Yogim Vande Jagatgurum (Part 8)

Yogim Vande Jagadgurum – My Salutations to Yogi Ramsuratkumar

Yet another memorable event happened on 7, Jan 1990[i] where Yogiji led us to a hotel and took personal care of us. That day, Prof. C.V. Radhakrishnan, Dr. Mahendra from South Africa, my brother, Vivek, and me, went to Tiruvannamalai. We had Yogiji’s darshan in the morning. Yogiji asked us to come back again at 4 PM.

Since we had time, we climbed up the Arunachala mountain to meet Narikutti Swami, a friendly Swami residing in one of the caves. By the time we came down for Yogiji’s darshan, it started raining profusely. We got drenched in the rain. Still we did not stop on the way as we wanted to be present at Yogiji’s place at 4 PM, as He would be expecting us. When He tells us something, we just had to abide by it. He would not like it, if His instruction was not followed properly.

When we reached the gate of Sannadhi Street house, Vivek started shivering in chillness. Yogiji came to open the gate. He became very much disturbed at Vivek’s condition. Yogiji gave each of us a shawal to keep ourselves warm. In spite of using the shawal, Vivek continued to shiver. Yogiji hurriedly took us to Hotel Udupi Brindavan and asked Sri Ramachandra Upadyaya to get us new clothes. Sri Upadyaya told that his kids’ clothes would fit us and he immediately got them from his house. He also got his own dhotis for Prof. CVR and Dr. Mahendra.

Yogiji remained with us in the hotel room for some time. We had some hot milk. Only after ensuring that we were all doing fine, He left for His place. He expressed His concern that having come for His darshan, we got drenched in the rain. He sounded as though it was His fault that He allowed this to happen to us and He wanted to make sure that we were alright. Didn’t Krishna lift Mount Govardhan, with utmost concern for his beloved Gopa families, to protect them from the torrential rain?

[i]Glimpses of a Great Yogi, Part II-B, p. 41.  Bharatamata Mandir » Glimpses of a Great Yogi


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