Bruhadeeshwara Temple Darshan

3 - Copy

One day, Yogi Ramsuratkumar expressed his wish to see Bruhadheeshvara temple. At that time, he was not keeping well, due to the disease. Sri Mani grabbed the opportunity to point out that Yogiji went the previous day to Tiruvannamalai town, without taking him. Yogiji told that Mani could accompany him in his trip that day. But since the Bruhadheeshvara temple at Tanjavur was far away from Tiruvannamalai, considering the strain that it might cause on Bhagavan, a trip to Tanjavur could not be made. Instead, it was decided to go to Sathanur and arrangements were made. Krupaakaramoorthy’s son brought his car. The government bungalow at Sathanur Dam was booked for Bhagavan’s stay.

Once Bhagavan arrived at the Government Bungalow at Sathanur, he was made to lie down. Right in the front, in his line of sight, was a huge picture of Bruhadheeshwara temple. Everyone was so surprised. Bhagavan wanted to see the Bruhadheeshwara temple. In spite of their changed plans, on his arrival at Sathanur, he saw the Bruhadheeshwara temple there. When plans were being made to go out to have a view of the Sathanur Dam, Bhagavan mentioned that the purpose of his visit was accomplished. Yogi Ramsuratkumar was satisfied on seeing the Bruhadheeshwara temple and everyone returned to Tiruvannamalai.

Even though things that are apparently not conducive to his wish happen, Yogi Ramsuratkumar has his own way of successfully executing his plans.

(As told to Nivedita on Feb 18th, 2016)



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