Worker’s child hit by a heavy rod

Venkatesan’s Experiences with Yogi Ramsuratkumar

My name is Venkatesan. I want to share an incident on how Yogi Ramsuratkumar saved my son’s life. About 20 years ago, I was doing bar bending and welding work under the guidance of one Mr. Manik Bhai. We were working at Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram during its construction. One day, some ten of us were setting up the steel rods. We were trying to bend a 32 mm rod. It was around 2.30 PM. My son, who was around 9 years old then, was also present at the site. Suddenly the lever fell off the hand. Both the lever and the rod fell on my son. They hit him with so much force that he immediately fell down unconscious. Swamiji was at Sudhama then. He instantly realized what had happened at the ashram. He wanted to come to the Ashram immediately. As the car driver Ravi was not around, Devaki Amma tried to make other arrangements. Swamiji soon reached the site. Swamiji was there at 3 PM itself instead of his regular timing of 4 PM. The Ashram Trustee, Mr. Mani, also arrived at the spot, coming to know about the incident. As per Swamiji’s instruction, Mr. Mani took us to his presence. I carried the unconscious boy and went near Swamiji. Swamiji kept my son on his lap. He had some fruit juice in his coconut shell. He did some mantra japa for a few minutes. He then poured that juice into my son’s mouth.   He gently rubbed my son’s body. He asked my son to walk. My son walked a few steps and he was still feeling dizzy. Swamiji asked him to walk again. After that, he again made my son sit on his lap. Then my son regained his full consciousness. Swamiji asked him what his name was. My son responded properly saying “Raja”. Then Swamiji told that there was no need to worry any more. Raja also recovered nicely. He is now a healthy, 29 years old, married man.

Another miracle happened during the construction, when we had to place a beam that was 5 feet wide and 120 feet long on the roof. There were huge pillars. The dome had to be placed at a very high spot. We were not able to place it in the right position. There were various suggestions like using a bull-dowser and getting 100 people to work on it. Swamiji told that all that was not necessary. He blessed me and asked me to climb the pillar and stand in a specific spot. Though he said that the safety rope was not required, I still wore the safety rope and claimed up the pillar. I stood on the spot pointed out by Swami. He instructed me to push the pillar a little bit and told that the beam will get placed correctly. I used a crowbar and pushed the pillar. The beam which was weighing 45 tons (i.e., 45000 kilograms) was placed in the right spot. Being in that field, I clearly knew that it was humanly impossible to fix it so easily. It was a humongous task. Yogi Ramsuratkumar had such a divine power and made it happen so nicely.

(As told to Nivedita)

Venkatesh with his son


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