Yogim Vande Jagatgurum (Part 7)

Yogim Vande Jagadgurum – My Salutations to Yogi Ramsuratkumar

One of the happiest moments during my stay in Sudhama, in 1994[i], was a memorable dinner with Yogi Ramsuratkumar.  Smt. Prabha Sundararaman’s son, Balasubramanian (Vasu), and myself were sitting before him. Devaki amma served a chapatti to Yogiji and left the room to collect the next chapatti from the kitchen. The kitchen was just adjacent to the room in which we were sitting. So, only the three of us were there in that room.

Before Ma Devaki could bring the next chapatti, Yogiji took pieces of chapatti and fed us by placing the pieces alternatively on our hands. It was similar to the dinner under moonlight (நிலாச்சோறு nilaa choru) where an elderly person would make all the kids in the joint family sit in a circle in the open varanda under moonlight and feed them by placing the food on the palms. This way, with a lot of excitement and affection, Yogiji give the chapatti to Vasu and me.

In a very joyful mood, he started tapping the empty plate, making a sound, to hurry up Devaki amma to bring the next chapatti. Once the chapatti was served, and Ma Devaki left for the kitchen, he again distributed it to us by placing the pieces on our palms. He was very happy and was enjoying this little game of stealthily giving us the chapatti without eating it himself. Noticing that the chapattis were vanishing instantly in this way, Ma Devaki caught us all, as it were, in His Divine Play.

Wasn’t it for His own amusement and for the enjoyment of all that the lovable mischievous little Krishna stole the butter from the Gopis?

[i] Article “Grandpa Yogi Ramsuratkumar”, by Nivedita – Published in Tattva Darsana


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