The Profound Words of a Little Girl – “Swami is here”

While Smt Rajlakshmi and Sri (Mani) Subramanian Sivaraman were serving Yogi Ramsuratkumar at Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram during its construction period, Bhagavan handed over to them a moorthy – an idol that was presented to Him by Sri Lee Lozowick. While they were residing within the ashram premises, in the cottage named “Surrender”, once Dr. Rangabhashyam, who was treating Bhagavan saw this idol. He mentioned about the significance of the idol when he told them, “When I touch the idol, I could feel the warmth of Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s physical body. He is definitely present here”. This idol has been very special to Smt. Raji and all these years, she has been performing pooja to Bhagavan, present in the form of this idol, with all sincerity.

Recently, one day, Smt. Raji suddenly had this desire to get some indication from Bhagavan conveying His presence in that idol. She prayed that he should demonstrate somehow that He is present in that idol and that He has been accepting her offerings. She wished for some little signal like the falling of a flower or some other clue. That day, she prayed to Bhagavan, “Bhagavan, show me some indication. There is no hurry. There is no need for it to happen today itself. Whenever you are satisfied with my prayers, please do show some sign that You are indeed present here with me.”

The following day, Smt. Raji forgot about the request that she had put forth before Bhagavan. The day started as usual with the arrival of the kids that she takes care during the day. One baby girl named Ananya, who is about 3 years old, enquired about Sri Mani as he was not to be seen in the house. Smt. Raji told her that he had gone to the near-by temple. In all her innocence, the baby girl asked Smt. Raji, “Why does he have to go when he can see Swami here itself?” Smt. Raji was pleasantly surprised with her question. She was very excited to hear this little one talk about Swami. She pointed to the big picture of Bhagavan hanging on the wall of the living room and asked Ananya, “Are you telling that we can see the swami here in this picture?” She said, “No!” and turned towards the Pooja area. Pointing at the idol of Bhagavan, Ananya told Smt.Raji, “Swami is here. What is the need to go out to see him?” Then only it struck Smt. Raji that Bhagavan was responding to the request that she had placed before him the previous day. Through the innocent speech of this little child, Bhagavan clearly communicated His Divine Presence in the idol, heeding to her prayers. Smt. Rajlakshmi’s joy knew no bounds. Indeed, our faith grows more and more when our prayers are answered. For Smt. Raji, this incident was an eye-opener, as she got to hear such profound words from a child that was just 3 years old.

This incident shows how Bhagavan always responds to our prayers and blesses us when we approach Him with complete faith and devotion.


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