Yogiji’s Image on Aarati Plate

Miracle done for Nivedita — Silhouette of Bhagaan on the plate

Excerpt from Tattva Darsana – Quarterly, January – June 2015 (http://sribharatamatamandir.org/word/?page_id=51) “On 29th (December 1989), Preeta, who had returned after her visit to Bhagavan, narrated how she got the silhouette of Bhagaan on the plate on which she took the Arati of Bhagavan.”

Here is the full incident as narrated by Nivedita (to Nivedita) :
Smt. Preeta Ponraj and Sri Ponraj went with their children, Nivedita and Arjun, from Chennai to Tiruvannamalai to have the Darshan of Yogi Ramsuratkumar at his Sannadhi street residence. In a casual conversation, their daugher Kum. Nivedita who was then studying in 4th or 5th standard, told Yogi Ramsuratkumar how she has been told in her convent school that only Jesus Christ can do miracles. Yogiji listened to her and just said “Oh! Is this what your school people have told you?”. He did not give any further reply. Smt. Shivashankari, renowned author and many other devotees were also present. These devotees had the habit of doing Arati of Yogi Ramsuratkumar when they conclude singing his name. Nivedita’s grand mother Smt. Rajeshwari, Smt. Shashirekha Chandreshekar and Smt. Rukmini did the Aarathi. To burn the camphor, they used the lid of a small tiffin box in which Smt. Preetha had brought some food to eat. As they had used a big camphor, the lid became very hot. After arathi was done, Yogiji asked them to leave it near him. After sometime, Yogiji told Nivedita that it is not that only Jesus Christ can do miracles. He asked her to check the tiffin box lid which had the marks left by the burnt camphor. To the utter surprise of all, they found the image of Yogiji on the lid. They could see the image of Yogiji wearing the turban and shawl. Yogiji laughed heartily enjoying the divine leela.

On return to Chennai, Smt. Preetha & family directly visited Sadhu Rangarajan to relate the incident. This tiffin box is now kept in Sri Bharat Mata Mandir, K.R. Puram, Bangalore.

It is important for devotees to note that Yogi Ramsuratkumar never encouraged devotees to get excited over the miracles. He used to discourage the propaganda of any miracle attributed to him. He would generally not give much importance to miracles saying that it was all Father’s leela. Yet, there are a few incidents where He wanted to make a point and made sure that the devotees realize his divine potential. This is one such incident where He willingly did a miracle to instill faith in the heart of a young devotee towards our culture and heritage. 


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