Offering Cigarette to the Master

Obedience and Faith

After Yogi Ramsuratkumar came back from the treatment at Chennai, he was not giving darshan regularly. He would be remain in the Veda Patashala without giving darshan to public. One day, he decided to give darshan at the Pradhan Mandir. He asked Mani to allow the devotees as there was a gathering of a few people who were very anxious to have his darshan. Yogiji sat in the chair placed adjacent to the statue. The flooring was not yet done at that time. The people were seated before him in a mat.

Yogiji saw Sri Parthasarathy, a long-time devotee and asked him for a cigarette. As the doctors had advised that he should not smoke, there was a lot of protest from the devotees who were serving Bhagavan. Sri Parthasarathy hesitated. But Bhagavan insisted. Sri Parthasarathy broke the cigarette into two halves based on the request of the close devotees and offered one part to Bhagavan. Yogiji smoked that cigarette 2 or 3 times and smashed it.

After a few minutes, he said that he wanted to smoke another cigarette. There was resistance. Yogiji got irritated at this. He told that nobody can control him and that nobody can stop him from smoking. Yogi said “In Chennai, I listened to the doctor’s advice. But, this is my place.” He pointed at the statue and said in a stern voice, “My Father is here. I am with Him. He is within me. Here I can do whatever I want.”

He looked around to see whom he can ask to get a cigarette. The entire atmosphere was tense as the close devotees felt that smoking would cause damage to his health. He called out to Smt. Rajlakshmi and asked her to get a cigarette. Amidst a lot of objections, without any hesitation, Smt. Rajlakshmi got a cigarette from the store room and gave it to Bhagavan. Yogiji smoked the cigarette fully. He then smashed it. That was the last cigarette he smoked.

Concerned about Yogi’s health, when Ma Devaki told Smt. Rajlakshmi that she should not have given the cigarette, Bhagavan called Ma Devaki and asked, “If this beggar gives you an order, will you obey this beggar or not?” Ma Devaki said that she would definitely obey. Bhagavan said, “The same applies to Rajlakshmi also. This beggar asked her to get it and she got it”. He made it clear that no one should say anything against Rajlakshmi as she had simply obeyed his orders.

Yogiji then wanted some applam to be distributed to the devotees. A couple of applam were brought and distributed. When Sri Lakshmanan Chettiyar rushed to collect the Prasad, the two applams had got over. So one more was got from the kitchen and Sri Chettiyar could collect his Prasad.

Then, Yogi asked everyone to leave. The devotees were very happy to get Darshan that day. He asked Sri Mani to stay back in the Pradhan Mandir. He asked Sri Mani to lie down there itself in the Pradhan Mandir, if he wanted to take some rest.

Outside the Pradhan Mandir, Sri Lakshmanan Chettiyar approached Smt. Rajlakshmi and asked her how she got the courage to get the cigarette amidst all objections. Smt. Rajlakshmi swiftly replied, “I would have hesitated to give him a cigarette if I had the thought that I should be taking care of Him. But how can we take care of Him? He is only taking care of all of us. So I simply obeyed Him.”

The concern shown by Ma Devaki and other devotees in taking care of Yogi Ramsuratkumar is worthy of veneration. At the same time, the faith of Smt. Rajlakshmi that Bhagavan is taking care of us is also equally admirable. This is a touching incident that demonstrates the Bhakti towards Yogi Ramsuratkumar shown by different devotees in different ways.

(Based on the narration by Smt. Rajlakshmi and Sri. Mani)


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