Yogim Vande Jagatgurum (Part 6)

Yogim Vande Jagadgurum – My Salutations to Yogi Ramsuratkumar

It is a common practice to carry some fruits or some other offering, as a mark of respect, while visiting any revered person. But we (me and my brother, Vivek) did not have the habit of carrying any offering when we used to visit Yogi Ramsuratkumar. (Many years later, I had sent a few money orders which Yogiji had personally signed and received). When our trips started becoming more frequent, we would go empty handed and return with loads of prasad from Yogiji for distribution amongst the devotees in Chennai. He used to see us off with a lot of fruits, other prasad like sugar candy. At time, he would even hand over the money that was offered to Him by devotees, mentioning that it will be helpful for my father, Sadhu Rangarajan, in his work. When we return, we would feel like we were returning from our grandparent’s house with a lot of goodies. On the other hand, my father would receive us as though we are coming back after writing the board exams. Without bothering about the tiredness of our travel, he would make us narrate all that happened and make us capture it for posterity. We are also grateful to Sri Rajamanika Nadar who insisted that the cherished experiences should be documented. These are now readily available online in the various volumes of Sadhu Rangarajan’s book “Glimpses of a Great Yogi”. http://sribharatamatamandir.org/word/?page_id=412 On one specific visit, the Prasad that Yogiji gave us had a special significance. During that visit, Yogiji abruptly terminated our casual conversation. He gave us some Prasad along with a pack of flowers that had been offered by a devotee and asked us to leave immediately for Chennai. He gave us specific instruction to hand over the flowers immediately to my mother on reaching Chennai. Later we got to know that at that specific point of time, my father, Sadhu Rangarajan happen to get almost drowned in Ganges and that he was saved by a boat man. Usually Yogiji did not encourage any discussion about miracles attributed to him, though there were numerous instances that the devotees visiting our house at Triplicane[i] would happily share, thankfully recollecting the miraculous help received by them. Yogiji would usually not make it a big thing and say that it was all His Father’s grace. Yet this particular incident[ii]was acknowledged by Yogiji Himself and He even checked if this incident was going to get printed in my father’s magazine, Tattva Darsana. Yogiji said that His Father instantly sent help as Rangaraja was calling out the name, Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Didn’t Sri Krishna save Draupadi when she surrendered herself totally onto him?

[i]Glimpses of a Great Yogi, Part II-B, p. 21.

[ii] The Great Boat Man, by Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan


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