Is Yogi watching me?

Is Yogi watching me?

This was the time when Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar was residing in the Sannadhi Street house. Sri Jayaraman’s wife, Smt. Bhuvaneshwari went with her eldest son, Chetas Jayaraman to have Bhagavan’s darshan. Bhagavan made the little boy Chetas to sit next to Him. Chetas would have been around seven years old then. Chetas sat on Yogiji’s right side and Yogiji was holding Chetas’ left hand on His lap. Bhagavan was in a serious conversation with some dignitary (which Chetas recalls to be either Sri. Illayaraja or Sri. Gangai Amaran in their usual white kurta). This little Chetas was getting bored of the conversation. He started playing with the threads at the end of the mat on which they were seated.  He was simply twisting the thread without making any noise. He did not expect anyone to notice him. It was not even in the line of sight of Bhagavan. Bhagavan was totally focused on the conversation. Yet nothing can go unnoticed in His presence. Bhagavan got disturbed by Chetas’ playful act with the threads of the mat. He made a loud roaring sound. The little boy got so shocked and scared.  He almost started sweating. Yogi asked him to go and sit near his mother.

This incident shows how Yogiji was conscious of what was happening around Him irrespective of whether he perceived it with his eyes or not. He observed every minute thing that happened in His presence. In fact, it was not just the external actions; even the thoughts do not go unnoticed in His presence.

Another important aspect about His darshan was the discipline that was expected of the devotees while they were there with Him. There could be a jovial conversation going on with a lot of smiling and laughing. Yet, there were certain codes of conduct that was required. There was a period when Yogiji would send his attendant or a devotee to get milk / tea from the local tea shop and offer it to the devotees who visit Him. There was a specific significance in the number of cups that he would order. He might seem to order more considering the devotees present there (along with His dog, Saibaba, if present) at that time. But by the time the milk arrives, some devotee would have joined the group explaining the extra cup that was ordered. The serving of the tea glasses itself will be like a ritual. Yogi will direct where the tea cups would have to be placed while distributing it. If the devotee happens to adjust the tea glass  a little bit while the tea glasses are being served to everyone, Yogiji would get very much disturbed. He would react as though a blunder has been committed and some major impediment has been caused to His work – something to do with the entire cosmos. So there was a process of learning on the part of the devotees on how they should conduct themselves in His presence.

One might think that it should be easy once we get to know what needs to be done. True! But in certain cases, we happen to do things involuntarily without much thinking. Once I was sitting before Yogiji keeping my chin on my palm for support. Yogiji asked me take away my hand and asked me to sit straight. That day, somehow or the other, I ended up getting back to that position with my chin on my hand. He had to repeatedly ask me to remove my hand from that position. In spite of all the good intentions to obey His command, unconsciously our nature might drag us away into things that He would not want us to do. We need to be extra cautious and be alert!

(Based on the experience shared by Chetas Jayaraman)

Photos — Jayaraman and family – at the Akhanda Ramnam on 1.1.1994 in the presence of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, when Ma Devaki speaks about the families that were serving Bhagavan.


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