Blessed Kuppamma

While the Ashram construction work was going on, Yogi Ramsuratkumar used to come there to have breakfast. One morning, he came to the ashram and mentioned that he wanted to go out somewhere. Ma Devaki and others immediately gathered the things that need to be carried like carpets that can be used for sitting, the food for breakfast, etc.  Everyone started wondering where and how far they might be going on that day. The car reached the main road. When they had proceeded just a little further, Yogiji asked them to stop at the Kurangu Toppu, a place that is not very far from the ashram complex. He found it to be suitable for them to sit there for some time. Swami and the devotees sat there and had their breakfast.

While Swami was sitting there, a local village lady saw Swami and came to him. Swami, in his usual style, asked her for her name. She mentioned her name as Kuppamma. Then Swami, with all eagerness enquired about how things were going on with her. Kuppamma immediately mentioned that their condition was pathetic due to the drought that was prevailing at that time in Tiruvannamalai. She added that if it did not rain in a day or two, she would have to leave the place looking for some other place to make a livelihood. Swami consoled her saying that His Father will do the needful. He blessed her and sent her off. Swami spent some time there, smoking cigarettes.  Then everyone came back to the ashram and Swami returned to Sudhama.

26The day was passing as usual with the routine construction work. Suddenly at around 4 PM, there was a heavy rain. It continued to pour so heavily. During those days, Yogiji used to sit at the hut that can be seen now inside the Pradhan Mandir. The downpour was so heavy that Yogiji’s ashtray started floating around. In spite of the requests of the devotees asking him to leave for Sudhama, Yogiji was not ready to move from his place. Sri. Raghu and a few other devotees were present at that time. The devotees tried to use umbrellas to prevent Swamiji from getting wet.  But Swamiji did not seem to be bothered about getting wet and he stayed as long as he wanted to be there. The rain also continued to pour heavily. After some time, he decided to leave for Sudhama and approached the car. Before entering the car, Swamiji, in a happy mood, remarked to Mani, “Kuppamma will be happy now!” Mani was thrilled to hear this. So Yogi Ramsuratkumar has caused this major downpour during the time of drought answering the prayers of a poor woman. Like the Utsava Murthy in temples which go around the temple to bless the devotees who are unable to come inside the temple for Darshan, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, in all his kindness, went out to enable Kuppamma to have his Darshan. He further showed his benevolence by showering his blessings in the form of rain to help Kuppamma and the other poor people like her whose livelihood was dependent on the rain at that point of time.

This incident not only reveals His Supreme Power to work with the five elements of nature, it also exhibits his compassion towards those who are suffering. He did not wait for them to approach him for help. He went out to give this Kuppamma an opportunity to meet him and tell him about her agony. It did not matter whether this Kuppamma was a devotee of Yogi Ramsuratkumar and whether she believed that he could solve her problems on that day. Out of his grace, Yogiji heeded to the prayers that she had within her heart and worked out this miracle for all of us to know about His Supreme Power and His Limitless Compassion.  Each one of us is fortunate to be his devotee and this incident gives us the assurance that he would work wonders to protect us.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Jaya Guru Raya!



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