Families serving Yogi Ramsuratkumar (1994)

Video recording of the programme – Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Akhanda Ramnam on 1.1.94 CD 1

Ma Devaki’s Speech at Akhanda Ramnam function on 1-1-1994 at Oya Madam in the Divine Presence of Yogi Ramsuratkumar:

Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar asked them (Nivedita, Vivekanandan, Bharati and Sadhu Rangarajan) to talk over the microphone whatever comes to their mind. In the same way, Bhagawan has ordered me to speak whatever comes to my mind. Just as they said, I would have to say the same thing. I am sitting in your presence. Whatever you want to speak, you should speak through me. This is your instrument. This is an Eternal Slave. Whatever the Master wants to convey, this instrument will say. I sit before you in that faith.

From the time I came to Bhagavan, I am only getting the bhaava of seeing Him as a child. My happiness is in only serving Him, considering Him to be a small baby. Sadhu Rangarajan mentioned to you all that I had told him about this. That is true.  But before I came into the scene, there were a couple of families that were serving Bhagavan with great care, caution and sincerity. Bhagavan’s body is very precious. We all know that. Such a precious perfect being has been protected mainly by two or three people.

The first person is Sri. Jayaraman  who is sitting here with us. I have learnt to serve Bhagavan only by looking at how he serves Bhagavan. He would do it with so much Shradda and Bhakti – with utmost sincerity, devotion and care.  He is working in an office and he spends the rest of his time with Bhagavan only. Like everyone else, he goes for a regular job from 10 AM to 5 PM. Before going to office, he would come and meet Bhagavan. After coming back home from office, he might be spending only half-an-hour or one hour maximum in his house. He would again come to Bhagavan. After that, he would leave only when Bhagavan permits him to leave – it is could 10 PM or 10.30 PM or 11 PM or even later. Only when Bhagavan chooses to let him go, Jayaraman would go back to his house. Until then, he would be at the service of Bhagavan. He has surrendered himself totally to Bhagavan for His service. I would like to reiterate, that most of what I know on how to serve Bhagavan, I have learnt from him only. He is not just an employed person. He is a family man with a wife, three kids and elderly parents. The third child was born recently.

Jayaraman’s wife is Bhuvaneshwari. She is here now with her new-born baby. She has also been serving Bhagavan. Whatever was required for Bhagavan’s body, as per the instructions of Jayaraman, she would cook food for Bhagavan. She would prepare food with so much sincerity and devotion keeping a separate set of vessels for making the food for Bhagavan. They would intuitively know what they would have prepare for Bhagavan. She would nicely prepare food chanting Bhagavan’s name. Jayaraman would bring this food to Bhagavan. Bhagavan would readily accept the food brought by Jayaraman. We know from our experience that there is no assurance that Bhagavan would accept anything that is offered to Him by anyone. But He would readily accept the food that Jayaraman brings. A great service to Bhagavan has been done by Jayaraman and his wife, Bhuvaneshwari, in this manner.

Once I asked Bhuvaneshwari about how she was managing, as her husband goes to office during office hours and the rest of the time he spends with Bhagavan. He would not be able to help in household work like buying groceries or taking care of the kids or taking care of his old parents. She has to take care of everyone and run the family. I asked her if she had any resentment in having to do all the work by herself. Having devotion to Bhagavan is one thing. But practically, when it comes to doing these additional tasks without Jayaraman’s support, whether she felt any resentment was my question. When I recently enquired her about this, she responded saying “Even if he (Jayaraman) wants to do service to Bhagavan around the clock, that is also fine with me. I will happily go to my parents’ place in Pudukkottai and spend my life there taking care of my kids. It is important to take care of Bhagavan. Even if he wants to do it on a full-time basis, I would be happy with that decision”. Such is the dedication of this blessed soul – Bhuvaneshwari. It is a great lesson for me to see so much of devotion even among the people involved in family life. Only recently Bhagavan has relieved Jayaraman a little bit.

Everyone knows about Bhagavan’s divinity and His grace. So I am not here to talk about that. He is  staying in this town of Tiruvannamalai having a physical body as a Living God. He also has physical needs. His physical needs are an appearance only – it is also His Leela – divine play only. I want to take this opportunity to introduce certain families which were involved in taking care of Him.

Just like Bhuvaneshwari and Jayaraman, there is another family. That is Prabha and Sundararaman.  Sundararaman is working as an engineer. From the time Bhagavan fell sick and the doctor gave specific instructions, Prabha and Jayaraman have been doing the needful. Bhagavan is beyond the body. He is not attached to the body. He does not care about His body. It is the responsibility of the devotees to take care of Bhagavan’s body. The extent to which we take care of it, it will be beneficial to us. Realizing this completely, this Prabha is another blessed person who is doing a great service to Bhagavan. Her husband extends his full cooperation to her. She has completely involved herself in the service of Bhagavan. Sundararaman does not say a word against this. Whatever Bhagavan says is the ultimate verdict for him. They have two sons. The entire family also serves Bhagavan with total dedication. Prabha used to bring food in the morning, afternoon and in the evening for Bhagavan. Her sons would not disturb her when she is cooking for Bhagavan. They will take care of their needs without disturbing their mother.

A month ago, when Bhagavan was suffering from fever and sickness, we were there – myself, Prabha and Jayaraman. That day, Bhagavan went inside the house in the evening and did not come out for a long time. Wondering if everything was OK with Bhagavan, I went inside the house along Sashi (Swami’s attendant). We saw that Bhagavan was lying down. Prabha was there and Jayaraman had also arrived. We discussed about Bhagavan’s health – His physical body was getting aged. It was a mistake that He was left alone without anyone to take care of him around the clock. It was a blunder to have ignored this aspect. There were 2 or 3 people like Bhuvaneshwari, Jayaraman and Prabha who were taking care of Him. They played an important role in the leela related to his physical needs. But the need of the moment was a person who could take care of Bhagavan around the clock. So, I begged Bhagavan to come to Sudhama. I told Him that I am available all the 24 hours just for His service. We insisted and requested Him so much. Bhagavan finally consented, understanding the need for being taken care of by someone. He agreed to our request  and has now accepted our services.

Under these circumstances, when Bhagavan came to Sudhama, Prabha also accompanied Him. From that day, Prabha continues to stay in Sudhama itself. She did not go to her house. She is a family woman with a husband and two sons. One son is a research assistant in IIT. The other son is studying. Sundararam is working as an engineer. She entered Sudhama with Bhagavan and she has not stepped out of it even to go to her own house. Till date, she is serving Bhagavan with the same devotion, dedication and sincerity. She prepares the chapatti or whatever is required – whatever suits Bhagavan. I am witnessing how happily Bhagavan is accepting her services.

I wanted to mention about these two or three families that are serving Bhagavan. It was Bhagavan’s wish. I took it as His orders and I shared this with you all. It is also Bhagavan’s leela that he has a physical body that needs to be taken care of. We need to understand the importance of this service being done to Him with utmost devotion.

Bhagavan can adjust with anything. He can walk barefoot on stones or thorns. He can sleep anywhere. While all that is true, it is important for us to take care of His body. We should not be saying that He can be considered as God only if He swallows a mountain. We should not insist that he should swallow a mountain for us to start considering Him as God. We should understand the divinity inside and at the same time, realize that this God has a body. It is the privilege of these three families to take care of Bhagavan. It is the result of the meritorious deeds done in numerous births that this Divine Being has accepted this service. It is an amazing thing that Bhagavan has accepted our service and is staying in Sudhama. I am still unable to take in the fact that Bhagavan is staying in Sudhama. Having moved with ordinary people all the time, it is a totally different experience to be with this God all the 24 hours.

The dedication of Bhuvaneshwari and Prabha are indeed praiseworthy. Bhuvaneshwari was ready to let her husband go once for all to serve Bhagavan. Prabha’s son’s marriage is finalized. I heard her tell Sundararaman that she would either come the day previous to the engagement day after preparing the food for Bhagavan or else she would accompany Bhagavan when He comes to attend  the engagement function. She was asking her husband to manage without her. Such blessed souls are there. Due to the devotion of these people, this God is accepting their services. He generally does not easily accept anyone’s service. There has to be faith, devotion and purity in the service for Him to accept it. Bhagavan wanted to convey about these people through me. He has successfully done it through me. I request you all to understand and appreciate the service done by these people and give them the respect that they deserve. I conclude with this request.

रामसुरतकुमारदेवं कामकाञ्चनमर्दनम् | देवकीपरमानन्दं योगिं वन्दे जगद्गुरुम् ||
rāmasuratakumāra dēvaṁ kāma kāñcana mardanam | dēvakī paramānandaṁ yōgiṁ vandē jagadgurum||

(I salute the divinity, the guru of the entire world, Yogi Ramsuratkumar;  who is the destroyer of worldly desires and the craving for material possessions like gold; and who causes supreme happiness to Ma Devaki).


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