could get a glimpse of Yogiji’s advice for the youngsters to avoid causing any financial burden to the parents; His genuine concern about the financial challenges in doing the Ramnam work; and His childish excitement on seeing Swami Vivekananda’s picture. 

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI–II —The Deekshaa Guru as Seen by the Shishya
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan


2 0006

On Thursday, October 1, 1992, Sadhuji accompanied by Smt. Rajalakshmi, Sri. N.S. Mani, Smt. Bharati and Dr. Radhakrishnan left for Tiruvannamalai and reached Master’s abode at 10.30 AM. Vivek had already reached there. Master received us. Prof. Devaki and her group, and Rosoura, were also there. TATTVA DARSANA, Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago Address Centenary Year Commemoration Issue, August-October 1992, was placed before the Master. As usual, a number of devotees were coming and going. Master went inside and brought Lee Lozowick’s poems and asked Sadhu to read them out for Him. Then He wanted us to open the bundle of TATTVA DARSANA issues. He took out the copies and very much appreciated the cover photo. He exclaimed: “Swami Vivekananda! This photo is very beautiful. Where did you get it?” Sadhuji replied: “From Ramakrishna Mission, Maharaj.” He gave copies to all who were present there and wanted ten copies for Him. Sadhuji told Him: “Maharaj, the editorial in this issue is my conversation with You on Swami Vivekananda in July.” He asked, “Is it so? Please read it.” Sadhu read out the editorial. Listening to the mention of Sister Nivedita Academy’s proposal to set up a centre in Kanhangad in the beginning of the editorial, Bhagavan asked: “Did you go to Kanhangad. What happened to the plan?” Sadhu replied: “Master, Sri Balasubramanian has written that he is going to Muscat after Vijayadashami and he will come in January. After that, he will hand over the property. I did not go to Kanhangad, but he did.” Bhagavan reacted: “Oh! That’s alright.” He then asked Sadhu to continue reading the editorial. He listened to it very intently. After finishing the reading, Sadhu told Him that there is an announcement about Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayanti in the issue. He wanted Sadhu to read it also. Sadhu read it out. He also told Bhagavan about our plan to have a Chandi Homa also at the time of the Jayanti. Bhagavan said: “Have it if you want, but usually they have only Ayush and Avahanti Homas for Jayanti. Avahanti is important.” Sadhuji said: “Yes, Master, we have these and Gayatri too. If you feel that we must have Chandi Homa on some other occasion, we will have it so.” Bhagavan did not say anything. Sadhuji continued: “However, we have Akhand Ramnam,” Bhagavan said: “My Father’s blessings! The function will be a grand success!”

Sadhu took out his U.P. tour programme and placed it before Bhagavan. He wanted it to be read out to Him and Sadhu did so. He repeatedly asked Sadhu the date of departure and return. He then said: “My Father’s blessings! The tour will be a grand success. You will have a very nice tour of U.P. for Ramnam Prachaar.” Sadhu said: “Master, Ganeshan is also coming with me”. Bhagavan said: “Yes. My Father’s blessings to Ganeshan also.” Sadhu further said: “Sri T.S. Sinha and Sri R.K. Lal will also join us from Allahabad.” Bhagavan responded: “My Father’s blessings to Sinha and Lal!” Yogiji then recalled: “Some swamijis came last time from the North.” Sadhu replied: “Yes, Maharaj, from Mathura and Hardwar.” Yogiji asked: “Are they joining this tour?” Sadhuji replied: “No Master, they are not joining.” Bhagavan remarked: “Oh, they are not in this tour.” Sadhuji continued: “Maharaj, after Rama Tirtha Jayanti at Lucknow on October 20, 21 and 22, we will return.” Bhagavan asked: “What are the dates?” Sadhuji repeated the dates. Bhagavan blessed: “The Jayanti will take place very nicely.”

Sadhuji informed Bhagavan that after his return from U.P. he would have programmes in the Nilgiris and at Madurai. He said Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishna Iyer is organizing the Madurai programme. Bhagavan asked: “When is the Madurai programme?” Sadhu replied: “It would be in the middle of November”. Bhagavan said; “So, after your return, you will go to Madurai.”

Yogiji asked about TATTVA DARSANA: “How much does it cost you to print this?”

Sadhu: “About 3000 rupees per issue.”

Bhagavan: “Are you able to manage it?”

Sadhu: “Maharaj, though we do not go out asking for funds, by Your grace, we get everything that we need. Our work does not suffer for want of money.”

Bhagavan: “My Master’s grace!” Master raised His hand and blessed the sadhu. Sadhuji introduced Rajalakshmi and her husband Mani and said they were also helping us. He blessed them.

Bhagavan asked Radhakrishnan about his health. He said, he was alright now. Bhagavan turned to Vivek and asked about his health. He said, he was also alright. Sadhuji told Bhagavan that Vivek had come directly from Chidambaram. Bhagavan asked with curiosity: “Chidambaram?” Sadhuji replied: “Yes, Maharaj. He had gone there in connection with an interview for M.E., on October 11. I wanted him to see Prof. Muthuveerappan and find out how much money was involved, for we can’t pay capitation fees, etc.” Master turned to Vivek and asked him: “You want to study M.E.” Vivek replied, “Yes”. Master smiled and said: “You can study. But you should not trouble your father. He doesn’t have money. You and Nivedita can study further without giving strain to father.” Sadhu told Master that Nivedita got Apple Scholarship of 50% of her fees, but even the Rupees fifteen thousand required is not possible for him and it is a white elephant. Master nodded His head and again told Vivek: “Yes, Vivek and Nivedita can study further without giving trouble to father.” Sadhu told, he had asked Tirugnanasambandam to get all details. Bhagavan said, “By My Father’s grace, everything will be alright.”

Master gave flowers to Bharati and other ladies present and blessed them. Sadhu told Him about the recovery of his neighbour from illness after he took sugarcandy blessed by Bhagavan dissolved in water with Bhagavan’s name. “Father’s Grace!”, Bhagavan said. Sadhu told Bhagavan about Krishnamoorthy who has printed Bhagavan’s photos for distribution and about his brother’s illness. Bhagavan said, he had received his telegram and asked when his brother was admitted in the hospital. Sadhu replied: “Yesterday evening.” Master said, “Father will take care of him. He will be alright.”

Sadhu told Him about Mahendran arranging for printing of Ramnam note books. Bhagavan gave His blessings to Mahendran. Dr. Radhakrishnan told Him about the illness of the mother of Suresh. Bhagavan asked: “Which Suresh?” Radhakrishnan replied, “The Rajpurohit who conducts our Gayatri Yagnas.” Master immediately recognized him and blessed his mother for early recovery. Sadhuji told Bhagavan that Nivedita will come later with her professor. Bhagavan said, “Yes, My Father’s blessings to Nivedita!”

The post man brought some money orders for Bhagavan. Bhagavan collected all the amount totaling Rs.230 and placed it in the hand of Sadhu and held it for some time charging the sadhu spiritually. He gave him some apples also. He gave Vivek a honey soaked nellikka (gooseberry) brought by Prof. Devaki, saying that ants will come if He kept it there. Devaki said, it was a single one. Yogi laughed and told Vivek: “So you can have only one and you will be healthy.” He gave two tender coconuts also to Vivek.

Sadhu gave some transparencies and told Him about the photoprints taken out of it. He saw the photos and asked Sadhu to explain the process of taking out photoprints out of transparencies. Sadhu explained. He gave them to Devaki who told that she was trying to make a blow up of Master’s picture.

Sadhu told Bhagavan that by His grace, he was on the 50th day of his fast and he was keeping well to do all the work. Bhagavan said: “All Father’s Grace!”

Bhagavan asked Sadhu to read from ‘The Hindu’ on Kanchi Paramacharya’s centenary. Sadhu told Him about the 100 photo panels prepared by Kanchi Shankaracharya Mutt devotees at a cost of rupees five lakhs and exhibited in the competition for students organized by Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association at Hindu High School, Triplicane. Sadhu also told Him about Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre handing over 62 books on Sthalapuranas of Temples for Sri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswati. Bhagavan asked whether it was loan or gift. Sadhu replied: “He can return them if the use is over.” Master said, “That’s alright.”

Some police officer came and told Him about Smt. Tilakavathy, IPS, coming to have His darshan. We spent some more time with Him and He saw us a few minutes before the lady’s arrival. He took Sadhu’s danda and coconut shell bowl and asked: “Is this not the danda given by the Nilgiri people?” Sadhu replied, “Yes, Maharaj.” Bhagavan asked again: “You don’t use it for anything else?” and laughed. Sadhu replied: “No, Maharaj. This is only my Yagna Danda.” He again laughed and blessed them and gave them to Sadhu. While taking leave of Him, Sadhu said, “I will come after U.P. tour.” Bhagavan nodded His head and said, “Yes.”

Vivek told Bhagavan, “I will come on October 10, before going for interview, to take your blessings.” Master smiled and said, “Yes, come on 10th”. Bhagavan blessed everyone. He asked Raji her name again and she replied, “Rajalakshmi”. He blessed her. We then left His abode.

On Saturday, October 24, a plastic pouch in which Sadhuji had preserved all the money given to him by Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar and kept at the feet of Bhagavan’s life size portrait in a glass case in Sadhu’s house was missing. Smt. Bharati reported that the pouch was missing and she has no idea as many visitors used to come and spend time in the house. It took no time for Sadhu to realize that it was Bhagavan’s Will and His Leela. The information of the missing pouch was conveyed to Bhagavan by a devotee and YRYA office bearer, Parimelazhagan.