Glimpses of a Great Yogi #3.27

Here are some interactions of Sadhu Rangarajan with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Godchild, Tiruvannamalai.

This is extracted from a chapter from Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s biography by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan named “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. The full document is available here 

GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGIIII   Bhagavan’s Actions Through The Disciple



In the morning of July 23, Sadhu telephoned to Justice Arunachalam who gave a shocking information that Bhagavan was seriously ill and He was suffering from Cancer.

On Friday, August 11, 2000, Sadhu reached Tiruvannamalai in the evening. Bhagavan was taking rest. The next morning, Justice Arunachalam took Sadhu to Bhagavan who was bedridden and staying in a special room in the Ashram. Ma Devaki and Ma Vijayalakshmi received Sadhu. Sadhu stood by the side of Bhagavan who was lying in the bed with His eyes closed. Ma Devaki told Him, “Sadhu Rangarajan has come”. Bhagavan opened His eyes and asked, “When?” Devaki replied, “Sadhu Rangarajan is here by Your side.” Bhagavan turned and looked at the sadhu. Sadhu offered his pranaams to Bhagavan and Bhagavan also folded His hands and offered pranam to Sadhu even while lying on the bed. His eyes revealed the immense pain and suffering His body was undergoing. He wanted to speak and uttered the words, “Somebody is coming…” and then left it there. He could not speak further. Devaki repeated the words in a bid to make Him complete His message, but He went silent and was looking intensely at the sadhu. Then He closed His eyes and started sleeping. Sadhu sat by His side for five or ten minutes and then decided to leave Him to take complete rest. Ma Devaki and Vijayalakshmi enquired about Bharati, Vivek and Nivedita and when Sadhu was speaking to them, Bhagavan opened His eyes and growled in pain. They all went near Him. Bhagavan again looked at Sadhu and then closed His eyes and started sleeping. Sadhu took leave of Devaki and Vijayalakshmi and spent some time with Justice Arunachalam. Then he took leave of him and other Ashramites, Sri Sankararajulu, Sri Shaktivel and others.

Sadhu was very much distressed by the information that Bhagavan had refused to undergo operation. Some of the devotees were hoping that He will use His spiritual powers and cure Himself. Sadhu faxed a message to Ma Devaki on Monday, August 13, 2000, about persuading Bhagavan to undergo medical treatment:

“Poojya Mataji,

Vande Mataram! Aum Namo Bhagavate Yogi Ramsuratkumaraya! Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! Salutations and prostrations at the holy feet of my Master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar! Salutations and adorations to you and Ma Vijayalakshmi and to Hon’ble Justice Arunachalam!

This sadhu is grateful to you for permitting this sadhu to have darshan of my Master yesterday morning. This sadhu was overwhelmed with feeling when Bhagavan showed His unique compassion, blessing grace and His utter humility by folding His hands and indicating namaskar to this humble disciple even while He was writhing in pain and suffering. This sadhu has a painful feeling in his heart that though Bhagavan has been with this sadhu every moment guiding him in performing His work outside the Ashram, this sadhu has not been able to be by His side and serve Him. We have told Justice Sri Arunachalam that at any time this sadhu’s presence is needed there, we will be there.

We just received a phone call from Poojya Tapasi Baba Avadhoot of Pune tonight. He feels that though Bhagavan may not undergo any operation, a panel of doctors who are experts in Cancer must examine Him and see that he has the least pain and suffering. Though we are infants before Bhagavan, we have a right and duty to see that we have done our best to see our Father recover fully from this illness whether it is His Divine Play as the faithful take it to be, or it is the Law of Nature as the rationalists feel.

Mother, this sadhu wants to bring to your kind attention and that of Hon’ble Justice Arunachalam a very important information. Though we are strictly obeying the commands of our Master, there are comments and gossips among the public and even among some close devotees of Bhagavan that the authorities of the Ashram have simply been relying on the miraculous powers of Bhagavan to cure Himself and have not done adequate arrangements for expert medical opinion. Perhaps it will be appropriate if we allow some experts to see Bhagavan and give their medical opinion regarding Bhagavan’s health and the treatment given to Him for the information of the public, instead of allowing the general public to see Bhagavan in His present health condition once in a week as it has been reported in the press. You, Mother Vijayalakshmi and Justice are the right persons to ponder over this suggestion and take a decision. Though in the present condition of Bhagavan we cannot seek His command, this sadhu is sure that Bhagavan will guide you from within.

Hope the medical camp today went off well. We await information from Justice Sri Arunachalam about the general medicines required for the camp so that we can intimate our Ramnam volunteers and doctors in our contact all over the country to collect and send as many sample medicines as possible to the Ashram regularly as this sadhu has discussed with the Justice.

This sadhu will be in Chennai in the course of this week and then we will return to Bangalore.

With pranams, Yours in service of Bhagavan, Sadhu Rangarajan.”

On Tuesday, August 15, 2000, Sadhuji received the following reply of Ma Devaki through an email from the Ashram:


Beloved Sadhuji,

Namaskar! Bhagavan received your mail dated August l4, 2000. The message was conveyed [or read out] to Bhagavan by Ma Devaki, and Bhagavan did not reply. When Ma Devaki put forth your suggestion of panel of doctors to Bhagavan, He told Ma Devaki, “Leave the case.” Ma Devaki asked Bhagavan what does that mean, and whether the expression means “ignore it.” Bhagavan said, “yes”.

Convey my love and regards to Smt. Bharati, Vivek, his wife, Nivedita, Ramesh and their two children.

With love and pranams, Rajmohan”

On Wednesday, August 16, Dr. Rajalakshmi, devotee of Bhagavan and patron of Sister Nivedita Academy, who was attending on Bhagavan, phoned to Sadhu and gave the information that Bhagavan was being brought to Chennai on Thursday for medical treatment in Ramana Clinic in T. Nagar. Sadhu, accompanied by Sri S. Ramamoorthy, husband of Dr. Rajalakshmi, reached the Ramana Clinic on Thursday evening, but he could not meet Bhagavan who was under intensive care. Sadhu had to return without having the darshan of Bhagavan. On Friday, Sadhu suggested to Sri Ramamoorthy that Dr. Rajalakshmi must remain by the side of Bhagavan and continue her services to Him. On Saturday, Dr. Kumareshan telephoned and discussed about Bhagavan’s health condition. Sri Ramamoorthy also phoned. On Tuesday, August 22, Sri Ramamoorthy informed Sadhu that Bhagavan was shifted to Apollo Hospital.

On Thursday, September 21, he reached Ramana Clinic where Bhagavan was undergoing treatment. Smt. Shanti Priya, wife of Sri Ashish Bagrodia, and Justice Arunachalam received him. Ma Devaki and Ma Vijayalakshmi took him inside the room of Bhagavan. Sadhu stood for some time by the side of Bhagavan who was fast asleep in His bed. Later, he took leave of Ma Devaki and others and returned to his abode. Dr. Kumareshan telephoned to him giving information about Bhagavan’s health. On Friday, Sadhu sent a letter of appeal to Dr. Rangabhashyam, the founder and head of the clinic, praying on behalf of Bhagavan’s devotees, to bestow the best treatment, care and attention on Bhagavan. He pointed out that though Bhagavan was a Divine Incarnation like Sri Ramakrishna and Bhagavan Ramana, He would not use His spiritual powers for curing Himself and therefore the responsibility of reaching out the best medical attention on Him is that of the devotees.

On Sunday, Sadhu spoke to Sri Shaktivel and to Justice Arunachalam’s daughter. On Monday, he visited Ramana Clinic again and had darshan of Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Bhagavan spent twenty minutes with Sadhu. Sadhu placed before Bhagavan the latest issue of TATTVA DARSANA. He also told Bhagavan about the starting of Vijnana Bharati Hinduism Classes in the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre in Bangalore on October 22. Bhagavan said, “My Father blesses all your projects.” He also blessed the sadhu for the success of his proposed trip abroad.

Sadhuji wrote a letter to Bhagavan on November 27 expressing his happiness to learn that Bhagavan has returned to Tiruvannamalai from Chennai.

On Saturday, December 9, Dr. Rajalakshmi telephoned and apprised Sadhu about Bhagavan’s health.


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